BSidesNola 2013 May 25, 2013 to May 25, 2013, New Orleans,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening Remarks Joe Sylve N/A Security
Keynote :Securenomics - The Evolving Vulnerability Landscape and its Implications Michael Murray N/A Security
Week in the Life of a DFIR Elizabeth Schweinsberg N/A Security
Small Data Forensics--Making Sense of Data Fragments Vassil Roussev N/A Security
Sex, Drugs and Security Awareness Katrina N/A Security
Grabbing fresh "evil bits" with Maltrieve Kyle Maxwell N/A Security
Sick Anti-Analysis Mechanisms in the Wild Alissa Torres N/A Security
Closing the gap between incidnet handlers and security management Joshua r. Nicholson N/A Security
Plaso - reinventing the super timeline Kristinn Gudjonsson N/A Security
Pulling Back the Curtain on Social Enginnering Shannon Sistrunk N/A Security
Boss Hacking - how I sold your boss Eric Irvin N/A Security
Leveraging Memory Forensics during DFIR Andrew Case N/A Security
Are your security devices insecure? Alexander Muentz N/A Security
Wild vs. Commercial Malware Golden Iii N/A Security
When Macs Get Hacked Sarah Edwards N/A Security
Reverse Engineering Workshop Jimmy Wylie , Theaddict N/A
All Your Base Still Belong To Us: Physical Penetration Testing Tales From The Trenches Harry Regan , Valerie Thomas N/A
DFIR For Beginners @chort0 N/A Security