QuahogCon 2010 April 23, 2010 to April 25, 2010, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
The Mc1322X Project Mariano Alvira History and motivation of the mc1322x project. Summary of the state-of-the-art and community projects. Summary ... Community
The Little Microcontroller That Can: Awesome Uses For The Atmel Attiny45 Noah Bedford , Peter Schmidt Neilsen An overview of the basics of the ATtiny45 microcontroller and its applications, including RFID tags, ... Hardware General
Art To Part - Using Tech Like 3D Printing, Rapid Prototyping, Cnc Machining, And Computational Design To Make Digital Plans Into Physical Parts Matthew Borgatti You've heard about Makerbot which can print 3d parts in plastic filament, but how about ... Hardware General
Windows File Pseudonyms - Strange Filenames And Haiku Daniel Crowley In Windows systems, path and filename normalization routines have some interesting quirks. One file can ... Security Access
The Making Of A Maker Tv Show. A Scrapheap Tribute To Isembard Kingdom Brunel Jeff Del Papa Maker TV from the inside. Watch a never shown in the US episode of Scrapheap/Junkyard, ... Community
We Found Carmen Sandiego! Don Bailey , Nick Depetrillo We can't say what this talk is about yet, but rest assured, it's going to ... Others
Why You Should Be An Amateur Ben Jackson Lots of people think the Maker culture is a relatively new phenomenon. However, one group ... Community
Wifi Threats Aren'T Dead, They Just Moved Down The Street Mike Kershaw Wireless security isn't dead, it's just gotten dumber. We know how to defend APs, but ... Wireless
Hacking The Crisis: Disaster Prep And Mitigation Gadsden As displayed over and over throughout history disasters can and do happen. Three trends tend ... Others
How Not To Get Pwnd By Your Clients: Legal Issues For The Information Security Professional Richard Goldberg This talk will be a discussion of legal issues for the information security professional. It ... Legal
Keynote - New Research Tba Dan Kaminsky Dan will be presenting new research at QuahogCon. He hasn't let us know what it ... Security Keynote
Advanced Sql Injection Joe Mccray Advanced SQL Injection is a presentation geared toward showing security professionals advanced exploitation techniques for ... Exploitation
Security, Stupidity And Employability Alexander Muentz You do IT for a living, or you're just security curious. Maybe you read 2600 ... Security
Packing & The Friendly Skies - Why Transporting Firearms May Be The Best Way To Safeguard Your Tech When You Fly Deviant Ollam Many of us attend cons and other events which involve the transportation of computers, photography ... Security Others
Gender Hacking Joan Pepin Gender (as opposed to physical sex) is a social construct and is therefore susceptible to ... Security Others
Information Disclosure Via P2P Networks: Why Stealing An Identity Via Gnutella Is Like Clubbing Baby Seals. Larry Pesce In recent news stories. we've been presented with the arrests of several individuals whom have ... Security
Building The 2010 Shmooball Launcher Larry Pesce , Darren Wigley Its a series of tubes! Pneumatic tubes! This talk will describe the infamous 2010 ShmooBall ... Hardware General
Beginner Lock Picking Rob Introduction to lock picking. The basics and workings of pad locks. How to successfully pick ... Physical Pentesting
Shodan For Penetration Testers Michael ( theprez98 ) Schearer SHODAN is a computer search engine. But is is unlike any other search engine. While ... Web Security
Great Hackers And Hacks Of New England Jason Scott Jason gave us a blank slate to work with. Seeing as this is a regional ... Community
Hacking The Arcade: Basketball For Two Jason Thibodeau , Charles Wolfe Based on the "Hoop Fever" arcade basketball game, our iteration fixes many shortcomings of the ... Security Hardware Reverse Engineering
Killerbee: Practical Zigbee Exploitation Joshua Wright ZigBee is a vital component of several emerging technologies including smart grid systems, bridging the ... Security Exploitation