NullCon2013 2013 March 1, 2013 to March 2, 2013, Goa, India

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
WELCOME NOTE Nullconteam N/A Security
KEYNOTE: Security and Politics? Janardhan Swamy "Security is somewhat like insurance... everyone needs it but no one wants it. Needs it ... Security
Workshop - An Introduction to peach fuzzing framework Adam Cecchetti This workshop will present an introduction to fuzzing with Peach 3.0. Participants will get an ... Security
BYOD: How will it shape your wireless network security in future? Kiran Deshpande The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) tide is forthcoming. Many enterprises are serious considering allowing ... Security
Automating JavaScript Static Analysis Lavakumar Kuppan Use of Static analysis to identify vulnerabilities is common for server-side code. However for JavaScript, ... Security
Security Evaluation or Escaping from Vulnerability Prison Yury Chemerkin This paper proposes a new security research covers BlackBerry issues relating their own features relied ... Security
SamuraiSTFU - SmartGrid Testing Framework for Utilities Justin Searle "For years we've had pen test distributions like BackTrack and SamuraiWTF to help us perform ... Security
Bug Bounty Programs - Crowd Sourcing Vulnerability Research Raymond Forbes "Bug bounty programs have been around for years and can provide an excellent enhancement to ... Security
Workshop - GSM Exploitation Aaron Demello Workshop Details 1. Introduction to GSM Overview of network from Um Air interface to BTS ... Security
Radio Schizoid Foss meets Trance N/A Security
Mobile Code mining for discovery and exploits Hemil Shah Application source code is a major source for vulnerabilities. One of the CSI surveys on ... Security
Inception of graphical passwords Rishi Narang The paper describes a way to give the end users an authentication which is easy ... Security
KEYNOTE: Sensitive Campus Security with Network Aravind Sitaraman Security in highly sensitive places is often limited to physical security screening with an array ... Security
Hardware Backdooring is Practical Jonathan Brossard This presentation will demonstrate that permanent backdooring of hardware is practical. We have built a ... Security
HTML5: attack and defense Ksenia Dmitrieva With the emergence of HTML5 web applications become more interactive and responsive. Using Web Workers ... Security
Workshop - Memory Forensics Prince Boonlia Objective The Workshop shall start with the basics of memory and will progress with a ... Security
SMS to Meterpreter: Fuzzig USB modems Rahul Sasi “You can run, you can hide but you can’t escape these exploits”. There is already ... Security
Pawning the Droid: Twisting the ARM - Divyanshu , Anshul N/A
Underground Market 101 - Pricing Stats and Schemas Max Goncharov Online fraud has long since moved from being a mere hobby to a means for ... Security
Reboot Film and Q&A with VFX Lead Aleem Parkar Exclusive private preview of Reboot film. Watch it and also get to know Behind-the-scenes secrets ... Security
Capturing Zero-Day Information Dinesh , Sumit This talk is not about describing what honeypots are, their types, their installation or risks ...
CSRF Finder as a Mozilla Addon Piyush Pattanayak CSRF Finder is a light weight mozilla addon, which upon running will capture all the ... Security
Detecting and Exploiting XSS Vulnerabilities with Xenotix XSS Exploitation Framework Ajin Abraham Xenotix XSS Exploit Framework is a penetration testing tool to detect and exploit XSS vulnerabilities ... Security