TROOPERS 2013 March 11, 2013 to March 15, 2013, Heidelberg, Germany

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Rodrigo Rubira Branco , Chris Nickerson N/A
Virtual firewalls – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly Ivan Pepelnjak Anything is marketed as a virtual firewall these days, from contexts on physical boxes to ...
Malicious pixels: QR-codes as attack vectors Peter Kieseberg QR-Codes, a version of two-dimensional barcodes that are able to store quite large amounts of ... Security
UI Redressing Attacks on Android Devices Marcus Niemietz In this presentation, we describe novel high-impact user interface attacks on Android-based mobile devices, additionally ... Security
Detecting white-collar cybercrime: SAP Forensics Juan Perez-etchegoyen , Mariano Nunez The largest organizations in the world rely on SAP platforms to run their critical processes ...
Working title: “Your IPv6 default config meets FOCA (…and starts to cry)” Chema Alonso Your laptop is probably working on IPv6 and probably you even don´t know it. Probably ... Security
Ghost in the Shell Andreas Wiegenstein , Xu Jia Security conferences in the past years have made it clear, that common security vulnerabilities such ...
Pitfalls of Vulnerability Rating & A New Approach Called ERRS (ERNW Rapid Rating System) Michael Thumann , Matthias Luft Just as most IT operations, security management has to deal with a permanent lack of ...
Understanding & Mitigating Large Scale DoS Attacks. Adem Sen In 2012, quite a few organizations have been exposed to large scale denial-of-service attacks. Still ... Security
Hacking & Defending the big 4 Databases Alex Rothacker According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, in the past year and a half, there ... Security
Paparazzi over IP Daniel Mende , Pascal Turbing Almost every recent higher class DSLR camera features multiple and complex access technologies. For example, ... ExcludeThinkstScapes Photography
The future of data exfiltration and malicious communication Steffen Wendzel This talk discusses practical aspects of recent developments of the scientific community in the area ... Security
OAuth2 – Ready or not (here I come) Dominick Baier After a 3-year long struggle, the IETF finally released the OAuth2 specifications (RFC 6749 & ... Security
Introducing Daisho - monitoring multiple communication technologies at the physical layer Michael Ossmann , Dominic Spill Most communications media can be monitored and debugged at various levels of the stack, but ... Monitoring Hardware General IncludeThinkstScapes Interception
Corporate Espionage via Mobile Compromise: A Technical Deep Dive David Weinstein Corporate scale cyber espionage is a threat to keeping a leg up on the competition. ... Security
You wouldn't share a syringe. Would you share a USB port? Sergey Bratus , Travis Goodspeed Previous work has shown that a USB port left unattended may be subject to pwnage ... Monitoring Hardware General IncludeThinkstScapes USB
Smart TV Security Lee Seungjin Smart TV sold over 80,000,000 around the world in 2012. The next generation “smart” platform ... Security
The Interim Years of Cyberspace: Security in a Domain of Warfare Robert m. Lee The cyberspace domain is one that nations and companies alike are quickly trying to secure ... Security
Flash Storage Forensics Dmitry Sklyarov Lots of modern devices use flash memory as primary storage, and some of those devices ... Security