BSidesAustin 2013 March 21, 2013 to March 22, 2013, Austin, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Talk Hd Moore , Hd 7 N/A
Your printer is why you got owned Samuel Shapiro N/A Security
Ask a PI Max Westbrook N/A
The Malware Management Framework Ian Robertson , Michael Gough , Trion N/A
The Blacole Exploit Kit Chet Wisniewski N/A
Collaborative Reconnaissance Brian Engle , Phil Beyer N/A
Fire Marshall Talks Brian Engle N/A
Social Engineering Contest Kickoff Aaron Crawford N/A Security
Online social networks: new heaven for spammers and attackers Dr jason Ding N/A Security
Using Social Engineering Tactics to Game Big Data Branden R. Williams N/A Security
Crash proofing a Red Team Exercise Wardell motley Jr , Michael - N/A
Training - Developing Secure Mobile Applications Dan Cornell N/A Security
Letters to Frank Abagnale (How do I pwn thee let me count the ways) Jayson E. Street N/A Security
Threat Modeling Like a Boss! Marcus Carey N/A Security
Malware Automation Christopher Elisan N/A Security
The Rising Tide of Ransomnware Chet Wisniewski N/A
Mainframes: Everybody has one but nobody knows how to hack them! Phil Young N/A Security
Social Engineering Contest Wrapup Aaron Barrell N/A Security
You’ve been breached, now what? David Balcar N/A Security
Security Imperatives for iOS & Android Apps Kartik Trivedi N/A Security
Implementation Patterns For Software Security Programs Dan Cornell N/A Security
Cloudifying Key Management' Jarret Raim N/A Security
Convincing Your Management, Your Peers, and Yourself that Risk Josh Sokol N/A Security
Panel - Emerging Threats Wardell Motley , Mike Sconzo , Marcus Carey , Chet Wisniewski , Rob Davis , Brian Meixell N/A
Panel - Adding Security to your Cloud environment Alexander Heid , Jarret Raim , Chet Wisniewski , Dustin Kirkland N/A