SECrypt 2013 July 29, 2013 to July 31, 2013, Reykjavik, Iceland

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
An Efficient Approach to Assessing the Risk of Zero-Day Vulnerabilities Sushil Jajodia , Lingyu Wang , Anoop Singhal , Massimiliano Albanese N/A
Adaptive Resource Management for Balancing Availability and Performance in Cloud Computing Ravi Jhawar , Vincenzo Piuri N/A
Efficient Simultaneous Privately and Publicly Verifiable Robust Provable Data Possession from Elliptic Curves Daniel Slamanig , Christian Hanser N/A
Secure Second Price Auctions with a Rational Auctioneer Amir Herzberg , Boaz Catane N/A
iOS Encryption Systems - Deploying iOS Devices in Security-critical Environments Peter Teufl , Thomas Zefferer , Christof Stromberger , Christoph Hechenblaikner N/A
Secure Computation of Hidden Markov Models Marina Blanton , Mehrdad Aliasgari N/A
A Security-enhanced Design Methodology for Embedded Systems Alberto Ferrante , Jelena Milosevic , Marija Janjušević N/A
HoneydV6: A Low-interaction IPv6 Honeypot Thomas Scheffler , Bettina Schnor , Sven Schindler , Simon Kiertscher , Eldad Zack N/A
REENACT: Augmented Reality and Collective Role Playing to Enhance the Pedagogy of Historical Events - An EXPERIMEDIA Experiment Martin Lopez-nores , Yolanda Blanco-fernandez , José J. Pazos-arias , Alberto Gil-solla , Jorge Garcia-duque , Manuel Ramos-cabrer N/A
A TV Commercial Retrieval System based on Audio Features Jose E. Borras , Jorge Igual , Carlos Fernandez-llatas , Vicente Traver N/A
Markerless Augmented Reality based on Local Binary Pattern Youssef Hbali , Mohamed Sadgal , Abdelaziz El Fazziki N/A
Determinants of Use Intensity in Social Networking Sites - A Cross-cultural Study of Korea and USA Cheol Park , Jongkun Jun , Thaemin Lee N/A
Strategic use of Twitter in Local Government - A Northern Ireland Study Maurice Mulvenna , Tiago Picão , Fiona Mcmahon , Valerie Purchase N/A
The Trust in Online Discussion Forums and How they Influence Patients' Intention to Adopt Medical Tourism Services Peter Ractham , Charlie Chen , Makoto Nakayama N/A
Practical and Exposure-resilient Hierarchical ID-based Authenticated Key Exchange without Random Oracles Kazuki Yoneyama N/A
Keystroke Authentication with a Capacitive Display using Different Mobile Devices Matthias Trojahn , Christian Schadewald , Frank Ortmeier N/A
Simplified Computation of l2-Sensitivity for 1-D and a Class of 2-D State-Space Digital Filters Considering 0 and Yoichi Hinamoto , Akimitsu Doi N/A
A Parity-based Error Control Method for Distributed Compressive Video Sensing Shou-ning Chen , Bao-yu Zheng , Liang Zhou N/A
A Data-as-a-Service Framework for IoT Big Data Laurence T. Yang Internet of Things (IoT) has been widely used in our daily life. In the IoT, ...
IP-Oriented QoS and QoE in the Next Generation Networks - Application to Wireless Networks Pascal Lorenz Emerging Internet Quality of Service (QoS) mechanisms are expected to enable wide spread use of ...
The Smart Grid and the Internet should be Friends Donal O'mahony Over the years, computer networks have evolved from highly centralized, single purpose, inflexible entities into ...
Instantaneous Frequency Analysis David Naccache This paper investigated the use of instantaneous frequency (IF) instead of power amplitude and power ...
