BSidesUK 2013 April 24, 2013 to April 24, 2013, London, UK

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Pentesting like a Grandmaster Abraham Aranguren Abstract: "Background: The Offensive (Web) Testing Framework (aka OWTF) is a free and opensource OWASP+PTES-focused ... Security
The evolution of Rootkits into the mobile ecosystems Rorie Hood Passionate about Malware Development and low-level Exploitation Abstract: "Desktop Operating Systems have had to deal ... Security
Defense by numbers: Making problems for script kiddies and scanner monkeys. Chris john Riley When not working to break one technology or another, Chris enjoys long walks in the ... Security
Make Cyber-Love, not Cyber-war Stephen Bonner Before KPMG he was Group Head of Information Risk Management at Barclays. He was inducted ... Security
32. Pen Test Automation - Helping you get to the pub on time Rory Mccune Rory holds the CREST Certified Application Testing consultant. He is the OWASP Scotland chapter leader ... Security
5. Going Stealth: Staying off the Anti-Virus RADAR. Alex Polychronopoulos Abstract: "Anti-Virus software is often the first line of defence in host based intrusion prevention. ... Security
The Realex Payments Application Security story, narrated by Security Ninja. David Rook The Security Ninja blog has been nominated for five awards including the best technology blog ... Security
How to build a personal security brand that will stop the hackers, save the world and get you the girl Javvad Malik Abstract: "You\'re a security professional, but even your boss doesn\'t remember your name. Your brilliant ... Security
HTML5: attack and defense Ksenia Dmitrieva Abstract: "With the emergence of HTML5 web applications become more interactive and responsive. Using Web ... Security
Playing CTFs for fun & profit Tim P Abstract: "Want to know what\'s involved in playing a Capture The Flag contest? These competitions ... Security
I'm the the guy your CSO is STILL warning you about! "gavin 'jac0byterebel' Ewan" Having taken his education and training in psychology, particularly sales psychology into the field of ... Security
Dissecting Targeted Attacks - Separating Myths from Facts. Candid Wüest When the sun is shining he works for Symantec\'s global security response team, where he ... Security
Why Pentesting Sucks Cory Marchand Abstract: "Typical pen tests simply aim to get root, typical recipients of Pentest results could ... Security
Blinking Hell - Data Extraction Through Keyboard Lock States Matthew Phillips , Richard Hicks Abstract: "Using a small, cheap and freely available programmable usb device it is possible to ...
External Assessments Owen Bellis Abstract: "A presentation on steps and processes undertaken when performing assessments on companies public facing ... Security
Talking in a foreign land Anne Wood Abstract: "Communication and delivering the right message is so important to get things done. One ... Security
Approaching Cipher Puzzles: Fun for all the snzvyl Channon Powell Abstract: "Overview of tackling cipher puzzle games. How to find the obviously hidden and where ... Security
Continuous security integration Artjom Vassiljev Abstract: "I\'m a backend developer creating server code for games and websites. I\'ve setup a ... Security
Cyber Warfare Operations, Impact Assessments, Delphi Oracles, predictions & other funky stuff... (working title) Konstantinia Charitoudi Abstract: "A story about cyber warfare operations, the ability to perform impact assessment on them ... Security
Real-Time Static Analysis in Eclipse Diarmaid Mcmanus Abstract: "Security code reviews often fail because of preventable bugs like a printStackTrace being left ... Security
ICMP - The proxy your admin hates to block Ryan Ward Abstract: "ICMP is the fundamental protocol in network diagnostics. During my second year at university ... Security
Web Application Vulnerabilities overview Jamie Shaw Abstract: "The talk will cover a basic overview of web application vulnerabilities such as XSS, ... Security
Exploiting Windows Deployment Services Ben Campbell Abstract: " PXEBoot/WDS & Unattend Files overview Quick demo sniffing credentials Problems with VM approach ... Security
Incident response trends Justin greenwood Delgado Abstract: "Looking at the current incident response trends within the corporate landscape. Giving more insight ... Security
Scanning without nmap Isabel Forkin Abstract: "Using ncat and various loops and commands to achieve something similar (albeit much slower!) ... Security
Android Exploits Damien King Abstract: "Demonstrating different ways the android system can be remotely controlled. Including: xss with beef, ... Security
Security Awareness: Making Your Staff the STRONGEST link Mo Amin Abstract: "I still don\'t get why we call the people that we work with, i.e. ... Security
Economics of Security Leron Zinatullin Abstract: "To be confirmed." Security
NOSQL & Big Data - A way to lose even more stuff Gavin Holt Abstract: "With the increasing popularity of NOSQL and other Big Data systems, the number of ... Security
The upside-down-ternet Gordon Gray Abstract: "Any skiddie with a copy of backtrack can break into a badly secured WiFi ... Security
AppSec: Where the Human Wins Dennis Antunes Abstract: "Scanners have arguable gotten very good at finding most injection-based flaws, but the real ... Security
Snapshots of the Brazilian Cybercrime Landscape Berta Papp Abstract: "Thoughts on how cyber criminals operate in Brazil and respective differences from Europe, the ... Security