FIRST 2013 June 16, 2013 to June 21, 2013, Bankgkok,Thailand

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Conference Opening & Welcome Remarks Chris Gibson N/A Security
Opening Remarks Chris Gibson , Yingluck Shinawatra N/A
Keynote Presentation: INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation--Facilitating international police cooperation to combat cybercrime James Pang N/A Security
Big Data, Big Breaches, Big Headaches Scott Mcintyre N/A Security
Chasing the Fox: A closer look at an APT malware Andreas Schuster N/A Security
Deutsche Telekom AG\tThe CERT Assessment Tool: Increasing a Security Incident Responder's Ability to Assess Risk Anne Connell , Todd Waits N/A
CERT/CC - SEI CMU, US\tCyber-EXE Poland 2012. How to organize the cyber exercises on a national level. Miroslaw Maj N/A Security
Proactive Forensics of Web Application Attacks—A Step by Step Guide Shay Chen , Shlomi Ben-hur N/A
Industrial Owner's Manual: Case studies in publicly accessible ICS Eireann Leverett N/A Security
Global Disaster Recovery Panel: [+] Damir Rajnovic , Takayuki Uchiyama , Mark Graff , Itaru Kamiya N/A
Breaking the Bank: An Analysis of the 2012-2013 'Triple Crown' DDoS Financial Industry DDoS Attacks Roland Dobbins , Nancy Strutt N/A
Using Threat Intelligence and Incident Response in Modern Malware Warfare Kyle Wilhoit N/A Security
Mining Billion Nodes Malicious Network Behavior in Practice—Chinese Taipei Perspective Ching-hao Mao N/A Security
Secure Windows—Mitigating Windows Vulnerabilities to deter APTs Gavin Reid , David Jones N/A
Reaching Common Ground: Information Sharing & the Fight Against Cybercrime Andrea Dufkova , Jo de Muynck N/A
Keynote: Economic Products and By-products of Open, Shared, Real Time Sinkholes--Lessons From GhostClick and Conficker Paul A. Vixie N/A Security
FIRST Session: FIRST Financials Review Peter Allor N/A Security
Virut Botnet Takedown Przemek Jaroszewski N/A Security
Tracing Botnet in Chinese Taipei Kai-chi Chang N/A Security
Declared Level of Response as a Voluntary CERT Community Cooperation Model in Incident Handling Krzysztof Silicki N/A Security
BlackHole, the hidden stuff beyond the spotlight Adnan Shukor N/A Security
Lessons Learned in Automating Threat Intelligence Sharing with Open IOC Douglas Wilson N/A Security
CERT Certification - A certification scheme for CERTs/CSIRTs using the SIM3 maturity model Antonio Liu , Don Stikvoort N/A
Nfsen + Hadoop Vytautas Krakauskas N/A Security
Combating Insider Threats and Targeted Attacks Matt Mckinley N/A Security
Timeline of a 0-Day: Reducing Exposure Through Information Sharing Alex Kirk N/A Security
Analysis of DNS data from Chinese Telecom Operators Chunyang Yuan N/A Security
Data Transformation for Normalization Sebastian Tricaud , Fred Wilmot N/A
Enabling the Secure Exchange of Cyber Security Information Kathleen Moriarty N/A Security
Detecting Malware infections through DNS live monitoring Hector Ortiz N/A Security
Winning the Game with the Right Playbook Brandon Enright , Jeff Bollinger , Matthew Valites N/A
When security incidents drive an incumbent ISP to change its security strategy 180 degrees Martijn Heide N/A Security
Incubations: Cyber Espionage Operators and Their Tools Brandon Dixon N/A Security
A Pragmatic Approach to Gathering Threat Data Using Honeypots Przemek Jaroszewski , Cosmin Ciobanu N/A
Implementing the Traffic Light Protocol at US-CERT: Minutes to Learn, a Lifetime to Master Thomas Millar N/A Security
Journeys Through Unallocated Space Timothy Slaybaugh N/A Security
The Workings of the Shylock Gang Peter Kruse , Yuriy Khvyl N/A
Building a Guerilla CSIRT Software Development Team Chris Horsley N/A Security
Zeus Gameover - P2P Spyware at Work Tomasz Bukowski N/A Security
The Case for NetFlow for Law Enforcement Richard Nolan , Kristopher Rush N/A
Ten Years of Data Sharing for Mitigation - Lessons Learned and the Long Road Ahead Rod Rasmussen N/A Security
Web Malware Outsmarting Security Products Arseny Levin , Rami Kogan N/A
Cyber Security Trend in Japan Kazuya Hiradate , Naoshi Matsushita N/A
Bad Signs at Adobe: Code Signing Certificate Misuse and Lessons Learned David Lenoe , Lindsey Wegrzyn N/A
Conducting Technical Incident Investigations on Apple iOS Devices Kenneth van Wyk N/A Security
The Korean Intrusion Spree Snorre Fagerland N/A Security
Vulnerability Handling Processes: When Hackers Come A-Knockin Katie Moussouris N/A Security
Conducting Technical Incident Investigations on Apple iOS Devices Continued\tMonitoring DDoS Botnets in the Wild to Understand Behavior and Collect Intel Shahan Sudusinghe N/A Security
Best Practices for Coordinating Response and Information Sharing: Finding Them Out, Writing Them Tim Mather , Thomas Millar , Timothy Grance N/A
A Sampling of Internetwork Security Issues Involving IPv6 John Kristoff , Arturo Servin , Yusuke Gunji N/A
Malware Analysis Case Study Yuji Kubo , Teiichi Torikai , Fatih Haltas N/A
Center for Interdisciplinary Studies in Security and Privacy New York University Abu Dhabi, TR \tCyber Security Strategy @ EU Francisco garc\xc3\xada Mor\xc3\xa1n N/A Security
Intelligent Defence: deriving malicious intent using domain registrar information Michael Jordon N/A Security
The Mayans were right! A new age of data breaches Jake Kouns , Carsten Eiram N/A
Findings About Massive Cyber Attack Emergence Mechanisms in Japan Mariko Miya N/A Security
Memory Analysis Update - Volatility v2.3 Andreas Schuster , Willem Biemolt N/A
A Glimpse Into the Future: The Evolution of Cybercrime in the Next Decade Ziv Mador N/A Security
Memory Analysis Update\tWARDEN: realtime sharing of detected threats between CSIRT teams Pavel Kacha , Michael Lotas N/A
Memory Analysis Update\tImproving Cybersecurity Capabilities of Critical Infrastructures - Findings in Assessing ICS Lauri Korts-parn , Masako Someya N/A