Nuit 2013 June 22, 2013 to June 23, 2013, Paris,France

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote - freedom or control ? Jérémie Zimmermann N/A Security
[EN] Thinking Outside of the Box Dave Kennedy "Ever run into a crazy configuration and secure setup that you just couldn't break into? ... Security
[FR] Behind the Scenes of Web Attacks Davide Canali In the last years, web attacks have been evolving in number and sophistication, targeting governments ... Security IncludeThinkstScapes
[FR] Attacking e-voting: a concrete case Sebastien Andrivet Several nations have put in place e-voting systems, more or less experimental. These systems have ... Security
[EN] Cracking and analyzing Apple iCloud protocols: iCloud backups, Find My iPhone, document storage Vladimir Katalov Apple iCloud was meant to improve flexibility and comfort when using your iDevices, however it ... Security
[FR] Social Engineering and Journalism: Methodology of human behavior Tolimat Hicham , Gommes Julie This conference is not another conference on Social Engineering. We will introduce it to the ...
[FR] Physical Security flaws applied to Industrial Espionage Alexandre T , Olivier C "We are providing an overview of the state of the art of lock opening techniques ...
[EN] Abusing Browser User Interfaces for fun & profit Rosario Valotta "As social engineering has become the dominant method of malware distribution, browsers makers started to ... Security
[EN] From kernel space to user heaven Jaime S\xc3\xa1nchez "What if you could enqueue from kernel space to user space all your incoming and ... Security
[FR] Securing cities with CCTVs? Not so sure – A urban guerilla perspective Eric Filiol , Thibaut Scherrer CCTVs have invaded our cities and spy all our actions. Increasingly, these mass surveillance devices ...
[EN] Love letters to Frank Abagnale (Oh how I PWN thee let me count the ways) Jayson E. Street "In previous talks I have talked about how I have used emails to gain entry ... Security
[FR] Modern web frameworks, modern vulnerabilities Nicolas Oberli , Florent Batard Modern web framework are taking more and more space in the web landscape, both promising ... Web Security IncludeThinkstScapes Survey