Secure360 2013 May 14, 2013 to May 15, 2013, Saint Paul,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
IT Consumerization iPading the Enterprise or BYO Malware? Barry Caplin N/A Security
Vendor Information Security and Privacy Management Rebecca Herold N/A Security
Fast Track to Develop or Improve Business & Government Continuity Plans Colonel Smith N/A Security
How to Leverage the CSA GRC Stack Sean Cordero N/A Security
Privacy By the Numbers: How to Measure the Intangible Jay Cline N/A Security
Keynote: Targeting Emerging Cyber Threats Through Information Sharing Ron Plesco N/A Security
Application Layer DDoS: Motives, Mechanism, Relief Ashley Stephenson N/A Security
Backup is good, Recovery is KING! Arlyn Wall N/A Security
Exploit Kits-You don’t need to look for them, they’ll find you. Joel Esler N/A Security
Ideal Distributed Architecture Cindy Burns N/A Security
Manage Your Risk, Not Somebody Else’s Ben Tomhave N/A Security
Security is so yesterday Aaron Wampach N/A Security
Storytelling for Impact David Mann N/A Security
Symantec Internet Security Threat Report Fayyaz Rajpari N/A Security
Weaponized Security Kellman Meghu N/A Security
4140 Ways Your Alarm System Can Fail Babak Javadi N/A Security
Art of War Dana Wolf N/A Security
Comparative Study: Iran, Russia & PRC Cyber War Bill hagestad Ii N/A Security
Compliance and the Cloud Firasat Khan , Milt Luoma N/A
Emerging Trends in Social Networks Malware Aditya K Sood N/A Security
Ethical Leadership for Security Professionals Chad Weinstein N/A Security
How Bromium Has Re-Invented Endpoint Security Franklyn Jones N/A Security
Lessons from Hurricane Sandy Bryan Strawser N/A Security
So You Think You Can…Monitor? Using IS Analytics Matt Hynes , Steve Currie N/A
Behavioral Threat Modeling John Benninghoff N/A Security
Big Data, Little Security Adrian Lane , David Mortman N/A
Forensic data analytics on structured data Wendy Predescu N/A Security
Identity Theft Prevention – YOU ARE VULNERABLE! Kelley Archer N/A Security
Lessons Learned from the Financial DDoS Attacks Dan Falkenberg N/A Security
Making Metrics Matter: Connecting Security Metrics to Organizational Objectives Tim Erlin N/A Security
Police and Security Technology Robert Allen N/A Security
Selling BCP to the CFO Jeff Olejnik N/A Security
The Value of SOC 2 Engagements: Beyond Compliance Daniel Steiner , Tom Wojcinski , Abhay Shah N/A
Lock Picking Demonstration Babak Javadi N/A Security
Attack all the layers! What’s working in pen tests! Karl Fosaaen , Scott Sutherland N/A
DataCom Vulnerability and Resiliency Assessment Jeff Daniels N/A Security
Defender or Decoration? Dave Fugleberg N/A Security
Don’t Wait til it’s Too Late! WPV Prevention Daniel Murphy N/A Security
Evolving Enterprise Identity: The Advantages of a Unified Approach Louise Popyk N/A Security
Identity Management and Governance into SAP and ERP Systems Rick Killpack N/A Security
Risk Matters! so Does Trust Bryan k. Fite N/A Security
Security Metaphors Josh More N/A Security