HackerHalted 2013 Sept. 19, 2013 to Sept. 21, 2013, Atlanta,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Mobile Threats – Hype vs Reality Charlie Miller N/A
Character Assassination: More fun & games with Unicode & Security Adrian Crenshaw N/A
How to Tell if Your Security Culture Sucks Ira Winkler N/A
Beyond Information Warfare Winn Schwartau N/A
Exploring the Cyber Landscape Ronald Burgess N/A
How to be a Whistle Blower Taylor Banks N/A
Industrial Control System Cyber Security Joe Weiss N/A
Plunder, Pillage, and Print Deral Heiland N/A
Help for the Helpdesk Mick Douglas N/A
Adventures In Large Scale HTTP Header Abuse Zach Wolff N/A
Digital Energy – BPT Paul Coggin N/A
The state of SAP security 2013: Vulnerabilities, Threats, and Trend Dmitry Chastuchin N/A
Breaching SSL: Beyond CRIME, Angelo Prado N/A
Hacking into PLC’s used in Critical Infrastructures, Jonathan Pollet N/A
Computer and Malware Forensics: Learining Bleeding-Edge Technology in New and Interesting Ways Chuck Davis N/A
Wassup MOM? Owning the Message Oriented Middleware Gursev Singh Kalra N/A
The Impact of Hardware/Software for SCADA and other Critical Infrastructures Wayne Burke N/A
Payment Application Security Secrets, Threats, and Solutions Slava Gomzin N/A
Using HTML5 to Make JavaScript (Mostly) Harmless Mike Shema N/A
Identity and Access Management Security, Intelligence Community Derrick Dickey N/A
The Grand Facade Chris Silvers N/A
Hunting D-Trace Rootkits in OS X Memory Cem Gurkok N/A
Home Automation Systems: Convenience or Hidden Danger? Christopher Barber N/A
Real Life Cloak and Dagger Taylor Banks , Adam Bregenzer N/A
Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) and Botnets Solomon Sonya , Nick Kulesza N/A
Unmasking the Idealism that is Critical Infrastructure: Or Excuse me, are those your Soiled Panties on the Floor? Gregory Carpenter N/A
IPv6 Security Scott Hogg N/A
Technology Deathmatch – Ever so sweet, the arms race is… Sean M. Bodmer N/A
Severe Weather aftermath in Alabama … The April 27, 2011 Tornado Outbreak…“Resiliency of Infrastructure … Lessons Learned… Implications for Cyber Security”… Greg Bagley N/A
Live Memory Analysis – finding sophisticated malware artifacts Kevin Cardwell N/A
Demon’s Tricks on Malware Creation, Christopher Elisan N/A
Exploring the Legal Aspects of Critical Infrastructure Jade Jones N/A
What you Need to Know about Computer Fraud and Abuse Act Tor Ekeland N/A
Offense in Depth Raphael Mudge N/A
National Cyber Militia – A PR Nightmare or National Security Asset Sean M. Bodmer , Lance James , Greg Carpenter N/A
Drop Boxes on Steriods Paul Mellen N/A
Adventures in Underland: What Passwords Do When No One Is Watching Paula Januszkiewicz N/A
MDM and Mobile Security: Compliance, Security, Transparency, Elaboration, Simplification Yury Chemerkin N/A
Solutionary – How Highly Effective CSOs Prepare for DDoS Rob Kraus , Jeremy Scott N/A
Memory Forensics: Timelines, Badness, and C0ff33 Breaks, Melissa Augustine N/A
The Cloud Baby is Ugly Bob Withers N/A
You Are Being Watched! Bharat Jogi N/A
My Very First Cyber War Kit Sam Snider-held N/A
Cloud Ninja: Catch Me If You Can! Rob Ragan , Oscar Salazar , Bishop Fox N/A
Reverse Socket Cloud Network Hacking Aditya Kausha N/A
After the Exploit- Maintain access and plunder booty Dave Chronister N/A