ASIACCS 2013 May 8, 2013 to May 10, 2013, Hangzhou,China

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Next-generation Security Solutions for Emerging Threats Dawn Song N/A Security
AppInk: Watermarking Android Apps for Repackaging Deterrence Wu Zhou , Xinwen Zhang , Xuxian Jiang N/A
PSiOS: Bring Your Own Privacy & Security to iOS Devices Ralf Hund , Ahmad-reza Sadeghi , Lucas Davi , Tim Werthmann , Thorsten Holz N/A
On the Effectiveness of API-Level Access Control Using Bytecode Rewriting in Android Hao Hao , Vicky Singh , Wenliang Du N/A
Designing Leakage-Resilient Password Entry on Touchscreen Mobile Devices Yingjiu Li , Qiang Yan , Jin Han , Jianying Zhou , Robert h. Deng N/A
Your love is public now: Questioning the use of personal information in authentication Payas Gupta , Swapna Gottipati , Jing Jiang , Debin Gao N/A
Multi-key Leakage-Resilient Threshold Cryptography Cong Zhang , Tsz hon Yuen , Hao Xiong , Sherman s.m. Chow , S.m. Yiu , Yijun He N/A
Privacy-Preserving Multi-keyword Text Search in the Cloud Supporting Similarity-based Ranking Wenhai Sun , Bing Wang , Ning Cao , Ming Li , Wenjing Lou , Thomas Hou , Hui Li N/A
Practical and Post-Quantum Authenticated Key Exchange from One-Way Secure Key Encapsulation Mechanism Atsushi Fujioka , Keita Xagawa , Koutarou Suzuki , Kazuki Yoneyama N/A
Blank Digital Signatures Christian Hanser , Daniel Slamanig N/A
Pseudorandom Signatures Mark Manulis , Bertram Poettering , Franziskus Kiefer , Nils Fleischhacker , Felix G\xee\x9f\x80ther N/A
Looking at the Bag is not Enough to Find the Bomb: an Evasion of Structural Methods for Malicious PDF Files Detection Davide Maiorca , Igino Corona , Giorgio Giacinto N/A
Efficient User-Space Information Flow Control Ben Niu , Gang Tan N/A
SocialWatch: Detection of Online Service Abuse via Large-Scale Social Graphs Martìn Abadi , Yinglian Xie , Junxian Huang , Fang Yu , Qifa Ke , Eliot Gillum , Z. morley Mao N/A
Privacy Settings in Social Networking Systems: What You Cannot Control Amirreza Masoumzadeh , James Joshi N/A
Trustworthy Distributed Computing on Social Networks Abedelaziz Mohaisen , Yongdae Kim N/A
On the Feasibility of Inference Attacks by Third-Party Extensions to Social Network Systems Seyed hossein Ahmadinejad , Philip Fong N/A
Dynamix: Anonymity on Dynamic Social Structures Abedelaziz Mohaisen , Yongdae Kim N/A
Protecting Access Privacy of Cached Contents in Information Centric Networks Xinwen Zhang , Abedelaziz Mohaisen , Yongdae Kim , Maxfield Schuchard , Haiyong Xie N/A
The Role and Effectiveness of Cryptography in Network Virtualization Wenbo Mao N/A Security
Efficient Dynamic Provable Possession of Remote Data via Balanced Update Trees Yihua Zhang , Marina Blanton N/A
Weak Leakage-Resilient Client-side Deduplication of Encrypted Data in Cloud Storage Ee-chien Chang , Jia Xu , Jianying Zhou N/A
Data-Oblivious Graph Algorithms for Secure Computation and Outsourcing Marina Blanton , Aaron Steele , Mehrdad Aliasgari N/A
SecLaaS: Secure Logging-as-a-Service for Cloud Forensics Shams Zawoad , Amit Dutta , Ragib Hasan N/A
An empirical study on the software integrity of virtual appliances: are you really getting what you paid for? Jun ho Huh , Mirko Montanari , Derek Dagit , Rakesh b. Bobba , Dong wook Kim , Yoonjoo Choi , Roy Campbell N/A
Expressive Search on Encrypted Data Robert h. Deng , Junzuo Lai , Yingjiu Li , Xuhua Zhou , Kefei Chen N/A
Towards Asymmetric Searchable Encryption with Message Recovery and Flexible Search Authorization Qiang Tang , Xiaofeng Chen N/A
Boolean symmetric searchable encryption Tarik Moataz , Abdullatif Shikfa N/A
Multi-Channel Broadcast Encryption David Pointcheval , Duong-hieu Phan , Viet cuong Trinh N/A
Comparative study of multicast authentication schemes with application to wide-area measurement system Yee wei Law , Zheng Gong , Tie Luo , Slaven Marusic , Marimuthu Palaniswami N/A
