AthCON 2013 June 6, 2013 to June 7, 2013, Athens,Greece

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
"Threat and Risk Analysis With (PASTA) Process of Attack Simulation and Threat Analysis", Marco M. Morana "Threat and risk analysis are critical factors for the assessment of cyber risks affecting critical ... Security
"The missing piece of Defence-in-Depth: Applying the \'Grand Strategy of the Roman Empire\' to today\'s cyberwars ", Emmanouil Serrelis Ever since the Late Roman army in the 3rd and 4th centuries AD, "Defence-in-Depth" strategies ... Security
"Protecting the corporate information. The insider threat : risks and countermeasures", Gerasimos Moschonas "Data is one of the most valuable asset of every organization and preventing data leakage ... Security
"Capitalizing the Momentum - Cloud Security", Katerina Kalimeri Cloud Computing is a game changing strategy that can bring tremendous benefits as well as ... Security
"Countering Advanced Persistent Threats with HP Enterprise Security", Ioannis Mangos HP made headlines and headway in Enterprise Security with its acquisitions of ArcSight, TippingPoint and ... Security
"The Future of Web Applications", Yiannis Litsas Consumer technology is pretty amazing and moving at an unbelievable pace, but when the work ... Security
"Rooting your internals: custom shellcode, BeEF and Inter-Protocol Exploitation", Michele Orru Browser exploits are a primary attack vector to compromise a victims internal network, but they ... Security
"Firefox Exploitation", Chariton Karamitas , Patroklos Argyroudis "The Mozilla Firefox web browser has a new memory allocator named `jemalloc' enabled by default ...
"Spy-Pi: Do you trust your laptop docking stations?", Andy Davis Laptop docking stations are widely used in organisations, often in hot-desking environments. They provide a ... Security
"Hacking Appliances: Ironic exploits in security products", Ben Williams It is tempting to think of security appliances as somehow fortified; i.e. specially secured and ... Security
"Automated analysis and Deobfuscation of Android Apps & Malware", Jurriaan Bremer During this presentation we will walk through various obfuscation techniques used by both legitimate and ... Security
"Attacking NFC Mobile Wallets: Where Trust Breaks Down", Max Sobell This talk covers the attack surface of NFC Mobile Wallets (including Google Wallet) and known ... Security
"Security Research and Development Framework", Amr Thabet This is a free open source Development Framework created to support writing security tools and ... Security
"The Icarus story", George Nicolaou , Glafkos Chralambous Presenting and publishing the initial release of the Icarus Exploitation Toolkit. The Icarus engine, designed ...
"An audio chaotic stego communication system", Antonios s. Andreatos This paper presents a Steganography Telecom System for data cryptography, based on a Chua�s Circuit ... Security
"Hacking SIP Services Like a Boss!", Fatih Ozavci He developed a basic Metasploit Framework REX Library for SIP testing, because Penetration Testing of ... Security
"The Sandbox difference or how an integration feature impacts on the sandbox", Yury Chemerkin "My research highlights the security opportunity and problems raised by BlackBerry features relied on highest ... Security
"PROTOS: A PROactive Threat Observatory System", Vasileios Vlachos Presentation of PROTOS, an open source early warning system. The idea behind it, vision and ... Security