EconCom 2013 Sept. 8, 2013 to Sept. 14, 2013, Washington, D.C.

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Sociometric Methods for Relevancy Analysis of Long Tail Science Data Justin Zhan , Arcot Rajasekar , Sharlini Sankaran , Howard Lander , Tom Carsey , Jonathan Crabtree , Merce Crosas , Gary King , Hye-chung Kum N/A
AttackingScaling Deep Social Feeds at Pinterest Varun Sharma , Jeremy Carroll , Abhi Khune N/A
AttackingUnderstanding Information Credibility on Twitter Byungkyu Kang , Sibel Adali , Sujoy Sikdar , John O'donovan , Tobias Hollerer N/A
AttackingMultiScale Modeling of Islamic Organizations in UK Nyunsu Kim , Sukru Tikves , Zheng Wang , Jonathan Githens-mazer , Hasan Davulcu N/A
AttackingIncongruity Versus Incongruity Resolution Jaideep Srivastava , Amogh Mahapatra N/A
AttackingBayesian Security Games for Controlling Contagion Milind Tambe , Jason Tsai , Yundi Qian , Yevgeniy Vorobeychik , Christopher Kiekintveld N/A
AttackingTrending Topics on Twitter Improve the Prediction of Google Hot Queries Federica Giummolè , Salvatore Orlando , Gabriele Tolomei N/A
AttackingThe Effect of Caching on a Model of Content and Access Provider Revenues in Information-centric Networks George Kesidis , Fatih Kocak , Tuan-minh Pham , Serge Fdida N/A
AttackingModel-Driven Development of Information Flow-Secure Systems with IFlow Kuzman Katkalov , Kurt Stenzel , Marian Borek , Wolfgang Reif N/A
AttackingHow Increased Awareness Can Impact Attitudes and Behaviors toward Online Privacy Protection Delfina Malandrino , Vittorio Scarano , Raffaele Spinelli N/A
AttackingUsing Stochastic Models Predict User Response in Social Media Kristina Lerman , Tad Hogg , Laura Smith N/A
AttackingHoodsquare: Modeling and RecommendingNeighborhoods in Location-based Social Networks Anastasios Noulas , Salvatore Scellato , Cecilia Mascolo , Amy X. Zhang N/A
AttackingA Place-focused Model for Social Networks in Cities Anastasios Noulas , Cecilia Mascolo , Chloe Brown , Vincent Blondel N/A
AttackingQuantifying Social Influence in Epinions Akshay Patil , Golnaz Ghasemiesfeh , Roozbeh Ebrahimi , Jie Gao N/A
AttackingPrivacy-Preserving Data Publishing Based On Utility Specification Weining Zhang , Hongwei Tian N/A
AttackingDoes Love Change on Twitter? The Dynamics of Topical Conversations in Microblogging Victoria Lai , William Rand N/A
AttackingGang Networks, Neighborhoods and Holidays: Spatiotemporal Patterns in Social Media Nibir Bora , Vladimir Zaytsev , Yu-han Chang , Rajiv Maheswaran N/A
AttackingPredictability of User Behavior in Social Media: Bottom-Up v. Top-Down Modeling David Darmon , William Rand , Jared Sylvester , Michelle Girvan N/A
AttackingTowards an Attribute Based Constraints Specification Language Ram Krishnan , Ravi Sandhu , Khalid Bijon N/A
AttackingOn Measuring the Quality of a Network Community Structure Mingming Chen , Tommy Nguyen , Boleslaw Szymanski N/A
AttackingDirect Negative Opinions in Online Discussions Claudiu-cristian Musat , Boi Faltings , Philippe Roussille N/A
AttackingMulti-Tweet Summarization of Real-Time Events Muhammad Khan , Danushka Bollegala , Guangwen Liu , And Kaoru Sezaki N/A
AttackingDelineating Real-Time Events by Identifying Relevant Tweets with Popular Discussion Points Muhammad Asif Khan , Danushka Bollegala , Guangwen Liu , Kaoru Sezaki N/A
