ACNS 2013 June 25, 2012 to June 28, 2012, Alberta,Canada

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening / Announcement of ACNS'13 Jianying Zhou N/A Security
Keynote 1 Feng Bao N/A Security
Applied Cryptography and Network Security – 10 years in the past and 10 years in the future Moti Yung N/A Security
Security Analysis of a Multi-Factor Authenticated Key Exchange Protocol Feng Hao , Dylan Clarke N/A
Breaking an Animated CAPTCHA Scheme Vu duc Nguyen , Yang-wai Chow , Willy Susilo N/A
Mitigating Emerging Man-in-the-Middle Attacks with Wireless Hardware Tokens Moti Yung , Assaf Ben-david , Omer Berkman , Yossi Matias , Sarvar Patel , Cem Paya N/A
RIKE: Using Revocable Identities to Support Key Escrow in PKIs Nan Zhang , Jingqiang Lin , Jiwu Jing , Neng Gao N/A
TreVisor -- OS-Independent Software-Based Full Disk Encryption Secure Against Main Memory Attacks Felix C. Freiling , Tilo Muller , Benjamin Taubmann N/A
A General Construction for 1-round ?-RMT and (0,?)-SMT Reihaneh Safavi-naini , Mohammed Tuhin , Pengwei Wang N/A
A Prefiltering Approach to Regular Expression Matching for Network Security Systems Alex X. Liu , Li Guo , Tingwen Liu , Yong Sun , Binxing Fang N/A
Authenticated Encryption: How Reordering can Impact Performance Basel Alomair N/A Security
Length-doubling Ciphers and Tweakable Ciphers Haibin Zhang N/A Security
Extending Higher-order Integral: An Efficient Unified Algorithm of Constructing Integral Distinguishers for Block Ciphers Wenling Wu , Wentao Zhang , Bozhan Su , Dengguo Feng , Chuankun Wu N/A
On Structural Signatures for Tree Data Structures Kai Samelin , Henrich Christopher Pöhls , Arne Bilzhause , Joachim Posegga , Hermann de Meer N/A
Inner-Product Lossy Trapdoor Functions and Applications Xiang Xie , Rui Xue , Rui Zhang N/A
On the Joint Security of Signature and Encryption under Randomness Reuse: Efficiency and Security Amplification Afonso Arriaga , Manuel Barbosa , Pooya Farshim N/A
Secure Accumulators from Euclidean Rings without Trusted Setup Helger Lipmaa N/A Security
A New Framework for Privacy of RFID Path Authentication Robert h. Deng , Shaoying Cai , Yingjiu Li , Yunlei Zhao N/A
GHB#: A Provably Secure HB-like Lightweight Authentication Protocol Panagiotis Rizomiliotis , Stefanos Gritzalis N/A
Security Enhancements by OR-Proof in Identity-Based Identification Atsushi Fujioka , Taiichi Saito , Keita Xagawa N/A
Identity-Based Extractable Hash Proofs and Their Applications Yu Chen , Zongyang Zhang , Dongdai Lin , Zhenfu Cao N/A
JH in the NIST Hash Function Competition Hongjun Wu N/A Security
Linear Fault Analysis of Block Ciphers Zhiqiang Liu , Dawu Gu , Ya Liu , Wei Li N/A
Cryptanalysis of 256-Bit Key HyRAL via Equivalent Keys Yuki Asano , Shingo Yanagihara , Tetsu Iwata N/A
Distinguishers Beyond Three Rounds of RIPEMD-128/-160 Compression Functions Lei Wang , Yu Sasaki N/A
Security Analysis of an Open Car Immobilizer Protocol Stack * Stefan Tillich , Marcin Wojcik N/A
A New Masking Scheme for Side-Channel Protection of the AES * Julien Bringer , Thanh ha Le , Herv\xc3\xa9 Chabanne N/A
The Security Impact of a New Cryptographic Library * Daniel J. Bernstein , Tanja Lange , Peter Schwabe N/A
RSA Modulus Generation in the Two-Party Case * Francois Arnault , G\xc3\xa9rald Gavin N/A
Enhanced Flexibility for Homomorphic Encryption Schemes via CRT * Yin Hu , William j. Martin , Berk Sunar N/A
Zero-Value Point Attacks on Kummer-Based Cryptosystem Fangguo Zhang , Qiping Lin , Shengli Liu N/A
A Block Cipher Allowing Efficient Higher-Order Side-Channel Resistance Gilles Piret , Thomas Roche , Claude Carlet N/A
Wide Collisions in Practice Thomas Eisenbarth , Xin Ye N/A
SR-ORAM: Single Round-trip Oblivious RAM * Peter Williams , Radu Sion N/A
Cipher Techniques to Protect Anonymized Mobility Traces from Privacy Attacks * Chris Ma , David Yau , Nung kwan Yip , Nageswara Rao N/A
An Ad Hoc Group Signature Scheme for Accountable and Anonymous Access to Outsourced Data * Wensheng Zhang , Chuang Wang N/A
Cloud Computing Infrastructure Security Ning Peng N/A Security
Knox: Privacy-Preserving Auditing for Shared Data with Large Groups in the Cloud Boyang Wang , Baochun Li , Hui Li N/A
SPICE – Simple Privacy-Preserving Identity-Management for Cloud Environment Sherman Chow , Yijun He , Lucas c.k. Hui , Siu ming Yiu N/A
The Shy Mayor: Private Badges in GeoSocial Networks Radu Sion , Bogdan Carbunar , Rahul Potharaju , Moussa Ehsan N/A
Detecting Social Spam Campaigns on Twitter Haining Wang , Zi Chu , Indra Widjaja N/A
A Practical Smart Metering System Supporting Privacy Preserving Billing and Load Monitoring Hsiao-ying Lin , Wen-guey Tzeng , Shiuan-tzuo Shen , Bao-shuh p. Lin N/A
Private Computation of Spatial and Temporal Power Consumption with Smart Meters Gene Tsudik , Zekeriya Erkin N/A
Markov Game Analysis for Attack-Defense of Power Networks * Chris Ma , David Yau , Nageswara Rao , Xin Lou N/A
iHTTP: Efficient Authentication of Non-Confidential HTTP Traffic Xiaolan (Catherine) Zhang , Jason Gionta , Peng Ning N/A
ARC: Protecting against HTTP Parameter Pollution Attacks Using Application Request Caches Evangelos P. Markatos , Michalis Polychronakis , Elias Athanasopoulos , Vasileios p. Kemerlis N/A