"ICT Technology for Smart Cities and Homes” Pierangela Samarati , Mohammad s. Obaidat , Laurence T. Yang , Pascal Lorenz , Donal O'mahony , Marten Van Sinderen N/A
A Novel Technique for TCP Based Congestion Control Martin Hruby , Michal Olsovsky , Margareta Kotocova N/A
Accommodating Individual Differences in Web based Instruction (WBI) and Implementation Rana A. Alhajri , Steve Counsell , Xiaohui Lui N/A
A Proposed Framework for Supporting Behaviour Change by Translating Personalised Activities into Measurable Benefits Maurice Mulvenna , Adrian Mccann , Maurice O'kane , Barry Henderson , Karen Kirby , Deirdre Mccay N/A
Applying Bayesian Parameter Estimation to A/B Tests in e-Business Applications - Examining the Impact of Green Marketing Signals in Sponsored Search Advertising Tobias Blask N/A
A Comparative Prediction Study of Housing Price Index based on Web Search Data - Evidence from Beijing and Lanzhou in China Bo Yong Wang , Xin Yang , Bian Wang , Benfu Lv N/A
Qsense - Learning Semantic Web Concepts by Querying DBpedia Andrei Panu , Sabin C. Buraga , Lenuta Alboaie N/A
Non-random Properties of Compression and Hash Functions using Linear Cryptanalysis Jorge nakahara Jr , Daniel Freitas N/A
On the Connection between t-Closeness and Differential Privacy for Data Releases Josep Domingo-ferrer N/A
AVON - A Fast Hash Function for Intel SIMD Architectures Shinsaku Kiyomoto , Matt Henricksen N/A
Development of Device Identity using WiFi Layer 2 Management Frames for Combating Rogue APs Jonny Milliken , Valerio Selis , Kian Meng Yap , Alan Marshall N/A
Abusing Social Networks with Abuse Reports - A Coalition Attack for Social Networks Slim Trabelsi , Hana Bouafif N/A
Diagnostic Category Leakage in Helper Data Schemes for Biometric Authentication Boris Skoric , Joep De Groot , Niels De Vreede , Jean-paul Linnartz N/A
Multi-modal Bike Sensing for Automatic Geo-annotation - Geo-annotation of Road/Terrain Type by Participatory Bike-sensing Steven Verstockt , Viktor Slavkovikj , Pieterjan De Potter , Jürgen Slowack , Rik Walle N/A
SignalBIT - A Web-based Platform for Real-time Biosignal Bisualization and Recording Ana Priscila Alves , Hugo Silva , André Lourenço , Ana Fred N/A
Efficient Coupled PHY and MAC use of Physical Bursts by ARQ-Enabled Connections in IEEE 802.16e/WiMAX Networks Oran Sharon , Yaron Alpert , Amit Liron N/A
Energy Aware Routing in IEEE 802.11sWireless Mesh Networks Aggeliki Sgora , Maria Zogkou , Dimitrios D. Vergados N/A
On Providing Fair Performance in Adaptive Wireless Push Systems P. Nicopolitidis N/A
Towards Algorithm Agility for Wireless Sensor Networks - Comparison of the Portability of Selected Hash Functions - Position Paper Manuel Koschuch , Matthias Hudler , Zsolt Saffer N/A
e-Business Application to Students""'' Blended Learning in Higher Education Andreas Ahrens , Jelena Zaščerinska N/A
RFID based Data Mining for E-logistics Yi Wang , Quan Yu , Kesheng Wang N/A
The e-Visibility Maturity Model - Assessing Stages of Visibility Evolution for e-Business Olga Levina , Iris Vilnai-yavetz N/A
Preimage Attack on BioHashing Patrick Lacharme , Estelle Cherrier , Christophe Rosenberger N/A
Symmetric Searchable Encryption for Exact Pattern Matching using Directed Acyclic Word Graphs Rolf Haynberg , Jochen Rill , Dirk Achenbach , Jörn Müller-quade N/A
Topological Study and Lyapunov Exponent of a Secure Steganographic Scheme Jacques M. Bahi , Nicolas Friot , Christophe Guyeux N/A
Massive Group Message Authentication with Revocable Anonymity Amir Herzberg , Boaz Catane N/A
SVD-based Digital Image Watermarking on approximated Orthogonal Matrix Yevhen Zolotavkin , Martti Juhola N/A