AttackingSMAC: Subgraph Matching and Centrality in Huge Social Networks Noseong Park , Michael Ovelgönne , Vs Subrahmanian N/A
AttackingBandit Algorithms for Social Network Queries Rami Puzis , Zahy Bnaya , Roni Stern , Ariel Felner N/A
AttackingPartitioning and Scaling Signed Bipartite Graphsfor Polarized Political Blogosphere Sedat Gokalp , Hasan Davulcu , M’hamed Temkit , I. Hakki Toroslu N/A
AttackingPredicting Spending Behavior using Socio-Mobile Features Bruno Lepri , Vivek Singh , Laura Freeman , Alex (sandy) Pentland N/A
AttackingAutomatic Classification and Analysis of Interdisciplinary Fields in Computer Sciences Animesh Mukherjee , Tanmoy Chakraborty , Srijan Kumar , M Dastagiri Reddy , Suhansanu Kumar , Niloy Ganguly N/A
AttackingStackOverflow and GitHub: Associations Between Software Development and Crowdsourced Knowledge Vladimir Filkov , Bogdan Vasilescu , Alexander Serebrenik N/A
AttackingChildren’s Exposure to Mobile In-App Advertising: An Analysis of Content Appropriateness Sencun Zhu , Heng Xu , Ying Chen , Yilu Zhou N/A
AttackingNews and Sentiment Analysis of the EuropeanMarket with a Hybrid Expert Weighting Algorithm German G. Creamer , Yong Ren , Yasuaki Sakamoto , Jeffrey V. Nickerson N/A
AttackingCrawling Credible Online Medical Sentiments for Social Intelligence Ahmed Abbasi , Tianjun Fu , Daniel Zeng , Donald Adjeroh N/A
AttackingParallel Overlapping Community Detection with SLPA Konstantin Kuzmin , S. Yousaf Shah , Boleslaw K. Szymanski N/A
AttackingApplications of Social Networks and Crowdsourcing for Disaster Management Improvement Liliya Besaleva , Alfred Weaver N/A
AttackingA Job Interview Simulation: Social Cue-based Interaction with a Virtual Character Ionut Damian , Tobias Baur , Patrick Gebhard , Kaska Porayska-pomsta , Elisabeth André N/A
AttackingUnderstanding how learning affects agreement process in social networks Suman kalyan Maity , Animesh Mukherjee , Abhishek Porwal N/A
AttackingThe Role of Social Media in the Discussion of Controversial Topics Kristina Lerman , Laura Smith , Linhong Zhu , Zornitsa Kozareva N/A
AttackingSimulating Team Formation in Social Networks Nathaniel Dykhuis , Yu-han Chang , Paul Cohen N/A
AttackingLatent Interest-Group Discovery and Managementby Peer-to-Peer Online Social Networks George Kesidis , Jianping He , David Miller N/A
AttackingA Structure for Opinion in Social Domains Mostafa Karamibekr , Ali Akbar Ghorbani N/A
AttackingFinding Participants in a Chat: Authorship Attribution for Conversational Documents Giacomo Inches , Morgan Harvey , Fabio Crestani N/A
AttackingSpatio-Temporal Signal Recovery from Political Tweets in Indonesia Nyunsu Kim , Sedat Gokalp , Anisha Mazumder , Hasan Davulcu , Arun Das , Arunabha Sen N/A
AttackingEffect of vaccination strategies on the herd immunity of growing networks Mahendra Piraveenan , Shahadat Uddin , Gnanakumar Thedchanamoorthy N/A
AttackingSelf-reported social network behavior:Accuracy predictors and implications for theprivacy paradox Alessandro Acquisti , Jessica Staddon , Kristen Lefevre N/A
AttackingReligious Politicians and Creative Photographers:Automatic User Categorization in Twitter Claudia Wagner , Sitaram Asur , Joshua Hailpern N/A
AttackingA Community Based Social Recommender Systemfor Individuals & Groups Maryam Fatemi , Laurissa Tokarchuk N/A
