OWASP BeNelux 2010 Dec. 2, 2010 to Dec. 2, 2010, Netherlands

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Notes : Conference is for the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg region.

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Welcome Ferdinand Vroom , Martin Knobloch Security Others
Owasp Update Sebastien Deleersnyder Security Community
Clickjacking: An Empirical Study With An Automated Testing/Detection System Marco Balduzzi Clickjacking recently received new media attentions: Thousands of Facebook users have fallen victims of a ... Malware
Privacy Of File Sharing Service Nikos Nikiforakis File sharing services are used daily by tens of thousands of people as a way ... Security Privacy
Finding Backdoors In Code Matias Madou Insiders who write code, whether they are developers working for an enterprise or contributors to ... Security Exploitation
How Not To Implement A Payback/Cashback System Thierry Zoller Cashback is a name given to progams where participants will earn points for every net ... Infrastructure Exploitation
Botnets/Bredolab Michael Sandee Botnets are a hot debated topic, with much controversies on how to fight them. Recently ... Botnets
0Wning Networks With Voip And Web Attacks Radu State Voice over IP is the current de facto technology for delivering voice data in both ... Infrastructure Firewall Exploitation Web Security
Attacking Is Easy, Defending Is Hard Walter Belgers An attacker has an easy job. They need only find one security hole, and they've ... Security Computer Forensics Network Penetration Analysis