LMM - A Common Component for Software License Management on Cloud Yuto Nakano , Shinsaku Kiyomoto , Yutaka Miyake , Andre Rein , Carsten Rudolph N/A
Redactable Signature Scheme for Tree-structured Data based on Merkle Tree Shoichi Hirose , Hidenori Kuwakado N/A
Data Model and Data Access Control Method on Service Platform for Smart Public Infrastructure Yohei Kawada , Kojin Yano , Yoshihiro Mizuno , Hirofumi Terada N/A
RestContext - A Service Framework for Context Retrieval Andreas Geyer-schulz , Leon O. Burkard , Andreas C. Sonnenbichler N/A
Integrating User-centred Design in an Early Stage of Mobile Medical Application Prototyping - A Case Study on Data Acquistion in Health Organisations Andreas Holzinger , Bernhard Peischl , Michaela Ferk N/A
Token-based Authentication for Smartphones - Position Paper Manuel Koschuch , Matthias Hudler , Zsolt Saffer , Hubert Eigner N/A
A New Approach for Detection of Host Identity in IPv6 Networks Petr Matousek , Libor Polcák , Martin Holkovič N/A
Resource-aware Virtualization for Industrial Networks - A Novel Architecture Combining Resource Management, Policy Control and Network Virtualization for Networks in Automation or Supervisory Control Hans-peter Huth , Amine M. Houyou N/A
Low Latency of Re-authentication during Handover - Re-authentication using a Signed Token in Heterogeneous Wireless Access Networks Hassane Aissaoui , Pascal Urien , Guy Pujolle N/A
Capacity Analysis of Heterogeneous Wireless Networks under SINR Interference Constraints W. Mansouri , K. Mnif , F. Zarai , M. S. Obaidat , L. Kamoun N/A
Modulation-mode and Power Assignment in SVD-assisted MIMO Systems with Transmitter-side Antennas Correlation Andreas Ahrens , Francisco Cano-broncano , César Benavente-peces N/A
A Data Cube Model for Surveillance Video Indexing and Retrieval Hansung Lee , Sohee Park , Jang-hee Yoo N/A
Towards Live Subtitling of TV Ice-hockey Commentary Josef v. Psutka , Aleš Pražák , Zdeněk Loose N/A
EFilter: An Efficient Filter for Supporting Twig Query Patterns in XML Streams Wen-chiao Hsu , Chia-fang Li , I-en Liao N/A
A Study on Construction of Inflation Index based on Web Search Data Chen Hang , Sun Yi , Yang Xin , Lv Benfu N/A
The Consideration of Organizational, Human and Corporate Cultural Factors in the Implementation of Business Process Management Projects - Social Factors to Prevent Failure of BPM Projects Rebecca Bulander , Matthias Dietel N/A
Optical Parametric Gain of Tellutire/Phosphate Highly Nonlinear Optical Fiber Edmund Samuel , Tong Hoang Tuan , Koji Asano , Takenobu Suzuki , Yasutake Ohishi N/A
Are BiometricWeb Services a Reality? - A Best Practice Analysis for Telebiometric Deployment in Open Networks Basie von Solms , Dustin Haar N/A
Identity Security in Biometric Systems based on Keystroking Wojciech Wodo , Lucjan Hanzlik N/A
Efficient Characteristic 3 Galois Field Operations for Elliptic Curve Cryptographic Applications Vinay S. Iyengar N/A
Related-key Impossible Differential Cryptanalysis of Full-round HIGHT Saeed Rostami , Sadegh Bamohabbat Chafjiri , Seyed Tabatabaei N/A
Survey and Benchmark of Lightweight Block Ciphers for Wireless Sensor Networks Mickaël Cazorla , Kevin Marquet , Marine Minier N/A
Privacy-enhanced Perceptual Hashing of Audio Data Heiko Knospe N/A
Efficient Group Signatures with Verifier-local Revocation Employing a Natural Expiration Lukas Malina , Jan Hajny , Zdenek Martinasek N/A
Database Anomalous Activities - Detection and Quantification Sandro Etalle , Milan Petkovic , Nicola Zannone , Elisa Costante , Sokratis Vavilis , Jerry Den Hartog N/A
