FOCI 2013 Aug. 13, 2013 to Aug. 13, 2013, New Jersey, Washington

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Five Incidents, One Theme: Twitter Spam as a Weapon to Drown Voices of Protest Minaxi Gupta , John-paul Verkamp N/A
The Anatomy of Web Censorship in Pakistan Zubair Nabi , Mobin Javed N/A
Internet Censorship in Iran: A First Look J. Alex Halderman , Simurgh Aryan , Homa Aryan N/A
Towards Illuminating a Censorship Monitor's Model to Facilitate Evasion Vern Paxson , Sheharbano Khattak , Mobin Javed , Philip D. Anderson N/A
Towards a Censorship Analyser for Tor Philipp Winter N/A
Building Dissent Networks: Towards Effective Countermeasures against Large-Scale Communications Blackouts Scott Shenker , Eric Brewer , Shaddi Hasan , Yahel Ben-david , Giulia Fanti N/A
Towards Provably-Secure Scalable Anonymous Broadcast Mahdi Zamani , Jared Saia , Mahnush Movahedi , Joud Khoury N/A
Lost in the Edge: Finding Your Way with DNSSEC Signposts Anil Madhavapeddy , Jon Crowcroft , Charalampos Rotsos , Heidi Howard , David Sheets , Richard Mortier , Amir Chaudhry N/A