CyCON 2013 June 4, 2013 to June 7, 2013, Tallinn, Estonia

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening remarks Artur Suzik N/A
Address of the President of the Republic of Estonia Toomas hendrik Ilves N/A Security
Cyber Conflict: A Military Perspective Keith b. Alexander N/A Security
Administrative remarks Jan Stinissen , Markus Maybaum N/A
Cyber Defence for NATO: An Operational Perspective Ilker Duranlioglu N/A Security
Threat Implications of the Internet of Things Michael j. Covington N/A Security
Collective Cyber Defence – A State and Industry Perspective Marco Gercke , Gabriel Jakobson N/A
Exploring the Prudent Limits of Automated Cyber Attack Jeffrey l. Caton N/A Security
Information Sharing Models for Cooperative Cyber Defence Jorge l. Hernandez-ardieta , Juan Suarez-tangil N/A
Autonomous Intelligent Agents in Cyber Offence Alessandro Guarino N/A Security
A Cyber Attack Modelling and Impact Assessment Framework Igor Kotenko , Andrey Chechulin N/A
Cyber Operations: the Need for an Adequate Toolbox Hans Folmer N/A Security
Towards a Cyber Common Operating Picture Gregory Conti , John Nelson , David Raymond N/A
Automated Offense and Defense – Response, Concepts and Risks Anthony Guess-johnson N/A Security
Complexity and Emergence in Ultra-Tactical Cyberspace Operations Jeffrey l. Caton N/A Security
Panel: Policy and Strategy on the Use of Automatic Systems Marco Gercke , Hans Folmer , Jeffrey l. Caton , Alessandro Guarino , Anthony Guess-johnson , Edward Lucas N/A
A Framework for Control Measures to Limit Collateral Damage and Propagation of Malicious Software Tom ( Decius ) Cross , Gregory Conti , Robert Fanelli , David Raymond N/A
Panel: Automation-Driven Cyber Defence Paradigm Shift: New Architectures, Models and Solutions Igor Kotenko , Gabriel Jakobson , Jorge l. Hernandez-ardieta , Owen Mccusker , Risto Vaarandi N/A
Automation in Cyber Incident Response – the future? Elliott Atkins N/A Security
Autonomous Weapon Systems and International Law Michael n. Schmitt N/A Security
Anonymous & Automated Methods Keren Elazari N/A Security
Upcoming Technical Challenges in Cyber Defence Jens T\xc3\xb6lle N/A Security
The Dawn of Kinetic Cyber Scott d. Applegate N/A Security
Deriving Behavior Primitives from Aggregate Network Features Using Support Vector Machines Dipankar Dasgupta , Owen Mccusker , Scott Brunza N/A
Legal Aspects of a Cyber Immune System Janine Hiller N/A Security
Towards an Architecture for Evaluating and Correlating NIDS in Real-World Networks Mario Golling , Robert Koch N/A
Autonomous Decision-Making Processes and the Responsible Cyber Commander Jody m. Prescott N/A Security
Adjunct Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Vermont\tIllicit Network Structures in Cyberspace Kaarel Kalm N/A Security
Cyber Deception and Autonomous Attack – Is There a Legal Problem? William Boothby N/A Security
How to Use Inter-Domain Routing in Cyber Conflicts Olaf Maennel N/A Security
Moral Responsibility for Hybrid Systems in Cyber Warfare, a Case for Distributed Morality Mariarosaria Taddeo N/A Security
Research Fellow in Cyber Security and Ethics, PAIS, University of Warwick, Research Associate - Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, University of Oxford\tA Baseline Study of Potentially Malicious Acti Barry Irwin N/A Security
An Ethical Analysis of the Case for Robotic Weapons Arms Control John Sullins N/A
Automatic Malware Detection in High-speed Backbone Networks Assaf Keren N/A Security
The Future of Military Virtue: Autonomous Systems and the Moral Deskilling of the Military Shannon Vallor N/A
Patterns of a Malware Analysis Workflow Daniel Plohmann , Sebastian Eschweiler , Elmar Gerhards-padilla N/A
Panel: Legal and Ethical Aspects of the Use of Automatic Systems Janine Hiller , Jody m. Prescott , William Boothby , Mariarosaria Taddeo , John Sullins , Shannon Vallor , Rain Ottis N/A
Context Based Access Control Model for Smart Space Alexander Smirnov , Alexey Kashevnik , Nikolay Teslya N/A
Panel: Upcoming Technical Challenges in Cyber Defence Barry Irwin , Jens T\xc3\xb6lle , Jean-luc Auboin , Sachin Deodhar , Emin Caliskan N/A
Divided by a Common Language: Cyber Definitions in Chinese, Russian and English William hagestad Ii , Keir Giles N/A
Cyber-attacks Against UAV Platforms: A Viable Threat or Media-induced Hysteria? Sachin Deodhar N/A Security
Towards a Cyber Conflict Taxonomy Scott d. Applegate N/A Security
Center for Secure Information Systems, George Mason University Angelos Stavrou N/A Security
The Vulnerability of UAVs to "Cyber Attacks" - An Approach to the Risk Assessment Kim Hartmann , Christoph Steup N/A
Cyber Attack: A Dull Tool to Shape Foreign Policy Hugo Teso , Emilio Iasiello N/A
Automated Collective Defence Jan Neutze , Kevin Sullivan N/A
CDXI: Cyber Security Data Exchange and Collaboration Infrastructure Luc Dandurand , Oscar serrano Serrano N/A