AttackingTwitter, Public Opinion, and the 2011 Nigerian Presidential Election Clay Fink , Nathan Bos , Alexander Perrone , Edwina Liu , And Jonathon Kopecky N/A
AttackingFaster Clustering Coefficient Using Vertex Covers Oded Green , David A. Bader N/A
AttackingModeling Attrition in Organizations From Email Communication Akshay Patil , Jie Gao , Juan Liu , Jianqiang Shen , Oliver Brdiczka , John Hanley N/A
AttackingEntity Matching in Online Social Networks Yuval Elovici , Michael Fire , Olga Peled , Lior Rokach N/A
AttackingA :) Is Worth a Thousand Words: How People Attach Sentiment to Emoticons and Claudiu-cristian Musat , Words Boia , Boi Faltings , Pearl Pu N/A
AttackingTwitter Sentiment Analysis: A Bootstrap Ensemble Framework Ahmed Abbasi , Ammar Hassan , Daniel Zeng N/A
AttackingTracking Visitor Engagement in the Blogospherefor Leveraging Rankings Patrick Hennig , Philipp Berger , Christoph Meinel , Maria Graber , Jens Hildebrandt , Stefan Lehmann , Cathleen Ramson N/A
AttackingAn Evaluation of the Effect of Spam on Twitter Trending Topics Louis Yu , Grant Stafford N/A
AttackingFriendship Prediction on Social Network Users Tyne Liang , Kuan-hsi Chen N/A
AttackingEvaluating the Performance of Social Networks of Sensors under Different Mobility Models Marcello Tomasini , Franco Zambonelli , Angelo Brayner , Ronaldo Menezes N/A
AttackingAutomatic Event Scheduling in Mobile Social Network Communities Vaskar Raychoudhury , Ajay D. Kshemkalyani , Daqing Zhang , Jiannong Cao , Mohit Bakshi , Kanik Gupta , Vishal Mittal , And Siddharth Maheshwari N/A
AttackingRisk Management in the Era of BYOD T.andrew Yang , Radu Vlas , Alan Yangm , And Cristina Vlas N/A
AttackingOn the Efficient Processing of Multilevel Secure Continuous Queries Indrakshi Ray , Xing Xie , Raman Adaikkalavan N/A
AttackingACaaS: Access Control as a Service for IaaS Cloud Elena Ferrari , Gail-joon Ahn , Xinwen Zhang , Haiyong Xie , Ruoyu Wu , Barbara Carminati , Hadi Sharifi , Ngoc Hong Tran N/A
AttackingSmartPay: A lightweight protocol to enforce trust preferences in mobile Person-toPerson payments Elena Ferrari , Barbara Carminati , Ngoc Hong Tran N/A
AttackingAccess Control Policy Extraction from Unconstrained Natural Language Text Laurie Williams , John Slankas N/A
AttackingA Conjunction Filter for Private Stream Search Michael Oehler , Dhananjay Phatak N/A
AttackingA Security Analysis of Two Commercial Browser and Cloud Based Password Managers Chuan Yue , Kun Sun , Rui Zhao N/A
AttackingPrivacy Framework for Open Environments Afshan Samani , Adrian T. Beinkowski , Raafat Aburukba , Hamada H. Ghenniwa N/A
AttackingMeasuring Inherent Privacy Concern and Desire for Privacy: A pilot survey study of an instrument to measure dispositional privacy concern Anthony Morton N/A
AttackingManaging Risk in Secure System: Antecedents to Requirement Engineers TrustAssumption Decisions Patrick Offor N/A
AttackingPreservation of Centrality Measures in Anonymized Social Networks Yasmeen Alufaisan , Alina Campan N/A
AttackingReal-Time Access Control Rule Fault Detection Using a Simulated Logic Circuit Vincent Hu , Karen Scarfone N/A
AttackingSecurity Policy Refinement: High-Level Specification to Low-Level Implementation Xia Yang , Jim Alves-foss N/A
