SafeComp 2013 Sept. 24, 2013 to Sept. 27, 2013, Toulouse, France

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
INVITED TALK 1: Logic and Epistemology in Safety Cases. John Rushby N/A
Comparative conformance cases for monitoring multiple implementations of critical requirements. Janusz Gorski , Aleksander Jarzebowicz , Jakub Miler N/A
A Formal Basis for Safety Case Patterns. Ewen Denney , Ganesh Pai N/A
Testing Autonomous Robot Control Software using Procedural Content Generation. James Arnold , Rob Alexander N/A
Fine-grained implementation of fault tolerance mechanisms with AOP: to what extent? Jimmy Lauret , Jean-charles Fabre , Hélène Waeselynck N/A
Formalisation of an Industrial Approach to Monitoring Critical Data. Yuliya Prokhorova , Elena Troubitsyna , Linas Laibinis , Dubravka Ilic , Timo Latvala N/A
Protecting Vehicles Against Unauthorised Diagnostics Sessions Using Trusted Third Parties. Pierre Kleberger , Tomas Olovsson N/A
Vulnerability Analysis on Smart Cards using Fault Tree. Guillaume Bouffard , Jean-louis Lanet , Bhagyalekshmy N Thampi N/A
Does Malware Detection Improve With Diverse AntiVirus Products? An Empirical Study. Michel Cukier , Ilir Gashi , Vladimir Stankovic , Bertrand Sobesto N/A
INVITED TALK 2 :Embedded Systems Dependability (fly-by-wire). Pascal Traverse N/A
Software fault-freeness and reliability predictions. Lorenzo Strigini , Andrey Povyakalo. N/A
Does Software have to be Ultra Reliable in Safety Critical Systems? Peter Bishop. N/A
The SafeCap Platform for Modelling Railway Safety and Capacity. Alexei Iliasov , Ilya Lopatkin , Alexander Romanovsky. N/A
Embedded System Platform for Safety-critical Road Traffic Signal Applications. Thomas Novak , Christoph Stoegerer N/A
Low-level Attacks on Avionics Embedded Systems. Anthony Dessiatnikoff , Vincent Nicomette , Eric Alata , Yves Deswarte N/A
Safety Cases and their role in ISO 26262 Functional Safety Assessment. Ibrahim Habli , John Birch , Helen Monkhouse , Roger Rivett , Dave Higham , John Botham , Rob Palin , Ben Bradshaw , Peter Jesty N/A
Structuring Safety Requirements in ISO 26262 using Contract Theory. Jonas Westman , Mattias Nyberg , Martin Törngren N/A
Flexible Unequal Error Control Codes with SelectableError Detection and Correction Levels. Luis-j. Saiz-adalid , Pedro-j. Gil-vicente , Juan-carlos Ruiz-garcía , Daniel Gil-tomás , J.-carlos Baraza , Joaquin Gracia-morán. N/A
Safety Transformations: Sound and Complete? Ute Schiffel N/A
INVITED TALK 3 : It is (almost) all about human safety: a novel paradigm for robot design, control, and planning. Sami Haddadin N/A
Understanding functional resonance through a federation of models: preliminary findings of an avionics case study. Célia Martinie , Philippe Palanque , Alberto Pasquini , Martina Ragosta , Mark Alexander Sujan , David Navarre. N/A
Model-based development of the Generic PCA infusion pump user interface within PVS. Insup Lee , Paolo Masci , Anaheed Ayoub , Paul Curzon , Oleg Sokolsky , Harold Thimbleby. N/A
Characterization of Failure Effects on AADL Models. Bernhard Ern , Viet Yen Nguyen , Thomas Noll N/A
Derived Hazard Analysis Method for Critical Infrastructures. Thomas Gruber , Georg Neubauer , Andreas Weinfurter , Petr Böhm , Kurt Lamedschwandner N/A
A Study of the Impact of Single Bit-Flip and Double Bit-Flip Errors on Program Execution. Fatemeh Ayatolahi , Behrooz Sangchoolie , Roger Johansson , Johan Karlsson N/A
OpenMADS: An Open Source Tool for Modeling and Analysis of Distributed Systems. Ermeson Andrade , Marcelo Alves , Rubens Matos , Bruno Silva , Paulo Maciel N/A
A Controlled Experiment on Component Fault Trees. Jessica Jung , Andreas Jedlitschka , Kai Hoefig , Dominik Domis , Martin Hiller. N/A
DFTCalc: A Tool for Efficient Fault Tree Analysis. Florian Arnold , Freark Berg , Dennis Guck , Marielle Stoelinga , Axel Belinfante N/A
Fault-Tolerant Real-Time Scheduling Algorithm for Energy-Aware Embedded Systems, C. Arar , H. Kalla , S. Kalla , B. S. Sabrina N/A
Common Cause Failure Analysis for Wireless Sensor Networks, I. Guedes , P. Vasques N/A
An Approach for Security Evaluation and Analysis in Cloud Computing, Y. Deswarte , T. Probst , E. Alata , M. Kaâniche , V. Nicomette N/A
Specifying Safety Monitors for Autonomous Systems, M. Machin , J.-p. Blanquart , J. Guiochet , D. Waeselynck N/A
Multimedia Systems as Immune System to Improve Automotive Security? J. Dittmann , T. Hoppe , C. Vielhauer N/A
Assure-It: A Runtime Synchronization Tool of Assurance Cases, S. Shida , A. Uchida , M. Ishii , M. Ide , And K. Kuramitsu N/A
Integrating agile practices into critical software development, K. Łukasiewicz , J. Górski N/A
Outsourced Linear Algebra, A. Kumar N/A
Security-informed Safety, R. Stroud N/A
Adequacy of Contract Grammars for Component Certification, A. Ruiz , H. Espinoza , T. Kelly N/A
Communication Integrity for Slow-dynamic Critical Embedded Systems, A. Zammali , A. De Bonneval , Y. Crouzet N/A
Robust by "Let it Crash", C. Woskowski , M. Trzeciecki , F. Schwedes N/A
Impact of Feature Interaction on the Safety Analysis for Unmanned Avionics Product Lines, A. Oliveira , T. Kelly , R. Braga , P. C. Masiero , I. Habli N/A