LayerOne 2013 May 25, 2013 to May 26, 2013, Los Angeles, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Near Space Exploration Arko High Altitude Balloon (HAB) projects consist of a payload that reports position, a parachute, and ... Security
Data Evaporation on SSDs (plus DoS) Sam Bowne Files on magnetic hard drives remain on the drive even after they are deleted, so ... Security
Improving Social Engineering Campaigns with Narrative Construction Chris Building narratives can provide one with a deeper understanding of your target and character, making ... Security
You have been DDoSed so what? – Two years later Ghostwood This talk focuses on how the threat landscape has changed and how some of the ... Security
The Dark Arts of OSINT noah Schiffman , Trevor Hearn The proliferation and availability of public information has increased with the evolution of its dissemination—from ...
Differential Cryptanalysis for Dummies Jon King This talk is an introduction to finding and exploiting vulnerabilities in block ciphers using FEAL-4 ... Security
WRCCDC: A Blue Team Perspective Christian Mergliano , Tim Krugh , Robby Spengler Toro Cyber Defense Lab presents a look at the strategy and training of CSU Dominguez ...
Hardware Reverse Engineering 101 John Norman This talk will provide a beginner’s guide to taking apart, understanding and modifying electronic devices. ... Security
Teaching Your WAF New Tricks Robert R This isn’t your uncle’s “what’s a WAF” talk, I’ll be covering as many cool tricks ... Security
Cognitive Enhancement: Drugs, Electricity and Bullshit Ruphos Nootropics, brain training, meditation, direct electrical and magnetic brain stimulation: all are being touted as ... Security
Discovering Dark Matter: Towards better Android Malware Heuristics Jimmy Shah , David Shaw , Matthew Mcdevitt There are nearly 1,000,000 free and paid Android apps available. A very small percentage of ...
The Architects Room: What goes on when Neo isn’t getting lectured Dan Tentler People put webcams on the internet. They think since they didn’t tell anybody, their webcam ... Security