Infiltrate 2013 April 11, 2013 to April 12, 2013, Miami, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Chris Eagle His research interests include computer network operations, malware analysis and reverse/anti-reverse engineering techniques. He is ... Keynote Attack IncludeThinkstScapes Attack Planning Military
TTF Font Fuzzing and Vulnerability Ling chuan Lee , Lee yee Chan Abstract: This talk covers the TrueType font vulnerabilities and the fuzzing methods targeted on Windows ...
Jurassic Jar: Their World. Our Rules. Esteban Guillardoy Abstract: Lets stop bothering with low level bug hunting, painful reversing, assembly code, exploit reliability, ... Security
Attacking the next generation air traffic control system Brad "Renderman" Haines Abstract: What happens when hackers get bored and start looking at aircraft tracking systems? In ... Security
Hack Back - Active Defense in Cyberspace Greg Hoglund Abstract: Purely passive defense is arguably ineffective for most organizations. While not a replacement for ... Security
Enterprise Malware, There is Always a Way. (DNS/DNSSEC) Alberto garcia Illera Abstract: DNS is an essential protocol used in almost any enterprise network around the world. ... Security
Advanced Exploitation of Mobile/Embedded Devices: The ARM Microprocessor Stephen Ridley , Stephen Lawler Abstract: In late 2011, we the maintainers of debuted a talk entitled Hardware Hacking ...
Advanced Heap Manipulation in Windows 8 Zhenhua (eric) Liu "Abstract: With the introduction of Windows 8, previously known heap/kernel pool overflow exploitation techniques are ... Security
Destructive D-Trace - With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility Nemo Abstract: Dtrace,an instrumentation framework present on Mac OS X, Solaris and TrustedBSD, has long been ... Rootkits IncludeThinkstScapes Dtrace
Two-Timing Data Connectors Michael Ossmann , Kyle Osborn "Abstract: Manufacturers of mobile devices sometimes multiplex several wired interfaces onto a single connector. Some ...
The Chameleon: A cellphone-based USB impersonator Matias Soler Abstract: Over the last few years, the USB has been gaining traction in the security ... Security
NAND-Xplore -> Bad Blocks = Well Hidden Josh "m0nk" Thomas Abstract: Over the past few years, consumer electronics hardware has quickly embraced solid-state memory as ... Security
Exfiltrate: Efficient Blind SQLi Miguel Turner Abstract: With currently available tools using a variety of detection techniques, finding SQLi vulnerabilities has ... Security