BSidesPuertoRico 2013 April 5, 2013 to April 7, 2013, San Juan,Puerto Rico

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Owning Computer Systems Royce Davis N/A Security
APN functions for e-commerce security Moises Delgado N/A Security
Forensic Analysis on iOS Devices Jaime a. Restrepo-gomez N/A Security
WebSockets unPlugged Vaagn Toukharian N/A Security
Resurrecting Ettercap: Past, Present and Future of Malicious Routing Emilio Escobar N/A Security
Overcoming Objections to Security in the SDLC with a Special Section on Weaponizing QA Test Scripts Michael Landeck N/A Security
Keynote: Security Rant Carlos Perez N/A Security
Don’t be Fooled, Scanning Web Applications is not Pen-Testing Jose Hernandez N/A Security
Love letters to Frank Abagnale Jayson E. Street N/A Security
Pentesting in the POST-PC era Jaime a. Restrepo-gomez N/A Security
Addition by Subtraction: How Networked Appliances Affect your Security Posture Chris Campbell N/A Security
Practical Persistence With PowerShell Matt Graeber N/A Security
The Anomaly of when a vulnerability assessment is better than a pentest. Albert Campa N/A Security
Advanced Phishing Tactics – Beyond user awareness Martin Bos , Eric Milam N/A
Powershell for Security Professionals Carlos Perez N/A Security
Armitage and Cobalt Strike Penetration Testing Lab Raphael Mudge N/A Security