Hackcon 2013 April 10, 2013 to April 11, 2013, Oslo, Norway

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Can you hear me now? Leveraging Mobile Devices on Penetration Tests Georgia Weidman We will look at multiple mobile platforms gathering sensitive information, attacking other devices such as ... Security
All Your Faces Are Belong to Us --Breaking Facebook's Social Authentication Stefano Zanero Under the assumptions of Facebook\'s threat model, our results show that an attacker can obtain ... Security
Mastering Master-Keyed Systems Deviant This talk will show what can be accomplished with a blank key, a file, along ... Security
Death By Pixels Samuil Shah This talk goes beyond the obvious obfuscation. We combine the power of web hacking, the ... Security
Dirty Little Secrets Part 2 Rob Fuller Chris has extensive experience in network and web application penetration testing as well as other ... Security
Social-Engineering: Not your average cup of Joe Dave Kennedy Dave is the co-founder of DerbyCon, a large-scale security conference located in Louisville Kentucky. Dave ... Security
Penetration testing from a Hot Tub Time Machine Eric Smith This talk will not only serve as a nostalgic flashback to those great times but ... Security
Cut the crap; let's create a Phishing and Trojan attack. Dave Chronister With a success rate of over 90% you will see why Dave and the Hacker?s ... Security
Search Engine Poisoning (SEP) Attacks Chris Larsen Intro: Why it works so well as an attack vector Short historical perspective How we ... Security
Moloch - your friend in the Dark Moloch "Moloch also serves as a great way for searching and interacting with large PCAP repositories ... Security
Want to control smart phones? Hemil Shah According to recent market survey 52% of the devices run Android operating system, 32% use ... Security