Gadge Me If You Can - Secure and Efficient Ad-hoc Instruction-Level Randomization for x86 and ARM Ahmad-reza Sadeghi , Lucas Davi , Stefan N\xee\x9f\x80rnberger , Alexandra Dmitrienko N/A
Enforcing System-Wide Control Flow Integrity for Exploit Detection and Diagnosis Heng Yin , Aravind Prakash , Zhenkai Liang N/A
Secure Cloud-assisted Location Based Reminder Xinxin Zhao , Lingjun Li , Guoliang Xue N/A
DroidChameleon: Evaluating Android Anti-malware against Transformation Attacks Yan Chen , Vaibhav Rastogi , Xuxian Jiang N/A
Bind Your Phone Number with Caution: Automated User Profiling Through Address Book Matching on Smartphone Yao Cheng , Lingyun Ying , Sibei Jiao , Purui Su , Dengguo feng N/A
Towards Preventing QR Code Based Attacks on Android Phone using Security Warnings Huiping Yao , Dongwan Shin N/A
Time Evolving Graphical Password for Securing Mobile Devices Jiwu Jing , Zhan Wang , Liang Li N/A
DroidAlarm: An All-sided Static Analysis Tool for Android Privilege-escalation Malware Yibing Zhongyang , Zhi Xin , Bing Mao , Li Xie N/A
k-Anonymous Reputation Sebastian Clauss , Stefan Schiffner , Florian Kerschbaum N/A
Privacy-preserving Smart Metering with Regional Statistics and Personal Enquiry Services Yunlei Zhao , Joseph Liu , Jianying Zhou , Cheng-kang Chu , Jun wen Wong N/A
Protecting Privacy by Sanitizing Personal Data: a New Approach to Anonymous Credentials Sebastien Canard , Roch Lescuyer N/A
An Information-Flow Type-System for Mixed Protocol Secure Computation Florian Kerschbaum N/A Security
Robust Network Traffic Identification with Unknown Applications Jun Zhang , Chao Chen , Yang Xiang , Wanlei Zhou N/A
STRIDE: Sanctuary Trail -- Refuge from Internet DDoS Entrapment Virgil Gligor , Tiffany Hyun-Jin Kim , Hsu-chun Hsiao , Soo bum Lee , Xin Zhang , Sangjae Yoo , Adrian Perrig N/A
Practical Verification of WPA-TKIP Vulnerabilities Mathy Vanhoef , Frank Piessens N/A
Faster Secure Two-Party Computation with Less Memory Wilko Henecka , Thomas Schneider N/A
TabShots: Client-side detection of tabnabbing attacks Lieven Desmet , Philippe de Ryck , Nick Nikiforakis , Wouter Joosen N/A
Fuzzing the ActionScript Virtual Machine Guanxing Wen , Yuqing Zhang , Qixu Liu , Dingning Yang N/A
Sensing-Enabled Channels for Hard-to-Detect Command and Control of Mobile Devices Nitesh Saxena , Shams Zawoad , Ragib Hasan , Tzipora Halevi , Dustin Rinehart N/A
LogicScope: Automatic Discovery of Logic Vulnerabilities within Web Applications Xiaowei Li , Yuan Xue N/A
Protecting Function Pointers in Binary Stephen Mccamant , Lei Duan , Chao Zhang , Tao Wei , Zhaofeng Chen , Leazl Szekeres N/A
The (Un)Reliability of NVD Vulnerable Versions Data: an Empirical Experiment on Google Chrome Vulnerabilities Viet hung Nguyen , Fabio Massacci N/A
Horizon Extender: Long-term Preservation of Data Leakage Evidence in Web Traffic David Gugelmann , Dominik Schatzmann , Vincent Lenders N/A
Towards fully incremental cryptographic schemes Kevin Atighehchi , Traian Muntean N/A
Anonymous Attribute-Based Encryption Supporting Efficient Decryption Test Hui Li , Yinghui Zhang , Xiaofeng Chen , Jin Li , Duncan s. Wong N/A
A Group Signature Scheme with Unbounded Message-Dependent Opening Goichiro Hanaoka , Keita Emura , Kazuma Ohara , Yusuke Sakai N/A
Attribute-based Fine-Grained Access Control with Efficient Revocation in Cloud Storage Systems Kan Yang , Xiaohua Jia , Kui Ren N/A
Covert Computation - Hiding code in code for obfuscation purposes Stefan Katzenbeisser , Manuel Leithner , Martin Mulazzani , Sebastian Schrittwieser , Peter Kieseberg , Markus Huber , Edgar Weippl N/A
Proof of Plaintext Knowledge for Code-Based Public-Key Encryption Revisited Tsuyoshi Takagi , Rong Hu , Kirill Morozov N/A
An Efficient and Probabilistic Secure Bit-Decomposition Bharath kumar Samanthula , Wei Jiang N/A
Defining Verifiability in e-Auction Protocols Jannik Dreier , Hugo Jonker , Pascal Lafourcade N/A