Length of Phonemes in a Context of their Positions in Polish Sentences Magdalena Igras , Bartosz Ziółko , Mariusz Ziółko N/A
Fully Automatic Saliency-based Subjects Extraction in Digital Images Luca Greco , Marco La Cascia , Francesco Lo Cascio N/A
Design Approaches for Mode Decision in HEVC Encoder - Exploiting Parallelism at CTB Level Ramakrishna Adireddy , Suyash Ugare N/A
Tool Support for Building Graph Construction Paul Heiniz , Karl-heinz Krempels , Christian Samsel , Kai Schwarz , Gökay Bodur N/A
Some Synchronization Issues in OSPF Routing Anne Bouillard , Claude Jard , Aurore Junier N/A
HyVVE - A Voronoi based Hybrid Architecture for Massively Multiplayer On-line Games Laura Ricci , Luca Genovali , Barbara Guidi N/A
Evaluation of Video Transmission in Emergency Response Ad Hoc Networks C. Bouras , G. Kioumourtzis , A. Gkamas , V. Kapoulas , D. Tsanai N/A
An Interactive Evaluation Method of Decentralized Procurement Plan by Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm Ryoji Kobayashi , Masakatsu Mori , Masaki Komoda N/A
Electronic Human Resource Management Strategies for Atypical Employment Volker Stein , Tobias M. Scholz N/A
A Distributed CTL Model Checker Laura Florentina Cacovean , Florian Mircea Boian , Florin Stoica N/A
Improving Block Cipher Design by Rearranging Internal Operations Liran Lerman , Jorge nakahara Jr , Nikita Veshchikov N/A
Towards Cryptographic Function Distinguishers with Evolutionary Circuits Vashek Matyas , Petr Svenda , Martin Ukrop N/A
Behavior-based Malware Analysis using Profile Hidden Markov Models Saradha Ravi , Balakrishnan N. , Bharath Venkatesh N/A
A Key-revocable Attribute-based Encryption for Mobile Cloud Environments Shinsaku Kiyomoto , Yutaka Miyake , Tsukasa Ishiguro N/A
Trust-based Secure Cloud Data Storage with Cryptographic Role-based Access Control Vijay Varadharajan , Lan Zhou , Michael Hitchens N/A
Extending the Ciphertext-Policy Attribute Based Encryption Scheme for Supporting Flexible Access Control Bo Lang , Runhua Xu , Yawei Duan N/A
Reliability Analysis of IEEE 802.11p Wireless Communication and Vehicle Safety Applications Unai Hernández-jayo , Idoia De-la-iglesia N/A
RealWorld Testing of Aggregation in Publish/Subscribe Systems Christoph Steup , Michael Schiefer , Jörg Kaiser N/A
VIMENO: A VirtualWireless Mesh Network Architecture for Operators Katarzyna Kosek-szott , Janusz Gozdecki , Krzysztof Loziak , Marek Natkaniec , Szymon Szott , Michal Wagrowski N/A
Continuous Improvement of Geographic Data Production Processes - Approach and Results of a Case Study Wolfgang Reinhardt , Thorsten Bockmühl N/A
Continuous Information Provisioning for the Conference Participation Process Paul Heiniz , Wolfgang Kluth , Karl-heinz Krempels , Christoph Terwelp , Stefan Wüller N/A
Increase of Travel Safety for Public Transport by Mobile Applications Wolfgang Kluth , Karl-heinz Krempels , Christoph Terwelp , Stefan Wüller N/A
Emerging Trends in Local Governments Web Strategies - Citizen Web Empowerment Assessment in Italy Elena Bellio , Luca Buccoliero N/A
The Development of ``BAU GIS'' Web/Program using Open Source MapWindow Samih al Rawashdeh , B. Sadoun , O. Al-bayari , J. Al-azizi N/A
Marketing and Fundraising through Mobile Phones - New Strategies for Non Profit Organizations and Charities Elena Bellio , Luca Buccoliero , Giorgio Fiorentini N/A
Dispersion Analysis within a Measured 1,4 km MIMO Multimode Channel Andreas Ahrens , Steffen Lochmann , Steffen Schroeder N/A
Optical Couplers in Multimode MIMO Transmission Systems - Measurement Results and Performance Analysis Steffen Lochmann , Andreas Ahrens N/A
