DICTAP 2013 July 8, 2013 to July 10, 2013, Ostrava, Czech Republic

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
On accurate, Low-complexity Quasi Doppler based Localization Peter Volgyesi N/A
A new method to estimate the sensitivity of a photo-transistor in an image sensor Sangsik Park N/A
Real-time Lane Detection for Driving System Using Image Processing Based on Edge Detection and Hough Transform Sasipa Sathienpong N/A
Analysis of a Basic Multiple-Image Algorithm for Removal of Foreground Objects Oscar Somsen N/A
Learning Stimulating Effects Of Commercial Off-The-Shelf Games Mats Wiklund N/A
Keep Our Memories: Elementary School Students Co-Design Graduation Album Videos Using Google + Chien-yuan N/A
Learning Content In A Non-Native Language: A Case Study Of Blended Learning Modules Janusz Stal N/A
Development Of An Adaptive Learning System Applying Howard Garder’s Multiple Intelligences Jaemu Lee N/A
Spatio-Temporal Data Mining in Medical Images Anahid Basiri N/A
Dynamic Access Control Using Ontological Concepts Jeong-dong Kim N/A
Distribution of Trade-area based on the POI Position Information Qun Wu N/A
Towards Assessing the Quality of Functional Requirements Using English/Spanish Controlled Languages and Context Free Grammar Carlos a Huertas N/A
Immobile Random Sensor Networks for Intruder Detection Raymundo r Hordijk N/A
Privacy Practices Towards Ubiquitous Services: A Proactive Approach Shu-ching Wang N/A
The Challenges of Collaborative Learning in Cloud and a Three Layered Architecture Towards the Solution Sai manoj Marepalli N/A
Improving Students’ Ict Skills By Using A Novel Framework For A Lab-Based Learning Module Aisha Othman N/A
The Evaluator’s Assessment Learning Using Student’s Report At Classroom Atsushi Tsubokura N/A
The Implementation Of Online Lab Cluster For Network Education Feliksas Kuliesius N/A
Attitudes Of Libyan Students Towards Ict’s Applications And E-Learning In The Uk Aisha Othman N/A
Information Retrieval in Education Vojtech Ondryhal N/A
Automatic Scene Generating with Fuzzy Spatial Relations Sen Zhou N/A
An Evaluation of Turkish Retrieval Performance of Popular Search Engines for Internet and Image Search by Using Common Lists Yıltan Bitirim N/A
Implementing Geospatial Web Services using Service Oriented Architecture and NoSQL Solutions Adam Winstanley N/A
Data Security Design as a Cooperation Facilitator Hassinen Marko N/A
MP-IR: Towards a Market-Oriented Multi-Agents System for Information Retrieval in the World Wide Web Menacer djamel Eddine N/A
Knowledge Systems Supporting Education and University Cooperation Pavel Gardavský - Czech Republic 124- Skip Trie Matching for Real Time OCR Output Error Correction on Android Smartphones Vladimir Kulyukin N/A
Media Selection for the Announcement of Childbirth- the Social Capital Aspect Oren Malberger N/A
Adaptive Virtual Traffic Light Based on VANETS for Mitigating Congestion in Smart City Chou li Der N/A
Mobile Location Based Services: Non-Visual Feedback Using HAPTICS Adam Winstanley N/A
Cyberlab For Cyberphysical Systems: Remote Lab Stations In Sofware Engineering Curriculum Janusz Zalewski N/A
Integrating The Learning Cycle And The Variation Theory For Enhancing Concept Comprehension In Web-Based Courses T-zone i. Wang N/A
Personalizing And Improving E-Learning System Using Roulette Wheel Algorithm, Reinforcement Learning And Case-Based Reasoning Approach Melvin Ballera N/A
Peer-To-Peer Data Mining: Example Of Application In Digital Libraries Mohammed Ammari N/A
Proposed Model for Controlling ISO9001:2000 Documents Kamel Khoualdi - Saudi Arabia 100- Using E-Readers And Tablets In Higher Education: A Student Perspective Jean-paul van Belle N/A
Bayesian Probabilistic Information Processing for Phase Unwrapping Using SAR Interferometry due to Conjugate Gradient Method Yohei Saika N/A
Temporal Data Modeling - Future Valid Data Processing Michal Kvet N/A
Assimilation Of 21st Century Skills In Teacher-Education Colleges In Israel’s Peripheral Zones Batia Riechman , Eitan Simon N/A
Teaching By Means Of Practical Problems Solving With A Solution Guide Jan Lansky N/A
E-Facilitation Of Qur’an And Its Sciences Ahmed Sameh N/A
A Quality Framework To Measure Course Objectives Neville Williams N/A
Accelerated Stable Stochastic Mobile Multi-Agents using Boundary Effects Isamu Shioya N/A
Multiagnt Decision Trees, Compettive Models, and Goal Satisfiabilityit Cyrus Nourani N/A
Beyond Training: The Impact Of Learning Management Systems Lms On Employee Turnover Tony Fuller N/A
State Of The Art Of M-Learning Usability Amir Dirin N/A
“What Is Not To Discuss?” - Best Practices For Using Discussions In Online Pedagogy Abey Kuruvilla N/A
Building An Ubiquitous And Social Learning Environment For Third Level Education Eleni Mangina N/A
Miscellaneous Topics The Performance of LMA based on RSSI and Distance on Handover Delay in Wimax Network Elmabruk Elgembari N/A
Security in Information and Telecommunication System Lossless Data Hiding Scheme based on LSB Matching Xiaomei Quan N/A
Sensor Networks and Embedded System Cognitive Radio Usage in 6LoWPAN Wireless Sensor Networks Gün Demirbas N/A
Mobile Data Management Factors Influencing the Consumers’ Adoption of Mobile Internet Saleh Alwahaishi N/A
Miscellaneous Topics Self Assessment Framework for Detecting Vulnerability in Web Applications Nor fatimah Awang N/A
Data, Text, and Web Content Mining Improved VDBSCAN with global Optimum K Wei Wang N/A
big Data Management A Novel Scheme to Secure Cloud Computing Environment Mashael Aldrees N/A
Mobile and Data Management - Multilevel Verification for Prevention of Information THEFT by Removable Devices Kami Makki N/A
Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support Systems A Triad-Based Inconsistency Detection Mechanism for Eliciting Tacit Knowledge Lim chia Yean N/A
Security in Information and Telecommunication System Harmony Search Based Algorithm for Dynamic Shortest Path Problem in Mobile ad Hoc Networks Amir Amin N/A
Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support Systems Mobile Solution for Diabetes Patients in Developing Countries Tharshini Partheepan N/A
Using Genetic Algorithms With Simulation In Value Based Routing In Contact Centers Ehsan Mohammady N/A