REcon 2013 June 20, 2013 to June 21, 2013, Montreal,Canada

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Reconstructing Gapz: Position-Independent Code Analysis Problem Aleksandr Matrosov , Eugene Rodionov N/A Reverse Engineering Malware IncludeThinkstScapes Defence
I got 99 problems but a kernel pointer ain't one Alex Ionescu N/A Security
Apple iCloud services reversed inside out Oleg Afonin N/A Security
Just keep trying ! Unorthodox ways to hack an old-school hardware Bacura N/A Security
The Future of RE: Dynamic Binary Visualization Christopher Domas N/A Security
Hot-Wiring of the Future:! Exploring Car CAN Buses! Daniel Bilar , Christopher Hoder , Grayson Zulauf , Theodore Sumers N/A
OpenGarages: Vehicle Research Labs Craig Smith N/A Security
New ways to manage secret for software protection. David Baptiste N/A Security
Keep your tentacles off my bus, introducing Die Datenkrake. Dmitry Nedospasov , Thorsten Schr\xc3\x83\xc2\xb6der N/A
Inside EMET 4.0 Elias Bachaalany N/A IncludeThinkstScapes Defence EMET
Reversing P25 Radio Scanners Gabriel Tremblay N/A Security
XNU Spelunking or Fuzzing the kernel inside your kernel "jesse D'aguanno" N/A Security
Teridian SoC Exploitation: Exploration of harvard architecture smart grid systems Josh "m0nk" Thomas , Nathan "natron" Keltner N/A
Hiding @ Depth Josh "m0nk" Thomas N/A Security
Reversing and Auditing Android's Proprietary Bits Joshua j. Drake N/A Security
Haow do I sandbox?!?! Jurriaan Bremer N/A Security
In-depth Reverse Engineering of HackingTeam's Remote Control System Nicolas Brulez , Marta Janus N/A
Many More Tamagotchis Were Harmed in the Making of this Presentation Natalie Silvanovich N/A Security
Hardware reverse engineering tools Olivier Thomas N/A Security
Wardriving from your pocket Omri Ildis , Ruby Feinstein N/A
Reversing HLR, HSS and SPR: rooting the heart of the Network and Mobile cores from Huawei to Ericsson Philippe Langlois N/A Security
Taint Nobody Got Time for Crash Analysis Richard Johnson N/A Exploitation IncludeThinkstScapes Taint Tracking