Experimental Distribution of OFDM-UWB Radio Signals along Directly Modulated Long-reach Pons Indicated for Sparse Geographical Areas Tiago Alves , Adolfo Cartaxo N/A
InCC: Hiding Information By Mimicking Traffic In Network Flows Luis Campo Giralte , Cristina Conde , Isaac Diego , Enrique Cabello N/A
Security Evaluation and Optimization of the Delay-based Dual-rail Pre-charge Logic in Presence of Early Evaluation of Data Simone Bongiovanni , Giuseppe Scotti , Alessandro Trifiletti N/A
Differential Power Analysis of HMAC SHA-2 in the Hamming Weight Model Sonia Belaid , Luk Bettale , Emmanuelle Dottax , Laurie Genelle , Franck Rondepierre N/A
A Dynamic Watermarking Model for Embedding Reducible Permutation Graphs into Software Ioannis Chionis , Maria Chroni , Stavros D. Nikolopoulos N/A
Meet-in-the-Middle Preimage Attacks Revisited - New Results on MD5 and HAVAL Yasuhide Sakai , Yu Sasaki , Lei Wang , Kazuo Sakiyama , Wataru Komatsubara , Mitsugu Iwamoto , Kazuo Ohta N/A
Modelling SCADA and Corporate Network of a Medium Voltage Power Grid under Cyber Attacks E. Ciancamerla , M. Minichino , S. Palmieri N/A
Which Clicks Lead to Conversions? - Modeling User-journeys Across Multiple Types of Online Advertising Florian Nottorf N/A
Virtual Currency for Online Platforms - Business Model Implications Uschi Buchinger , Heritiana Ranaivoson , Pieter Ballon N/A
From e-Supply Chain Capability Generation to Information Technology Value Co-creation - A Perspective of e-Business Process Jing Zhao , Yi Jiang N/A
Estimating the Effort in the Development of Distance Learning Paths Milena Casagranda , Luigi Casagranda , Andrea Molinari N/A
Which Side Are You On? - A New Panopticon vs. Privacy Dimitris Gritzalis , Miltiadis Kandias , Lilian Mitrou , Vasilis Stavrou N/A
Privacy-preserving SVANETs - Privacy-preserving Simple Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks Lukas Malina , Jan Hajny , Zdenek Martinasek , Vaclav Zeman N/A
Partially Wildcarded Attribute-based Encryption and Its Efficient Construction Goichiro Hanaoka , Go Ohtake , Yuki Hironaka , Kenjiro Kai , Yosuke Endo , Hajime Watanabe , Shota Yamada , Kouhei Kasamatsu , Takashi Yamakawa , Hideki Imai N/A
Privacy-preserving Realization of the STORK Framework in the Public Cloud Daniel Slamanig , Bernd Zwattendorfer N/A
Policy-based Non-interactive Outsourcing of Computation using Multikey FHE and CP-ABE Michael Clear , Ciarán Mcgoldrick N/A
Secure Alert Tracking in Supply Chain Refik Molva , Mehdi Khalfaoui , Laurent Gomez N/A
Dynamic Proofs of Retrievability from Chameleon-Hashes Stefan Rass N/A
An Efficient and Provably Secure Certificateless Identification Scheme Ji-jian Chin , Raphael C.-w. Phan , Rouzbeh Behnia , Swee-huay Heng N/A
Improving 802.11 Fingerprinting of Similar Devices by Cooperative Fingerprinting Clémentine Maurice , Stéphane Onno , Christoph Neumann , Olivier Heen , Aurélien Francillon N/A
A New Fully Auditable Proposal for an Internet Voting System with Secure Individual Verification and Complaining Capabilities Maider Huarte , Iñaki Goirizelaia , Juan José Unzilla , Jon Matías , Juan J. Igarza N/A
Optimization of Free Viewpoint Interpolation by Applying Adaptive Depth Plane Distributions in Plane Sweeping - A Histogram-based Approach to a Non-uniform Plane Distribution Patrik Goorts , Sammy Rogmans , Philippe Bekaert , Steven Maesen , Maarten Dumont N/A
Multi-Point Measurement System and Data Processing for Earthquakes Monitoring Valery Korepanov , Fedir Dudkin N/A
Limitations of Super Resolution Image Reconstruction and How to Overcome them for a Single Image Isao Echizen , Seiichi Gohshi N/A
A Linearvibrotactile Actuator for Mobile Devices Sang-youn Kim , Bonggoo Kim , Tae-heon Yang N/A
