Thotcon 2013 April 26, 2013 to April 26, 2013, Chicago,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Trust, Security, and Society Bruce Schneier N/A Security
Mainframes? What the F&#K is that about? Phil Young N/A Security
Runtime Process Insemination Shawn "lattera" Webb N/A Security
Automating The Shit Out Of Security David Mortman N/A Security
Cyberwar Josh Corman , Jericho N/A
Mesh Stalkings Philip Polstra N/A Security
Teaching your WAF new tricks Robert Rowley N/A Security
Mobile security, forensics and malware w/ Santoku Andrew Hoog N/A Security
Moving the Global Economy Jadedsecurity , Aricon N/A
Get off your AMF and don’t REST on JSON Dan Kuykendall N/A Security
Incident Response Response Int0x80 , Fuzzynop N/A
Meshing Stuff Up Josh "m0nk" Thomas N/A Security
Creating A Powerful User Defense Against Attackers Ben Ten N/A Security
The Message and The Messenger James Arlen N/A Security
Attacking Cloud Services w/ Source Code Jonathan Claudius N/A Security
Scripting Android Applications Daniel Peck N/A Security
Fun with Exploit Kits for Tech Support David healwhans Schwartzberg N/A Security
Everything Old is New Again Mike Kemp N/A Security
Proactive Defensive Security Prescriptions Anthony Kasza N/A Security
Running Security Models w/ SSH Andrew Morris N/A Security
Y U NO Sanitize bro? Phreakinggeek N/A Security
Hacker Law School Jim Rennie N/A Security
Crypto for Hackers Bob Weiss N/A Security