BlackHat EU 2013 March 12, 2013 to March 15, 2013, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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KEYNOTE:SHELTERS OR WINDMILLS: THE STRUGGLE FOR POWER AND INFORMATION ADVANTAGE Rick Falkvinge N/A are in the middle of a power shift in society that is at least ... Security
A PERFECT CRIME? ONLY TIME WILL TELL "tal Be'ery , Amichai Shulman" N/A On 2012, security researchers shook the world of security with their CRIME attack against ...
ADVANCED HEAP MANIPULATION IN WINDOWS 8 "zhenhua 'eric' Liu" N/A With the introduction of Windows 8, previously public known heap/kernel pool overflow exploitation techniques ... Security
BUILDING A DEFENSIVE FRAMEWORK FOR MEDICAL DEVICE SECURITY Jay Radcliffe N/A In the past 18 months we have seen a dramatic increase in research and ... Security
THE DEPUTIES ARE STILL CONFUSED Rich Lundeen "N/A The same origin policy is something most technical people think they understand, but it’s ... Security
Dropsmack: How cloud synchronization services render your corporate firewall worthless Jacob Williams N/A Cloud backup solutions, such as Dropbox, provide a convenient way for users to synchronize ... Network Penetration IncludeThinkstScapes Dropbox
DUDE, WHERE’S MY LAPTOP? Simon Roses Femerling , Curro Marquez N/A On a daily basis we carry laptops, tables, smartphones and all kind of gadgets ...
FLOATING CAR DATA FROM SMARTPHONES: WHAT GOOGLE AND WAZE KNOW ABOUT YOU AND HOW HACKERS CAN CONTROL TRAFFIC Tobias Jeske "N/A In recent years, a trend of using real-time traffic data for navigation has developed. ... Security
Hacking Appliances: Ironic exploitation of security products Ben Williams N/A I have discovered and provided over 100 proof-of-concept exploits to various vendors over the ... Attack IncludeThinkstScapes Appliance
HACKING VIDEO CONFERENCING SYSTEMS Moritz Jodeit N/A High-end videoconferencing systems are widely deployed at critical locations such as corporate meeting rooms ... Security
HARDENING WINDOWS 8 APPS FOR THE WINDOWS STORE Bill Sempf N/A Security and privacy in mobile development has been a topic in the iOS and ... Security
HARNESSING GP²US - BUILDING BETTER BROWSER BASED BOTNETS Marc Blanchou "N/A It is commonly assumed that most technology based on strong computations such as encryption ... Security
HONEYPOT THAT CAN BITE: REVERSE PENETRATION Alexey Sintsov "N/A This talk will be considered by the concept of aggressive honeypot. The main concept ... Security
HUAWEI - FROM CHINA WITH LOVE Nikita Tarakanov , Oleg Kupreev N/A 3G/4G networks are getting popular more and more these days. Most of users nowadays ...
Hybrid defense: How to protect yourself from polymorphic 0-days Dennis Gamayunov , Svetlana Gaivoronski N/A In this presentation we propose an approach and hybrid shellcode detection method, aimed at ... Intrusion Detection IncludeThinkstScapes Defence
INVISIBILITY PURGE – UNMASKING THE DORMANT EVENTS OF INVISIBLE WEB CONTROLS – ADVANCED HACKING METHODS FOR ASP.NET, MONO AND RIA Shay Chen "N/A Server Web Controls are common components in modern platforms that speed up development and ... Security
LET'S PLAY - APPLANTING Ajit Hatti N/A Your mobile is your identity; you are not only connected to friends and family, ... Security
THE M2M RISK ASSESSMENT GUIDE, A CYBER FAST TRACK PROJECT Don a. Bailey N/A In 2012, Capitol Hill Consultants LLC (CHC) was awarded a Cyber Fast Track (CFT) ... Security
MESH STALKINGS-PENETRATION TESTING WITH SMALL NETWORKED DEVICES Phil Polstra "N/A This talk will show attendees how they can do penetration testing with a network ... Security
MULTIPLAYER ONLINE GAMES INSECURITY Donato Ferrante , Luigi Auriemma N/A Multiplayer online games security are an underestimated field, with an insane amount of players ...
NEXT GENERATION MOBILE ROOTKITS Thomas Roth "N/A Modern smartphones have a lot of secret data on them: Personal & company data, ... Security
OFF GRID COMMUNICATIONS WITH ANDROID - MESHING THE MOBILE WORLD Josh m0nk Thomas , Jeff stoker Robble N/A Before they were a team, the members of project SPAN thought it was highly ...
OPTISIG: SEMANTIC SIGNATURE FOR METAMORPHIC MALWARE Nguyen Anh Quynh N/A String pattern matching is the most widely used method for anti-virus software to detect ... Security
PRACTICAL ATTACKS AGAINST MDM SOLUTIONS Daniel Brodie , Michael Shaulov N/A Spyphones are surveillance tools surreptitiously planted on a user’s handheld device. While malicious mobile ...
POWER ANALYSIS ATTACKS FOR CHEAPSKATES "colin O'flynn" "N/A Power analysis attacks present a devious method of cracking cryptographic systems. But looking at ... Security
PRACTICAL EXPLOITATION USING A MALICIOUS SERVICE SET IDENTIFIER (SSID) Deral Heiland N/A How easily we overlook a simple wireless SSID, and think nothing of it or ... Security
The Sandbox Roulette - Are you ready for the gamble? Rafal Wojtczuk , Rahul Kashyap N/A What comes inside an application sandbox always stays inside the sandbox. Is it REALLY ... Introductory Attack IncludeThinkstScapes Sandbox
TO DOCK OR NOT TO DOCK, THAT IS THE QUESTION: USING LAPTOP DOCKING STATIONS AS HARDWARE-BASED ATTACK PLATFORMS Andy Davis N/A Laptop docking stations are widely used in the corporate world, often in hot-desking environments. ... Security
USING D-SPACE TO OPEN DOORS Brad Antoniewicz N/A You start every workday with a beep that opens the door to your office ... Security
XML OUT-OF-BAND DATA RETRIEVAL Alexey Osipov , Timur Yunusov N/A This talk covers a brand new technique for out-of-band data retrieval. It allows us ...
WHO'S REALLY ATTACKING YOUR ICS DEVICES? Kyle Wilhoit , Workshops N/A ICS/SCADA systems have been the talk of the security community for the last two ...
ADVANCED IOS APPLICATION PENTESTING Vivek Ramachandran N/A This workshop will equip you with the bleeding edge techniques to analyze and systematically ... Security
APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT SECURE CODING WORKSHOP Jim Manico N/A The root cause of web insecurity includes poor software development practices. This workshop provides ... Security
ASSESSING BYOD WITH THE SMARTPHONE PENTEST FRAMEWORK Georgia Weidman N/A When many people hear Smartphone Pentest Framework they think that this tool lets you ... Security
POWERSHELL FOR PENETRATION TESTERS Nikhil Mittal N/A From a long time, we as hackers and penetration testers have been using “third ... Security