CISOMinneapolis 2013 June 11, 2013 to June 11, 2013, Minneaspolis,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Information Security in the Boardroom Jeff von Gillern Information security is garnering attention in boardrooms like never before due to national concern over ... Security
Training for Nothin’, Skills for Free Michael l. Kearn The technology landscape is evolving faster than ever, and CISOs are challenged by the consequent ... Security
Pioneering Public Security – Building the Minnesota Health Insurance Marketplace Barry Caplin When Barry Caplin was tasked with developing the security controls for the Minnesota Health Insurance ... Security
Getting Ahead of Advanced Threats "miles Edmundson , Jim O'conner" As security leaders cautiously embrace the next wave of technology, they are faced with more ...
Running with Change – The Development of Medtronic’s Global Security Program Michael Mcneil As digital networks grow, the world begins to shrink. User demand for new devices, applications ... Security
Focusing on Your Data to Change the Information Security Game Lamont Orange CISOs must completely re-think the way they do business by transforming from being reactive and ... Security
Third Party Vendor Assessment Gary Eppinger , Jim Garrett , Laurie Smaldon Issues such as risk management, cybersecurity and access governance are becoming more critical in the ...
Federal Strategies for Preparing and Protecting Against Cyber Attacks Ronald Yearwood As cyber attacks make news headlines more often than ever, IT organizations are scrambling to ... Security
Cyber Attackers – A Profile Jarret Brachman If cybersecurity were a kung fu movie, the cyber attackers would be a band of ...
What’s REALLY Happening on Your Network? Matt Keil With the boom of IT consumerization, employees feel entitled to use any application they want, ... Security
Lock Down - How to Keep Your Important Data Safe in the Cloud C.j. Radford , Chris Grillo "For IT security, the cloud presents a unique dilemma: how do you embrace the benefits ...