InfoSec SouthWest 2013 April 19, 2013 to April 21, 2013, Austin,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Dan Guido "Hacking has been characterized as fast, loose, and ad-hoc. Academia has been characterized as slow, ... Security
9600 8N1, Root Shell Drive, Serial City, USA Hd Moore This presentation dives into the crazy world of serial port converters, remote access devices, and ... Attack IncludeThinkstScapes Survey Port Scanning ADDP Serial Device
All the network is a stage, and the APKs merely players: Scripting Android Applications Daniel Peck "This will be a walkthrough presentation on dynamic exploration of Android app using JRuby. We'll ... Security
ASERT's DDoS Malware Corral, Volume 1 Jason Jones , Dennis Schwarz "In the never-ending search for new DDoS malware families, ASERT's malware corral processed over 2 ...
Anatomy of a Chinese Infiltration into a Research EDU Joshua "kernelsmith" Smith In 2009 I was asked to assist in the investigation of an intrusion at an ... Security
Cracking Corporate Passwords - Why Your Password Policy Sucks Rick Redman In the past, Rick has talked about public password leaks of Internet facing applications/websites. This ... Security
Defending the City Within the City Ut Office "There aren.t many information security jobs where charged with protecting a police department, electric ... Security
Destructive D-Trace - With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility Neil "nemo" Archibald "Dtrace, an instrumentation framework present on Mac OS X, Solaris and TrustedBSD, has long been ... Security
Ghetto VR: steps involved in vulnerability research Mirek Bartik Everybody has heard of a zero day exploit, but an extremely small amount of people ... Security
Range Fees and Zero Days: Cyber "Hackerspaces" Marc Eisenbarth , William joe Adams Ever wanted to develop exploits targeting vital critical infrastructure, such as power grids, gas pipelines, ...
Taint Nobody Got Time for Crash Analysis Richard Johnson The last decade has seen a large focus on vulnerability discovery automation with various methods ... Security
The 24 Hour Pentest Marcus j. Carey "If a penetration tester had 24 hours to assess an organization, what would he do? ... Security