HoneyNet 2013 Feb. 10, 2013 to Feb. 12, 2013, Dubai,UAE

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Honeynet Project Opening Remarks Christian Seifert N/A Security
Keynote Address: Security 2020 Anton Chuvakin N/A Security
Protecting Ourselves From USB Threats Sebastian Popleau N/A N/A Security
Seeing Everything: Circumventing Cryptography in Virtual Environments Brian Hay N/A Security
Advanced Botnet Sinkholing Tillmann Werner N/A Security
How Big Data, Data Mining, and Visualization Enable Security Intelligence Raffael Marty N/A Security
Secure Exploit Payload Staging…or how we did not kill an 0day at Defcon Georg Wicherski "Binary remote exploitation of an unprivileged service often requires an additional local exploit to elevate ... Security
GCC Honeynet Ahmad Alajail , Mounir moustafa Kamal , Haitham al Hajri N/A
Reversing Malicious Flashy Flash Mahmud ab Rahman N/A Security
Honeypots: State of the Practice Piotr Kijewski N/A Security