Suits And Spooks DC 2013 Feb. 8, 2013 to Feb. 8, 2013, Washington, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Panel Discussion – How Duqu, Flame, Gauss, and Shamoon can be reconfigured and reused against different victims Boldizs Bencs , Jim Jaeger N/A
Panel Discussion – Offensive Markets for Vulnerability Research – Pros and Cons Gunter Ollmann , Donato Ferrante N/A
Taking the Fight to the Adversary Jeffrey Carr , Richard Bejtlich , Nick Selby , Dmitri Alperovich , David Aucsmith , Will Gragido N/A
How much Leeway is there in the CFAA and International Law for Offensive Actions in Cyberspace? Catherine Lotrionte , Stewart a. Baker , Frank j. Cilluffo , Marco Obiso N/A
Panel Discussion: Offensive Strategies by Adversary Actors Gunter Ollmann , Anup K. Ghosh , William Gragido N/A
Offensive Strategies by Russia and Georgia David j. Smith , Khatuna Mshvidobadze N/A
Panel Discussion: What’s the Downside of Private Sector Offensive Engagement? Jeffrey Carr , Anup K. Ghosh , Robert Bigman , David Dittrich N/A
Panel Discussion: If the ITU Assumes Ownership of the Internet, how may that impact Offensive Cyber Operations by Nation States and Other Policy Considerations? Catherine Lotrionte , Robert Bigman , Marco Obiso , Robert Dubois N/A
Operation Red October Roel Schouwenberg N/A Security
The Orlando Doctrine: Proposing a Network Use of Force Continuum Brandon Dunlap , Spencer Wilcox N/A
Q&A via IRC chat with The Jester Jeffrey Carr N/A Security