BruCON 2013 Sept. 26, 2013 to Sept. 28, 2013, brussels, belgium

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Justine Aitel , Dan Guido - N/A
.NET: The Framework, the Myth, the Legend Aloria - N/A
Realtime analysis and visualization of internet status : from malware to compromised machines. Tiago Balgan Henriques N/A
Data-plane networking Robert Graham - N/A
CobraDroid Jake Valletta - N/A
Geolocation of GSM mobile devices, even if they do not want to be found. David Perez , Jose Pico N/A
Paint by Numbers vs. Monet Russ Gideon N/A
NIDS/NIPS : What is the OSNIF project? Arron "finux" Finnon N/A
Taking the BDSM out of PCI-DSS through open-source solutions Erin Jacobs N/A
A panel on DevOPS and Security David Mortman , Alex Hutton , Gene H. Kim , Kris Buytaert , Patrick Debois N/A
Building Custom Android Malware for Penetration Testing Stephan Chenette N/A