Security B-Sides DFW 2010 Nov. 6, 2010 to Nov. 6, 2010, USA

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Notes : Dallas

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Mass Exploitation For Dummies Greg Martin Exploitation Application Security
Emerging Security Threats Simple Nomad Security Others Deep Knowledge
Patterns & Predictability - The Essence Of Attack Andrew Wilson Security Analysis Statistics
Infosec Sheepdogs: Creating An Abstraction/Translation Nick Selby Security Others Deep Knowledge Community Law Enforcement
The Mistakes Qsas Make Branden R. Williams Security Others Deep Knowledge
Phishing To Fraud: The Business Side Of Phishing Lee Heath Security Social Engineering Risk
The Code Your Code Could Smell Like Wendy Nather Security Others
Life As A Security Sales Engineer/Solutions Architect Eric Irvin Security Deep Knowledge
Footprinting & Intelligence Gathering: Paterva & Beyond Wardell Motley Security Analysis
An Introduction To Information Security Risk Analysis Patrick Florer Security Risk Analysis
Shai-Hulud - The Quest For Worm Sign Ken Lamkin Security Analysis Malware
Pci Fireside Chat: Dss 2.0, Virtualization, Fun With Qsas Branden R. Williams , Jim Bibles , Matt Springfield Security Panel Compliance