IMF 2013 March 12, 2013 to March 14, 2013, Nuremberg, Germany

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Welcome Felix C. Freiling N/A Security
Key Note: Measuring the Cost of Cybercrime Rainer Boehme N/A Security
Forewarned is Forearmed: Indicators for Evaluating Information Security Incident Management Karin Bernsmed , Inger anne Tondel N/A
Identifying a Shared Mental Model Among Incident Responders Robert Floodeen , John Haller , Brett Tjaden N/A
Preparing for the Smart Grids - Current Practice for Information Security Incident Management in the Power Industry Maria b. Line N/A Security
mvHash-B - a new approach for similarity preserving hash function Frank Breitinger , Knut petter Astebol , Harald Baier , Christoph Busch N/A
Selective Imaging Revisited Felix C. Freiling , Johannes Stuettgen , Andreas Dewald N/A
Wrap-Up\tModerated Holger Morgenstern N/A Security
DATEV Company Presentation Stefan Scheller N/A Security
DATEV NET - internet made secure J\xc3\xb6rg Spilker N/A Security
Developing a Cloud Computing Based Approach for Forensic Analysis using OCR (short paper) Matthias Trojahn , Lei Pan , Fabian Schmidt N/A
On Bayesian Trust and Risk Forecasting for Compound Systems ( Stefan Rass , Sebastian Kurowski N/A
Key Note:Recent Cyber Attacks: Inherent Risks, Countermeasures, Perspectives Klaus Brunnstein N/A Security
Digital Forensic Tool Testing meets Anti-Forensics Felix C. Freiling , Martin Wundram , Christian Moch N/A
Forensic Application-Fingerprinting based on Filesystem Metadata Felix C. Freiling , Andreas Dewald , Sven Kaelber N/A
Statistical Pattern Recognition Based Content Analysis on encrypted network traffics Jana Dittmann , Robert Altschaffel , Robert Clausing , Stefan Kiltz , Christian Kraetzer , Tobias Hoppe N/A
Visualizing Indicators of Rootkit Infections in Memory Forensics Stefan Voemel , Hermann Lenz N/A
Wrap-Up Oliver Goebel N/A Security
Hands-on reverse engineering of complex modern malware by example of the Stuxnet code Heiko Patzlaff N/A Security
Hacking Embedded Crypto Implementations using Fault Injection Johannes Bauer N/A Security
Tools and Processes for Forensic Analyses of Smartphones and Mobile Applications Michael Mueller Importance of digital evidence of smartphones Background on the Android plattform Digital evidence aquisition and ... Security