WiSec 2013 April 17, 2013 to April 19, 2013, Budapest,Hungary

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote 1:The Internet is Insecure and Will Likely Remain So - Now What? Henning Schulzrinne N/A Security
Session 1: Mobile Device and Application Security Ahmad-reza Sadeghi N/A Security
A pilot study on the security of pattern screen-lock methods and ‘soft’ side channel attacks Panagiotis Andriotis , Theo Tryfonas , George Oikonomou , Can Yildiz N/A
Who do you sync you are? Smartphone Fingerprinting based on Application Behaviour Tim Stber , Mario Frank , Ivan Martinovic , Jens Schmitt N/A
MAST: Triage for Market-scale Mobile Malware Analysis Patrick Traynor , William Enck , Saurabh Chakradeo , Brad Reaves N/A
Tap-Wave-Rub: Lightweight Malware Prevention for Smartphones using Intuitive Human Gestures Nitesh Saxena , Di Ma , Babins Shrestha , Yan Zhu , Haoyu Li N/A
Session 2: Physical Layer Attacks and Defenses Ivan Martinovic N/A Security
Counter-Jamming using Mixed Mechanical and Software Interference Cancellation Triet Vo-huu , Erik-oliver Noubir N/A
Detection of Reactive Jamming in DSSS-based Wireless Network Jens Schmitt , Domenico Giustiniano , Vincent Lenders , Michael Spuhler , Matthias Wilhelm N/A
Selfish Manipulation of Cooperative Cellular Communications via Channel Fabrication Shrikant Adhikarla , Min Tague N/A
Mobile Threats to Privacy Ashkan Soltani N/A Security
Session 3: Wireless Protocol Security Ming Li N/A Security
6LowPAN Fragmentation Attacks and Mitigation Mechanisms Rene Hummen , Jens Hiller , Hanno Wirtz , Martin Henze , Hossein Shafagh , Klaus Wehrle N/A
ETA: Efficient and Tiny and Authentication for Heterogeneous Wireless Systems Attila a. Yavuz N/A Security
GPS+: A Back-end Coupons Identification for Low-cost RFID Maryline Laurent , Ethmane el Moustaine N/A
The Weakness of Integrity Protection for LTE Teng Wu , Guang Gong N/A
Keynote 2:How do you define Security and Privacy for Smart Metering in Europe today? Michael John N/A Security
Session 4: Privacy in Wireless Systems Marco Gruteser N/A Security
Perfect Contextual Information Privacy in WSNs under Colluding Eavesdroppers Alejandro Proano , Loukas Lazos N/A
SnapMe if you can: Privacy Threats of other Peoples' Geo-tagged Media and What We can do about it Matthew Smith , Benjamin Henne , Christian Szongott N/A Privacy IncludeThinkstScapes Defence
Differential Privacy in Intelligent Transportation Systems Frank Kargl , Arik Friedman , Roksana Borelli N/A
Private Proximity Testing with an Untrusted Server Richard Chow , Gokay Saldamli , Hongxia Jin , Bart Knijnenburg , Onur Aciicmez N/A
Session 5: Design and Testing of Secure Protocols Levente Buttyan N/A Security
Securing the IP-based Internet of Things with HIP and DTLS Sandeep s. Kumar , Oscar Garcia-morchon , Sye loong Keoh , Pedro Moreno-sanchez , Francisco Vidal-meca , Jan-henrik Ziegeldorf N/A
Revisiting Lightweight Authentication Protocols based on Hard Learning Problems Panagiotis Rizomiliotis , Stefanos Gritzalis N/A
SeDyA: Secure Dynamic Aggregation in VANETs Frank Kargl , Rens Heijden , Stefan Dietzel N/A
Adversarial Testing of Wireless Routing Implementations Charles Killian , Rahul Potharaju , Cristina Nita-rotaru , Md. endadul Hoque , Hyojeong Lee N/A
Session 6: Establishing Keys, Trust, and Identity Frank Kargl N/A Security
Entropy Harvesting from Physical Sensors Christine Hennebert , Hicham Hossayni , Cedric Lauradoux N/A
ASK-BAN: Authenticated Secret Key Extraction Utilizing Channel Characteristics for Body Area Networks Jiawei Yuan , Ming Li , Lu Shi , Shucheng Yu N/A
Chorus: Scalable In-band Trust Initialization for Multiple Constrained Devices over the Insecure Wireless Channel Ming Li , Yantian Hou , Joshua Guttman N/A
Countermeasures against Sybil Attacks in WSN based on Proofs-of-Work Marek Klonowski , Michal Koza N/A
Session 7: Energy and Distance Bounding Mark Felegyhazi N/A Security
Energy Attacks and Defense Techniques for Wireless Systems Sheng Wei , Jong hoon Ahnn , Miodrag Potkonjak N/A
Subtle Kinks in Distance-Bounding: an Analysis of Prominent Protocols Marc Fischlin , Cristina Onete N/A
Efficient, Secure, Private Distance Bounding without Key Updates Roel Peeters , Cristina Onete , Jens Hermans N/A
HotWiSec Session 1: Attack Execution and Detection Murtuza Jadliwala N/A Security
Defend Your Home! Jamming Unsolicited Messages in the Smart Home James Brown , Ibrahim ethem Bagci , Alex King , Utz Roedig N/A
Spy-Sense: Spyware Tool for Executing Stealthy Exploits against Sensor Networks Thanassis Giannetsos , Tassos Dimitriou N/A
DogoIDS: A Mobile and Active Intrusion Detection System for IEEE 802.11s Wireless Mesh Networks (invited paper) Matthias Hollick , Rodrigo do Carmo N/A
HotWiSec Session 2: Secure and Privacy-Preserving Communication Levente Buttyan N/A Security
VeSPA: Vehicular Security and Privacy-preserving Architecture Nikolaos Alexiou , Marcello Lagana , Stylianos Gisdakis , Mohammad Khodaei , Panagiotis Papadimitratos N/A
A proactive routing protocol for wireless ad hoc networks assuring some privacy (invited paper) Jean-marc Robert , Christophe Bidan N/A
Securing Communications Between External Users and Wireless Body Area Networks (invited paper) Chunqiang Hu , Fan Zhang , Xiuzhen Cheng , Xiaofeng Liao , Dechang Chen N/A
HotWiSec Session 3: Authentication and Key Exchange Murtuza Jadliwala N/A Security
Towards Viable Certificate-based Authentication for the Internet of Things Rene Hummen , Hossein Shafagh , Klaus Wehrle , Jan henrik Ziegeldorf , Shahid Raza N/A