CSF 2013 June 26, 2013 to June 28, 2013, Louisiana,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
From Qualitative to Quantitative Proofs of Security Properties Using First-Order Conditional Logic. Joseph y. Halpern N/A Security
Information Flow 1 Catuscia Palamidessi N/A Security
A Theory of Information-Flow Labels Benoit Montagu , Benjamin Pierce , Randy Pollack N/A
Precise Enforcement of Confidentiality for Reactive Systems Alejandro Russo , Dante Zanarini , Mauro Jaskelioff N/A
Secure multi-execution: fine-grained, declassification-aware, and transparent Andrei Sabelfeld , Willard Rafnsson N/A
Language-based security 1 Gilles Barthe N/A Security
Memory Trace Oblivious Program Execution Elaine Shi , Chang Liu , Michael Hicks N/A
Oblivious program execution and path-sensitive non-interference John C Mitchell , J\xc3\xa9r\xc3\xa9my Planul N/A
Language-based security 2 David Basin N/A Security
Security and Privacy by Declarative Design Matteo Maffei , Kim Pecina , Manuel Reinert N/A
Type-Based Analysis of Generic Key Management APIs Riccardo Focardi , Pedro Ad\xc3\xa3o , Flaminia l. Luccio N/A
Invited talk Stephen Chong N/A Security
Wearable Security. Markus jakobsson (paypal , Fatskunk) The existing security paradigm does not work for mobile and wearable computing due to limitations ...
Access control Joshua Guttman N/A Security
Cryptographically enforced RBAC Bogdan Warinschi , Anna lisa Ferrara , Georg Fuchsbauer N/A
Quantum Information-Flow Security: Noninterference and Access Control Mingsheng Ying , Yuan Feng , Nengkun Yu N/A
Application-Sensitive Access Control Evaluation using Parameterized Expressiveness Timothy Hinrichs , Adam j. Lee , Lenore Zuck , Diego Martinoia , William Iii , Alessandro Panebianco N/A
Quantitative security Boris K\xc3\xb6pf N/A Security
AnoA: A Framework For Analyzing Anonymous Communication Protocols Michael Backes , Aniket Kate , Esfandiar Mohammadi , Praveen Manoharan , Sebastian Meiser N/A
A Trust Framework for Evaluating GNSS Signal Integrity Xihui Chen , Gabriele Lenzini , Sjouke Mauw , Jun Pang , Miguel Martins N/A
Probabilistic Point-to-Point Information Leakage Tom Chothia , Chris Novakovic , Yusuke Kawamoto , David Parker N/A
The SAFE Machine: An Architecture for Pervasive Information Flow. Benjamin c. Pierce "The CRASH/SAFE project is building a network host that is highly resiliant to cyber-attack. One ... Security
Panel on Emerging Science of Security Mark S. Miller , David Basin , Joshua Guttman , Milind Tambe N/A
Information Flow 2 Limin Jia N/A Security
Information Flow Analysis for a Dynamically Typed Functional Language with Staged Metaprogramming Martin mariusz Lester , Luke Ong , Max Schaefer N/A
Gradual Security Typing with References Luminous Fennell , Peter Thiemann N/A
Hybrid Information Flow Monitoring Against Web Tracking Fr\xc3\xa9d\xc3\xa9ric Besson , Nataliia Bielova , Thomas Jensen N/A
Privacy and cryptography Matteo Maffei N/A Security
Symbolic Universal Composability Florian B\xc3\xb6hl , Dominique Unruh N/A
Differential Privacy by Typing in Security Protocol Matteo Maffei , Fabienne Eigner N/A