W2SP 2013 May 24, 2013 to May 24, 2013, San Francisco,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote: Open Problems in Web and Mobile Privacy Neil Daswani "In this talk, I'll survey a few web and mobile-based privacy challenges and how they ... Security
Session 1: Identity in the Web Danesh Irani N/A
Security analysis of the identity federation transaction Apurva Kumar N/A Security
Short paper: Contextual Identity: Freedom to be All Your Selves Sid Stamm , Monica Chew N/A
Short paper: S-links: Why distributed security policy requires secure introduction Joseph Bonneau N/A Security
Web Tracking Larry Koved N/A
Fast and Reliable Browser Identification with JavaScript Engine Fingerprinting Manuel Leithner , Martin Mulazzani , Edgar Weippl , Sebastian Schrittwieser , Markus Huber , Philipp Reschl N/A
Shining the Floodlights on Mobile Web Tracking — A Privacy Survey Christian Eubank , Marcela Melara , Diego Perez-botero , Arvind Narayanan N/A
Short paper: A Promising Direction for Web Tracking Countermeasures John C. Mitchell , Jason Bau , Jonathan Mayer , Hristo Paskov N/A
Privacy and Attacks Matt Fredrikson N/A
Cross-Site Scripting Attacks in Social APIs Yuqing Zhang , Qixu Liu , Xiali Wang , Qihan Luo N/A