A Fast and Efficient Inter Mode Decision Algorithm for the H.264/AVC Video Coding Standard Skoudarli Abdellah , Nibouche Mokhtar , Serir Amina N/A
The Influence of Virtualization of Resources Acquisition Processes on the Enterprises Competitiveness Dorota Jelonek , Cezary Stepniak , Tomasz Turek , Leszek Ziora N/A
The Concept of Building Regional Business Spatial Community Dorota Jelonek , Cezary Stepniak , Tomasz Turek N/A
Proposed Use of Sharepoint to Improve New Employee In-processing Tyna Webber , Wai Yin Mok , Kit Yee Cheung N/A
Public-key Cryptography from Different Assumptions - A Multi-bit Version Alain Patey , Herve Chabanne , Gerard Cohen N/A
Not All ISPs Equally Secure Home Users - An Empirical Study Comparing Wi-Fi Security Provided by UK ISPs Z. Cliffe Schreuders , Adil M. Bhat N/A
Approaching Encryption through Complex Number Logarithms Dimitris Gritzalis , Miltiadis Kandias , George Stergiopoulos N/A
MINHO - A Novel Authentication Scheme based on Pre-Authentication Service Hasan Kadhem N/A
A Model-driven Approach for Securing Software Architectures Stefano Paraboschi , Mario Arrigoni Neri , Marco Guarnieri , Eros Magri , Simone Mutti N/A
A Preliminary Application of Generalized Fault Trees to Security Daniele Codetta-raiteri N/A
E3SN - Efficient Security Scheme for Sensor Networks Hassan Noura , Steven Martin , Khaldoun Al Agha N/A
An Unsupervised Ensemble-based Markov Random Field Approach to Microscope Cell Image Segmentation Bálint Antal , Bence Remenyik , András Hajdu N/A
SAO Filtering inside CTU Loop for High Efficiency Video Coding Adireddy Ramakrishna , N. S. Prashanth , G. B. Praveen N/A
Moving Object Classifier based on UWB Radar Signal Chong Hyun Lee , Youn Joung Kang , Jinho Bae , Seung Wook Lee , Jungchae Shin , Jin Woo Jung N/A
Prediction of Spectrum based on Improved RBF Neural Network in Cognitive Radio Shibing Zhang , Jinming Hu , Zhihua Bao , Jianrong Wu N/A
On the Security of the XOR Sandwiching Paradigm for Multiple Keyed Block Ciphers Ruth Ng Ii-yung , Raphael C.-w. Phan , Khoongming Khoo N/A
Enhanced Truncated Differential Cryptanalysis of GOST Theodosis Mourouzis , Nicolas T. Courtois , Michal Misztal N/A
From a Logical Approach to Internal States of Hash Functions Florian Legendre , Gilles Dequen , Michaël Krajecki N/A
Recovering RSA Private Keys on Implementations with Tampered LSBs Constantinos Patsakis N/A
Policy-based Security Assessment of Mobile End-user Devices - An Alternative to Mobile Device Management Solutions for Android Smartphones Peter Teufl , Thomas Zefferer N/A
Intent Security Testing - An Approach to Testing the Intent-based Vulnerability of Android Components Sébastien Salva , Stassia R. Zafimiharisoa , Patrice Laurençot N/A
Instance-based Anomaly Method for Android Malware Detection Borja Sanz , Igor Santos , Xabier Ugarte-pedrero , Carlos Laorden , Javier Nieves , Pablo G. Bringas N/A
On the Effectiveness of Dynamic Taint Analysis for Protecting against Private Information Leaks on Android-based Devices Mohamed-ali Kaafar , Golam Sarwar , Olivier Mehani , Roksana Boreli N/A
Self-formable Optical Interconnection for Selective Transmission of Frequent Signals Mitsunori Saito , Kohei Sakiyama , Tatsuya Nishimura N/A
Automatic Attendance Rating of Movie Content using Bag of Audio Words Representation Avi Bleiweiss N/A
Resource-aware Virtualization for Industrial Networks - Hans-peter Huth , Amine M. Houyou
Improving the Performance of Speaker Verification Systems under Noisy Conditions using Low Level Features and Score Level Fusion Nassim Asbai , Messaoud Bengherabi , Farid Harizi , Abderrahmane Amrouche N/A