IHMMSEC 2013 June 17, 2013 to June 19, 2013, Montpellier,France

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
A Simple Tracing Algorithm for Binary Fingerprinting Code under Averaging Attack Minoru Kuribayashi N/A Security
Discrete Distributions in the Tardos Scheme, Revisited Thijs Laarhoven , Benne de Weger N/A
Optimal Suspicion Functions for Tardos Traitor Tracing Schemes Jan-jaap Oosterwijk , Boris Skoric , Jeroen Doumen N/A
Leakage Detection and Tracing for Databases Waldemar Berchtold , Marcel Schaefer , Martin Steinebach N/A
An Asymmetric Fingerprinting Code for Collusion-Resistant Buyer-Seller Watermarking Serdar Pehlivanoglu N/A Security
Moving Steganography and Steganalysis from the Laboratory into the Real World Scott A. Craver , Rainer Boehme , Andrew Ker , Patrick Bas , Remi Cogranne , Tomas Filler , Jessica Fridrich , Tomas Pevny N/A
Digital Image Steganography Using Universal Distortion Vojtech Holub , Jessica Fridrich N/A
Distortion Function Designing for JPEG Steganography with Uncompressed Side-image Fangjun Huang , Weiqi Luo , Jiwu Huang , Yun-qing Shi N/A
Embedding change rate estimation based on ensemble learning Zhenyu Li , Fenlin Liu , Xiangyang Luo , Chunfang Yang , Xiaofeng Song N/A
Privacy and Security Challenges in the Smart Grid User Domain Dominik Engel N/A Security
Document authentication using graphical codes: impacts of the channel model Anh Ho , Bao Hoang , Wadih Sawaya , Patrick Bas N/A
First Investigation of Latent Fingerprints Long-term Aging using Chromatic White Light Sensors Ronny Merkel , Jana Dittmann , Claus Vielhauer , Robert Clausing , Karen Otte , Anja Br\xc3\xa4utigam N/A
Non-Invertible and Revocable Iris Templates using Key-dependent Wavelet Transforms Jutta H\xc3\xa4mmerle-uhl , Elias Pschernig , Andreas Uhl N/A
Towards Standardised Fingerprint Matching Robustness Assessment: The StirMark Toolkit - Cross-Database Comparisons with Minutiae-based Matching Jutta H\xc3\xa4mmerle-uhl , Andreas Uhl , Michael Pober N/A
JPEG Anti-forensics Using Non-parametric DCT Quantization Noise Estimation and Natural Image Statistics Wei Fan , Kai Wang , Fran\xc3\xa7ois Cayre , Zhang Xiong N/A
SIFT keypoint removal and injection for countering matching-based Image Forensics Irene Amerini , Mauro Barni , Roberto Caldelli , Andrea Costanzo N/A
Forensic Identification of GSM Mobile Phones Jakob Hasse , Thomas Gloe , Martin Beck N/A
Optimizing Acoustic Features for Source Cell-Phone Recognition Using Speech Signals Cemal Hanilci , Figen Ertas N/A
Exposing Digital Audio Forgeries in Time Domain by Using Singularity Analysis with Wavelets Shijun Xiang N/A Security
Detection and classification of double compressed MP3 audio tracks Tiziano Bianchi , Alessia de Rosa , Marco Fontani , Giovanni Rocciolo , Alessandro Piva N/A
Region of Interest Signalling For Encrypted JPEG Images Dominik Engel , Andreas Uhl , Andreas Unterweger N/A
Secure and efficient approximate nearest neighbors search Benjamin Mathon , Teddy Furon , Laurent Amsaleg , Julien Bringer N/A
XOR-based meaningful visual secret sharing by generalized random grid Xiaotian Wu , Duanhao Ou , Lu Dai , Wei Sun N/A
Natural Language Watermarking for German Texts Oren Halvani , Martin Steinebach , Patrick Wolf , Ralf Zimmermann N/A
On Optimal Detection for Matrix Multiplicative Data Hiding Babak Moussakhani , Mohammad ali Sedaghat , John Fl\xc3\xa5m , Tor Ramstad N/A
Joint Watermarking and Progressive Geometric Compression of 3D Meshes Ines Bouzidi , Azza ouled Zaid , Meha Hachani , William Puech N/A
Context Embedding for Raster-Scan Rhombus Based Reversible Watermarking Dinu Coltuc , Catalin Dragoi N/A
Watermarking Road Maps against Crop and Merge Attacks Jacky Jiang , Kenny Zhu , Yan Huang , Xiaobin Ma N/A