AttackingEnforcing Trust Preferences in Mobile Person-to-Person Payments Elena Ferrari , Barbara Carminati , And Tran N/A
Attacking"I Like" - Analysing Interactions within Social Networks to Assert the Trustworthiness of Users, Sources and Content Owen Sacco , John G. Breslin N/A
AttackingAn Analysis Grid for Privacy-related Properties ofSocial Network Systems Christophe Bidan , Regina Marin , Guillaume Piolle N/A
AttackingThe Impact of Anonymity in Online Communities Sara Sood , Eli Omernick N/A
AttackingBot Detection based on Social Interactions in MMORPGs Zoheb Borbora , Jaideep Srivastava , Jehwan Oh , Dhruv Sharma N/A
AttackingAccess Control Policy Misconfiguration Detection in Online Social Networks Yousra Javed , Mohamed Shehab N/A
AttackingEvent Driven Monitoring of Composite Services Muhammad Asim , Bo Zhou , David Llewellyn-jones , Qi Shi , Madjid Merabti , Brett Lempereur N/A
AttackingPreprocess Before You Build: Introducing a Framework for Privacy Requirements Engineering Dennis Kafura , Denis Gracanin , Peter J. Radics N/A
AttackingUnderstanding Site-Based Inference Potential forIdentifying Hidden Attributes Micah Sherr , Lisa Singh , Brad Moore , Yifang Wei , Adam Orshefsky , Hui Yang N/A
AttackingIn Guards We Trust: Security and Privacy in Operating Systems revisited Michael Hanspach , Joerg Keller N/A
AttackingInformation Security Risk Management in a World of Services Vincent Lalanne , Manuel Munier , Alban Gabillon N/A
AttackingThreat Modeling for Security Failure-Tolerant Requirements Michael Shin , Swetha Dorbala , And Dongsoo Jang N/A
AttackingThe Potential of an Individualized Set of trusted CAs: Defending against CA Failures in the Web PKI Johannes Braun , Gregor Rynkowski N/A
AttackingPrivacy Measurement for Social Network Actor Model Yong Wang , Raj Nepali N/A
AttackingControlling Break-The-Glass Through Alignment Nicola Zannone , Arya Adriansyah , Boudewijn Van Dongen N/A
AttackingA PET evaluation framework for relational databases Hendrik Oberholzer , Sunday O Ojo , Oludayo Olugbara N/A
AttackingMaximizing Investigation Effectiveness in Digital Forensic Cases Ezhil Kalaimannan , Jatinder N.d. Gupta , Seong-moo Yoo N/A
AttackingA Semantic Framework for Content-based Access Controls Sharon Paradesi , Ilaria Liccardi , Lalana Kagal , Joe Pato N/A
AttackingSecure Execution Context Enforcement Framework based on Activity Detection on Data and Applications Hosted on Smart Devices Theo Dimitrakos , Yair Diaz-tellez , Eliane L. Bodanese , Fadiali El-moussa N/A
AttackingAbstracted architecture for Smart Grid privacyanalysis Jussi Laakkonen , Salla Annala , Pekka Jäppinen N/A
AttackingA Framework for Secure Service Composition Bo Zhou , Qi Shi , Madjid Merabti , Achim D. Brucker , Francesco Malmignati N/A
AttackingTowards A Framework for Privacy-Aware MobileCrowdsourcing Yang Wang , Yun Huang , Claudia Louis N/A
AttackingEffective Method for Promoting Viral Marketing in Microblog Xiang Li , Shaoyin Cheng , Wenlong Chen , Fan Jiang N/A
AttackingExploring Image Virality in Google Plus Jacopo Staiano , Marco Guerini , Davide Albanese N/A
AttackingComparing tag clustering algorithms for mining Twitter users’ interests Sandra Servia-rodríguez , Ana Fernández-vilas , Rebeca P. Díaz-redondo , José J. Pazosarias N/A
AttackingTowards Network Reduction on Big Data Justin Zhan , Xing Fang , Nicholas Koceja N/A
