Hackitoergosum 2013 May 2, 2013 to May 4, 2013, Paris,Frace

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Talk : Frida IRE – a tool for scriptable dynamic instrumentation in userland Ole Ravn Frida IRE (Interactive Reverse-engineering Environment) is an open source reversing tool focusing on scriptable dynamic ... Security
Talk : The reality about Red October Paul Rascagneres I propose to make a technical analysis of Red October. The talk will be deeply ... Security
Talk : RFID/NFC security & privacy Philippe Teuwen Topics covered: RFID/NFC readers for PC supported by open-source software PC/SC: limits of manipulating RFID ... Security
Talk : Defending Critical Infrastructure or Beating the Kobayashi Maru Edmond Rogers The presentation will provide an overview of the issues that administrators face when dealing with ... Security
Talk : HackRF A Low Cost Software Defined Radio Platform Benjamin Vernoux The HackRF project is developing an open source design for a low cost Software Defined ... Security
Talk : The Machines that Betrayed their Masters: Mobile Device Tracking & Security Concerns Glenn Wilkinson The devices we carry betray us to those who want to invade our privacy and ... Security
Talk : Virtually Secure, Analysis to Remote Root 0day on an Industry Leading SSL-VPN Appliance Tal Zeltzer Today most networks present one “gateway” to the whole network – The SSL-VPN. A vector ... Security
Talk : Paparazzi over IP Daniel Mende Almost every recent higher class DSLR camera features multiple and complex access technologies. For example, ... Security
Talk : Information Warfare: mistakes from the MoDs. Raoul Chiesa This talk will analyze those mistakes commonly done by MoD when trying to deal with ... Security
Talk : Information Retrieval and Machine Learning Tools for Interactive Bug Hunting Fabian Yamaguchi When hunting bugs in large code bases you have never seen before, tools allowing quick ... Security
Keynote: Rfcat and beyond Adam ( Major Malfunction ) Laurie With more and more products incorporating RF into their profiles, sub-GHz radio is fast becoming ... Security
Talk : Decapping chips the easy hard way Zac Franken , Adam ( Major Malfunction ) Laurie For some time it has been possible to discover the inner workings of microprocessors with ...
Talk : Hacking apple accessories to pown iDevices – Wake up Neo! Your phone got pwnd ! Mathieu Renard Unlike the previous jailbreakme.com exploits targeting MobileSafari that could be used against an unwitting victim, ... Security
Talk : Nifty stuff that you can still do with Android Xavier Martin Fact: It is generally assumed that reverse engineering of Android applications is much easier than ... Security