HackMiami 2013 May 17, 2013 to May 19, 2013, Miami,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Abusing Exploiting and Pwning with Firefox Add-ons Ajin Abraham The talk is about abusing and exploiting Firefox add-on Security model and explains how JavaScript ... Security
Armitage && Cobalt Strike Penetration Testing Lab Raphael Mudge The Metasploit Framework is a must-have tool for penetration testers. Armitage builds a workflow on ... Security
An Introduction to Hacking VoIP Dr. Proxy This talk will discuss VoIP attack and defense methodologies. This course outline VoIP exploitation techniques ... Security
Big Bang Theory: The Evolution of Pentesting High Security Environment Joe Mccray This presentation focuses on pentesting high security environments, new ways of identifying/bypassing common security mechanisms, ... Security
Can You Hear Me Now? Leveraging Mobile Devices on Pentests Georgia Weidman BYOD is not a new concept. From contractor laptops to an employee’s game console in ... Security
Exploit Development for Mere Mortals Joe Mccray Joe will walk through the basics of exploitation starting from basics of stack overflows, then ... Security
FAPing with DDoS Rev Helix DDoS is the new hot thing that has made its way through the media just ... Security
Title: Fuck 0-days, We Will P0wn U with Hardware Mofos Yaniv Miron , Mc We gives you the ultimate hardware hacking kit. Wanna p0wn some banks? Wanna own big ...
Hack and Slash with Pythonect Itzik Kotler Try to imagine, if you will, the amount of time and effort it would take ... Security
Introduction to HAM Radio Tom Morris Ham radio is a communications service in which experimentation and development of new technologies are ... Security
Love letters to Frank Abagnale (How do I p0wn thee let me count the ways) Jason e. Street In previous talks I have shown how I have used emails to gain entry into ... Security
Malware Automation Christopher Elisan Automation is key when it comes to production. The same is true for malware. Malware ... Security
Keynote: Malware Trends: Past, Present, and Future Dave Marcus This talk will discuss current development trends in the world of virii. Dave Marcus from ... Security
Perils of Navigating the Net Jay Leiderman Leiderman will discuss the legal pitfalls the average hacker faces when navigating the net – ... Security
Raising Security Awareness Among Web Owners and Users Emilio Casbas Security is not all about geeks. Companies need online presence, but this presence has to ... Security
State of the Union: Advances in Web Application and Browser Security Ben Toews , Scott Behrens Mr. IETF, Mr. W3c, members of the information security community, distinguished developers, and fellow hackers, ...
Things you may not know about Mobile Phones Cheshire Catalyst Your mobile phone has plenty of capabilities, and features. You may know about most of ... Security
The Nexus of Hacktivism, Journalism & the Legal System: In defense of Barrett Brown, Jeremy Hammond, Aaron Swartz, Weev and others @subverzo What can we as citizens do to reform legislation to keep up with the evolution ... Security
Setting up a Tor relay without getting v& David Huerta I run a Tor relay in Iceland. AMA. Anonymity and Free Speech are srs bsns. ... Security