AttackingComposing Data Parallel Code for a SPARQL Graph Engine Vito Giovanni Castellana , Antonino Tumeo , Oreste Villa , David Haglin , John Feo N/A
AttackingKey Recovery Using Noised Secret Sharing with Discounts Over Large Clouds Sushil Jajodia , Witold Litwin , Thomas Schwarz N/A
AttackingAn Empirical Comparison of Graph Databases Salim Jouili , Valentin Vansteenberghe N/A
AttackingimGraph: A distributed in-memory graph database Salim Jouili , Aldemar Reynaga N/A
AttackingDiscovering Taxi Origin-Destination Hotspots Based on Functional Region Division Xuejin Wan N/A
AttackingA Dynamic Replication Mechanism to Reduce Response-Time of I/O Operations in HighPerformance Computing Clusters Ehsan Mousavi Khaneghah , Seyedeh Leili Mirtaheri , Lucio Grandinetti , Amir Saman Memaripour , Mohsen Sharifi N/A
AttackingEmissions abating technology adoption under the SO2 permit market: a social networks approach German G. Creamer , Bernardo Creamer N/A
AttackingPopularity Prediction of Social Multimedia Based on Concept Drift Shih-hong Shan N/A
AttackingImpact of a Non-linear Pay-Off Function on Pairwise Stable Collaborative Oligopolies Christopher Griffin , Shaun Lichter , Terry Friesz N/A
AttackingRating Equity Funds against Return of Random Traders Ta-wei Hung , Mu-en Wu , Hsueh-i Lu , Jan-ming Ho N/A
AttackingA Dynamic Pricing Game in a Model of NewProduct Adoption with Social Influence Henry Thille , Monica Cojocaru , Edward W. Thommes , Dominic Nelson , Scott Greenhalgh N/A
AttackingThree Fiscal Policy Experiments in an Agent-Based Macroeconomic Model Carl Gustafson N/A
AttackingA Serious Game Based on a Public Goods Experiment Carlos Martinho , Rui Prada , M´arcia Baptista , Hugo Damas , Joana Dimas , Pedro A. Santos , Jorge Pe˜na N/A
AttackingFinancialCloud: Open Cloud Framework of Derivative Pricing Hsin-tsung Peng , William W.y. Hsu , Chih-hung Chen , Feipei Lai , And Jan-ming Ho N/A
AttackingHappiness Recognition from Mobile Phone Data Bruno Lepri , Fabio Pianesi , Andrey Bogomolov N/A
AttackingAutomatic Labeling of Training Data for Collecting Tweets for Ambiguous TV Program Titles Maike Erdmann , Erik Ward , Kazushi Ikeda , Gen Hattori , Chihiro Ono , Yasuhiro Takishima N/A
AttackingGeoEvents - An Interactive Tool to Analyze and Visualize Spatial Information from the Social Web Caroline Sabty , Martin Memmel , Slim Abdennadher N/A
AttackingImpact of Dynamic Corporate News Networks on Asset Return and Volatility German G. Creamer , Yong Ren , Jeffrey V. Nickerson N/A
AttackingK-partitioning of Signed or Weighted Bipartite Graphs Sedat Gokalp , Nurettin B. Omeroglu , Hasan Davulcu , I. Hakki Toroslu N/A
AttackingSupport Vector Machine Based Detection of Drowsiness Using Minimum EEG Features Shaoda Yu , Peng Li , Honghuang Lin , Ehsan Rohani , Gwan Choi , Botang Shao , Qian Wang N/A
AttackingFinding Number of Clusters in a Gene Co-expression Network Using Independent Sets Harun Pirim N/A
AttackingSynthetic Biology Driven by Harnessing Forces of Disruptive Innovation Melvin Greer , Manuel Rodriguez-martinez , Jamie Seguel N/A
AttackingClassification of MRI images for Alzheimer’s disease detection Luis Javier Herrera , Ignacio Rojas , H. Pomares , A. Guillén , O. Valenzuela , O. Baños N/A
