BSidesLasVegas 2013 July 31, 2013 to Aug. 1, 2013, Las Vegas,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
KEYNOTE “The Security Industry - How to Survive Becoming Management” Christien ( Dildog ) Rioux N/A
Discovering Dark Matter: Towards better Android Malware Heuristics Jimmy Shah , David Shaw , Matt Dewitt N/A
Diamonds, Fitness and Cults: Manipulation for Fun and Profit Katie Rodzon N/A
Never Mind Your Diet, Cut the Crap From Your Vocabulary Keli Hay N/A
Attacking and Defending Full Disk Encryption Tom Kopchak N/A
You Are Being Watched! Bharat Jogi N/A
Mom! I Broke My Insulin Pump….Again! Jay “rad” Radcliffe N/A
Vulnerability & Exploit Trends: A Deep Look Inside The Data Ed Bellis , Michael Roytman N/A
The 7 habits of highly effective CISOs Franklin Tallah N/A
Say It to My Face Shannon Sistrunk N/A
Calling All Researchers: A Discussion on Building a Security Research Framework Michael “drbearsec” Smith N/A
Dungeons & Dragons, Siege Warfare, and Fantasy Defense in Depth Evan Davidson , noah Schiffman N/A
EC2 or Bust – How to Build Your Own Pen Testing Lab in Amazon EC2 Grecs N/A
The Little Dutch Boy D0n Quix0te N/A
Alex Dreams of Risk: How the Concept of Being a Craftsman can Help you Find Meaning and Avoid Burnout Alex Hutton N/A
Evil Empire: SIEM FTW Eggdropx , Tha Cheezman N/A
HiveMind: Distributed File Storage Using JavaScript Botnets Sean Malone N/A
Techniques for Escaping the AppSec Labyrinth Andrew Hay N/A
Human Blue Teaming (Learning to patch the vulnerabilities in ourselves) Fail Open N/A
GTFO FTW: Hacking Your Lifestyle for Fun and Profit Taylor Banks , Beau Woods N/A
gitDigger: Creating useful wordlists from public GitHub repositories Mubix , Wik N/A
The Erudite Inebriate’s Guide to Life, Liberty, and the Purfuit of Happinefs Jack Daniel N/A
Stop Shooting Blanks: No magic bullets in your arsenal Renegade6 N/A
You can’t make people act more securely, you can help them want to. Ivan Campbell , Twyla Campbell N/A
Collaborative Penetration Testing With Lair Tom Steele , Dan Kottmann N/A
Hack the Hustle! Career Strategies for Information Security Professionals Eve Adams N/A
Flameout – Burnout Supernova Dan Ward N/A
Your Droid Has No Clothes Mike Murray , Allan zhang (u) N/A
Social Aftermath Responding to Social Pwnage Steven f. Fox N/A
Information Sharing, or “I’ve got 99 problems and they’re probably pretty similar to yours” Chris Mills N/A
The Sensual Side of 3D Printing Kat Sweet N/A
Keynote – Silence Equals Death Violet Blue N/A
CyberWar Joe Mccray N/A
The Cavalry Isn’t Coming:Starting the Revolution to Fsck it All! Nicholas J. Percoco , Joshua Corman N/A
Convincing Your Management, Your Peers, and Yourself That Risk Management Doesn’t Suck Josh Sokol N/A
Fun with WebSockets using Socket Puppet Mister Glass N/A
Swiping Cards At The Source: POS & Cash Machine Security Ryan Linn N/A
Attribution Shmatribution!FIX YOUR SHIT! Krypt3ia N/A
A Fire In The Eye Olli-pekka Niemi , Antti Levomäki N/A
How embracing social media helped me stop the hackers, save the world and get the girl! Javvad Malik N/A
Using Machine Learning to Support Information Security Alex Pinto N/A
Breach Panel David Mortman , Jack Daniel , Davi Ottenheimer , Steve Werby , Raymond Umerley , George v. Hulme N/A
Defense Evasion Modeling Frank Artes N/A
Malware Automation Christopher Elisan N/A
The Truth, You Thought We Wouldn’t Know? Wolf Flight N/A
OMFG China! T.prophet N/A
“Malware Management Framework” – We detected WinNTI with it! Michael Gough N/A
Popping the Penguin: An Introduction to the Principles of Linux Persistence Mark Kita N/A
Vulnerabilities in Application Whitelisting:Malware Case Studies Joe Kovacic , Jared Sperli N/A
ASK THE EFF – PANEL Kurt Opsahl , Eva Galperin , Dan Auerbach , Mark Jaycox N/A
Crunching the Top 10,000 Websites’ Password Policies and Controls Steve Werby N/A
Network Survival WCS James Costello N/A
The Goodness is Baked In: Baking Assurance into Software Ebony N/A
Catawampus Andrea m. Matwyshyn N/A
Governments and UFOs: A Historical Analysis of Disinformation and Deception Richard Thieme N/A
The Slings and Arrows of Open Source Security Tod X N/A
Matriux Leandros:An Open Source Penetration Testing and Forensic Distribution Prajwal Panchmahalkar N/A
Mobile Fail: Cracking open “secure” android containers Chris john Riley N/A
Strange interactions in personal data: Brokers and the CFAA Christine Dudley N/A
What if Petraeus was a hacker? Email privacy for the rest of us Fak3r N/A
Sixteen Colors: Archiving the Evolution of ANSI and ASCII Art Doug Moore N/A