BSidesDetroit 2013 June 7, 2013 to June 8, 2013, Detroit,USA

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I popped the penguin, now what? Recon and maintaining access in Linux system Mark Kikta Breaking in is half the battle. I've talked to so many people whose only objective ... Security
In case of ZOMBIES break glass Christopher Payne One thing is for certain, surviving the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse will not be easy. Many ... Security
Advanced Password Recovery Techniques and Modern Mitigation Strategies John Moore Think about all the passwords we use to access information every day. Whether it is ... Security
Imagine having access to an amazing technology, that makes searching patterns of data in the network very simple. Then imagine implementing that technology on an open wifi and seeing what you find. Th Kellman Meghu N/A Security
The Rising Tide of Ransomware Chester Wisniewski Ransomware is quickly taking the place of fake anti-virus as the scam du jour for ... Security
Be vewy vewy quiet, we're hunting hackers - Honeypots and the fun you can you have. Keith Dixon This talk is to give a demonstration of what fun and interesting things you can ... Security
Building Securable Infrastructures Steve Aiello This session asks the question: “How do I design my environment to be securable?” Until ... Security
Looking Through the Peephole (OSSEC) James Siegel Many professionals simply rely on AV and other similar solutions to let them know if ... Security
Creating A Powerful User Defense Against Attackers Ben Ten Does your security defense stop at the firewall, antivirus, logging, auditing, and the IDS? Regardless ... Security
From Patch to Pwnd "Exploiting faulty firmware patch features to compromise MFP Devices" Deral Heiland An in depth examination of the patch/upgrade process on Xerox Multifunction devices, for the purpose ... Security
The Moscow Rules for InfoSec Professionals: Achieve Detente to Secure the Enterprise Jen Fox Ever worked at a company with poor relations between IT and business? Ever been on ... Security
The Ever-evolving Threat Landscape Jeff Multz Hacking has gone from a sport to a high-income business where criminals in the underground ... Security
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love BYOD Kevin Poniatowski "Tweeting from the pub using my work Twitter account seemed like a good idea at ... Security
Incident Management with PowerShell Matt Johnson Have you seen the latest scare? The Java 0-day exploit that allows attackers to execute ... Security
So You Want to Hire a Penetration Tester?: 10 Tips for Success Mark Stanislav Whether due to compliance needs, best practices, or customer demand, penetration testing is an increasing ... Security
Beginning Malware Research: Terminal Velocity Through The Rabbit Hole James Slaughter Malware is an expensive multi-national epidemic affecting the masses from home users(Ransomware) to corporations(Aurora, Nightdragon ... Security
Broke, Not Broken: An Effective Information Security Program With a $0 Budget Paul Melson With technology budgets flat or shrinking, and an almost frenetic focus on delivering new capabilities, ... Security
Zeus C&C for Tech Support David healwhans Schwartzberg Inspired by Adam Johnson's presentation at GrrCON 2011 titled "ZeuS - Inside Command and Control" ... Security
Training Citizen Cyber Warriors on the Michigan Cyber Range Joe Adams In July 2012, the Director of the National Security Agency said that there had been ... Security
Critical Security Controls for Effective Cyber Defense Ken Evans Evolving threats. Shrinking budgets. More to do. New compliance rules. Where do I start? How ... Security
Hack the Hustle! Eve Adams While information security is widely considered a negative-unemployment industry (it’s actually closer to 3%), most ... Security
$45 Pentesting Device Phil Polstra This presentation will discuss a small pentesting device based on the new BeagleBone Black (BBB) ... Security
A Cascade of Pebbles: How Small Incident Response Mistakes Make for Big Compromises Josh Little This talk will center on the success of a penetration test that was largely due ... Security
If You Can Open The Terminal, You Can Capture The Flag: CTF For Everyone. Nicolle ( rogueclown ) Neulist You don't spend every conference you attend in a darkened room, listening to techno and ... Security
Insidious Implicit Windows Trust Relationships James C. Foster What's a trust relationship? Explicit ones are easy -- these you setup explicitly and on ... Security
Intelligence meets Infosec: Lisbeth Salander v James Bond Antitree What is sometimes known as the "intelligence community" is not reserved government spooks. Every fortune ... Security
Penetration Testing: What They Don't Teach You In School Alex Fernandez-gatti Academia and the profesional world have always seemed to have a willing cognitive dissonance. Academia ... Security
Teaching Your Workforce to Lie, Cheat, & Steal Dug Song As Bruce Schneier says, good engineering is about making things work; the security mindset involves ... Security