AttackingPresision Controlled Variable phase filter for Imaging type Two-dimentional Spectroscopic Tomography Pradeep Abeygunawardhana , Akira Nishiyama , Satoru Suzuki , And Ichirou Ishimaru N/A
AttackingProgrammable Hardware based Short Read AlignerUsing Phred Quality Scores Yağmur Gök , Mahmut S. Sağıroğlu , Cem Ünsalan , Sezer Gören N/A
AttackingConceptual Quantification of the Dynamicity of Longitudinal Social Networks Mahendra Piraveenan , Shahadat Uddin , Arif Khan , Babak Amiri N/A
AttackingIntelligent Systems to Autonomously Classify Several Arrhythmia UsingInformation from ECG Olga Valenzuela , H. Pomares , O. Baños , F. Rojas , L.j. Herrera , F. Ortuño , G. Ruiz , H. Tribak , And I. Rojas N/A
AttackingState History Tree : an Incremental Disk-based Data Structure forVery Large Interval Data Alexander Montplaisir-g , Naser Ezzati , Florian Wininger , Michel Dagenais N/A
AttackingEgo-Centric Graphlets for Personality and Affective States Recognition Bruno Lepri , Jacopo Staiano , Fabio Pianesi , Stefano Teso , Andrea Passerini N/A
AttackingMinimizing Social Data Overload through Interest-Based Stream Filtering in a P2P Social Network Sayooran Vassileva N/A
AttackingSocial Network Based Recommendation Systems: A Short Survey Song Chen , Samuel Owusu , Lina Zhou N/A
AttackingSocial Networks’ Facebook’ Statutes Updates Mining for Sentiment Classification Jalel Akaichi N/A
AttackingA pilot study about military user and information systems Harry D. Tunnell N/A
AttackingA Novel Group Recommendation Algorithm With Collaborative Filtering Yang Song , Haifeng Liu , Yu Shi , Hui Tian , Zheng Hu N/A
AttackingAnalysis of Influential Features for Information Diffusion Shohei Usui , Fujio Toriumi , Takatsugu Hirayama , Kenji Mase N/A
AttackingPrivacy and Social Networks: Is Concern a Valid Indicator of Intention and Behaviour? Thomas Hughes-roberts N/A
AttackingStudy of Stock Prediction Based on Social Network Zheng Chen , Xiaoqing Du N/A
AttackingInkling: An Executable Paper System for Scientific Applications Dennis G. Castleberry , Steven R. Brandt , Frank Löffler N/A
AttackingThe Use of Social Context To Enhance Mobile Web Search Experience Nour Salama , Sherif Aly , Ahmed Rafea N/A
AttackingEffective Clusterization of Political Tweets using Kurtosis and Trending Time Hiroshi Itsuki , Hithoshi Matsubara , Kazunari Omi , Kazuki Arita N/A
AttackingAnalyzing Close Friend Interactions in Social Media Morgan Madeira , Anupam Joshi N/A
AttackingEfficiency and Trade Network Analysis of the Electricity Market: 1985-2005 German G. Creamer , Bernardo Creamer N/A
AttackingFast Information Retrieval and Social NetworkMining via Cosine Similarity Upper Bound Weizhong Zhao , Venkata-swamy Martha , Gang Chen , Xiaowei Xu N/A
AttackingSynthesizing Social Media Data Using Information Morphing Kirk Ogaard N/A
AttackingStock Market Manipulation Using Cyber AttacksTogether with Misinformation DisseminatedThrough Social Media Matti Mantere N/A
AttackingThe Privacy Problem in Big Data Applications: An Empirical Study on Facebook Jerzy Surma N/A
AttackingHuman Activity Recognition based on 3D Mesh MoSIFT Feature Descriptor Yue Ming N/A
AttackingSocial Media Data Analytics Applied to Hurricane Sandy Han Dong , Shujia Zhou , Milton Halem N/A
AttackingSocial Welfare and Inequality in a Networked Resource Game with Human Players Bowen Ni , Yu-han Chang , Rajiv Maheswaran N/A
