Confidence 2013 May 28, 2013 to May 29, 2013, Krakow,Poland

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Crashdumps: hunt 0days and rootkits Adam Zabrocki N/A Security
PHP Object Injection revisted Arseny Reutov N/A Security
My Experiments with truth: a different route to bug hunting Devesh Bhatt N/A Security
Breaking, Forensicating and Anti-Forensicating SAP Portal and J2EE Engine Dmitriy Chastuchin , Evgeny Neyolov N/A
Network Reconnaissance in IPv6 Networks Fernando Gont N/A Security
Cisco in the Sky with Diamonds Gregor Kopf , Felixlindner N/A
Networking Security Treasures Gawe\xc5\x82 Miko\xc5\x82ajczyk N/A Security
Can You Hear Me Now: Leveraging Mobile Devices on Pentests Georgia Weidman N/A Security
Podatno?ci aplikacji desktopowych Grzegorz Niemirowski N/A Security
Beyond MOV ADD XOR – the unusual and unexpected in x86 Gynvael Coldwind , Mateusz Jurczyk N/A
Opticode: machine code deobfuscation for malware analysts Nguyen Anh Quynh N/A Security
Linux Desktop Insecurity Ilja van Sprudel N/A Security
Securing Data in Mobile Application Suites Jesse Burns N/A Security
Invisible attacks – visible in your network. How to see and follow the tracks? Jochen Belke , Mariusz Sawczuk N/A
ELF Eccentricities, Any Input Is a Program: Weird Machines in ABI and architecture metadata Julian Bangert , Sergey Bratus N/A
Ph0k 0-days, We Will Pwn U with Hardware Mofos Yaniv Miron , Mc N/A
Testy penetracyjne – 7 grzechów g?ównych (Penetration Testing – 7 Deadly Sins) Marek Zmysowski N/A Security
LANGSEC 2011-2016 Meredith L. Patterson N/A Security
Embedded Devices Hacking Micha Sajdak N/A Security
Exploiting Hardcore Pool Corruptions in Microsoft Windows Kernel Nikita Tarakanov N/A Security
Any Input Is a Program: Weird Machines in ABI and architecture metadata Rebecca bx Shapiro N/A Security
The “Facebook PokerAgent” Robert Lipovsky N/A Security
TBP Thomas Lim N/A Security