CISOSeattle 2013 May 22, 2013 to May 22, 2013, Seattle,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Leading the Conversation Susan Scott IT executives need to communicate with their CEO and board of directors to create a ... Security
Strength in Numbers – How Information Sharing and Partnerships Mitigate Security Threats Kelvin Coleman AttackingIt is a scary world out there for those tasked with securing intellectual property and ... Security
Blue Collar Change Management Billie Otto AttackingTrueBlue has grown through acquisition since 2004 by purchasing a broad range of staffing firms ... Security
The Race Toward a Social Enterprise Brian Murray AttackingSocial tools are quickly gaining traction in the enterprise by filling a core, unmet need ... Security
Establishing a Robust Risk Model Gregg Braunton AttackingWithout a standard set of security guidelines in the healthcare industry, companies determine their risk ... Security
Creating Business-Centered IT Padmaja Vrudhula , Bill Kehoe , Curt Kwak AttackingIn today’s dynamic business environment, CIOs are attempting to execute on strategies which transform their ...
Looking at the Future of Cyber Incident Response Eduard Telders , Aaron Card AttackingThe escalation and sophistication of cyber-attacks has a lot of people wondering just how safe ...
Come Together – Tearing Down Silos with Collaboration Tools Krissy Espindola , Christopher Morace AttackingMany CIOs are faced with divisional and functional silos within their organization, but may be ...
What to Expect When You’re Implementing ERPs Viji Murali AttackingEach company’s ERP implementation is unique and comes with its own set of challenges. Because ... Security
Focusing on Your Data to Change the Information Security Game Lamont Orange AttackingCISOs must completely re-think the way they do business by transforming their role from reactive ... Security
Next Generation Customer Experience Janet Hanson , Tonya Mckinney AttackingWith the rapid commoditization of products and services, the speed at which new market entrants ...
Think Differently to Maximize Your Data’s Value Vanessa Pegueros , Jon Gacek AttackingAs data volumes continue to grow and new analytical tools emerge, data is becoming a ...
Cultivating an Empowered Organization Matt Mcilwain AttackingNew technology and ways of doing business create significant upheaval in organizations ill-prepared for the ... Security
Driving Customer Engagement Through Innovation Kirsten Simonitsch AttackingPremera Blue Cross is in a mature, highly regulated industry which limits how quickly new ... Security
Gaining Efficiencies Through Server Consolidation Ananthan Thandri AttackingDoing more with less has been a constant refrain in the IT world over the ... Security
Forensics and eDiscovery – What You Need to Know Jim Steele AttackingWhat are the legal implications for companies with information online, on devices and in the ... Security