AttackingViral Opinion Spreading in Social Networks Igor Kanovsky , Omer Yaari N/A
AttackingAutomatic Crowdsourcing-Based Classification of Marketing Messaging on Twitter Radu Machedon , William Rand , Yogesh Joshi N/A
AttackingPersonalized Microblogs Corpus Recommendation based on Dynamic Users Interests Denis Gracanin , Shaymaa Khater , Hicham Elmongui N/A
AttackingTournament-based Relative Preference Models for Trust Assessment in Social Networks Suratna Budalakoti , Suzanne Barber N/A
AttackingA Tweet of the Mind: Automated Emotion Detection for Social Media Using Brainwave Pattern Analysis Abdulaziz Almehmadi , Michael Bourque , Khalil El-khatib N/A
AttackingAn Integrative Approach for Measuring Privacy Impact of Identifiers in the Automotive Domain Michael Weber , Naim Asaj , Albert Held N/A
AttackingTrustEd - A Dual-Database Trusted Broker for Multi-Agency Data Neal Gibson , Greg Holland N/A
AttackingGSM OTA SIM Cloning Attack and Cloning Resistance in EAP-SIM and USIM Ron Ruhl , Dale Lindskog , Jaspreet Singh N/A
AttackingA K-Anonymity Method based on SEM (Search Engine Marketing)Price of Personal Information Hidenobu Oguri , Noboru Sonehara N/A
AttackingDeveloping IHE-Based PHR Cloud Systems Cheng-yi Yang , Chien-tsai Liu N/A
AttackingBig Data and Policy design for Data Sovereignty: A Case Study on Copyright and CCL in South Korea Hyejung Moon , Hyun Suk Cho N/A
AttackingA Predicting Model of TV Audience Rating Based on the Facebook Chen-ming Wu , Yu-hsuan Cheng , Tsun Ku , Gwo-dong Chen N/A
AttackingRobust, Scalable Anomaly Detection for Large Collections of Images Michael S Kim N/A
AttackingEconomics Optimizing Nonlinear Model Predictive Control Elrashid Idris , Sebastian Engell N/A
AttackingHIVE Platform Solutions to Next-Generation Sequencing/Big Data Management Issues Raja Mazumder , Vahan Simonyan N/A
Intelligent Research Performance Appraisal Model based on Internal/Environmental Evaluation Features Donald J. Kim , Myunggwon Hwang , Jangwon Gim , Sa-kwnag Song , Do-heon Jeong , Seungwoo Lee , Hanmin Jung N/A
Next Big Thing in Big Data: the Security of the ICT Supply Chain Bing Xu , Tianbo Lu , Lingling Zhao , Xiaobo Guo , Yong Peng , Hongyu Yang N/A
Real-Time Data Streaming Architecture and Intelligent Workflow Management for Processing Massive Ecological Videos Gaya Nadarajan , Cheng-lin Yang , Yu-jung Cheng , Sun-in Lin , Yun-heh Chen-burger , Fang-pang Lin N/A
Creating Semantic Data from Relational Database Chang-hoo Jeong , Seungwoo Lee , Hanmin Jung , Sung-pil Choi , Sung-ho Shin , Soon-young Kim , Pyung Kim N/A
Predicting Links in Human Contact Networks using Online Social Proximity Annalisa Socievole , Floriano Marano N/A
Identification of User Demographic Traits through Virtual World Language Use Aaron Lawson , John F. Murray N/A
The Use of Social Science Methods to Predict Player Characteristics from Avatar Observations Carl Symborski , Meg Barton , Geoffrey Cranmer , Byron Raines N/A
Analyzing Effects of Public Communication onto Player Behavior in Massively Multiplayer Online Games Kiran Lakkaraju , Jeremy Bernstein , Jonathan Whetzel N/A
M or F IRL?: Predicting MMO Player Gender from In-Game Attributes using Machine Learning Models Jaideep Srivastava , Tracy Kennedy , Rabindra Ratan , Komal Kapoor , Nishith Pathak , Dmitri Williams N/A