CyberMaryLand 2013 Oct. 8, 2013 to Oct. 9, 2013, Baltimore,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
The Truth About Vulnerability Management: Compliance Checkbox or Real Protection Andrew Stephens N/A
Cyber Chats: Market Outlook & The Fifth Domain John Slye N/A
The Fifth Domain Mike Nance N/A
Trends in Security for Mobile Devices Jon Callas , Cleve Adams , Don Fergus , Peter Coddington , Bill Supernor N/A
Protecting the Privacy and Integrity of Electronic Health Information Lisa Carnahan , Ray Balut , John J. Kornak , Gavin O’brien , Askari Rizvi , Victoria Zagaria N/A
Developing Security in a Hostile World Whitfield Diffie N/A
What's Here, What's Coming and What to Do About It Beau Adkins , John Harmon , Jeff Huegel , Jason Taule , Dana Pickett N/A
Today's Cybersecurity Professionals - NICE Future Victor Piotrowski , R. "montana" Williams , Kristina Dorville , Benjamin Scribner N/A
Trends & Hot Issues in Mergers and Acquisitions Mike Baader , Chris Fedde , Christopher Helmrath , James Johnston N/A
Building an Effective Cyber Risk Culture: An Overview of Cybersecurity Insurance & the Support Anti-Terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies Act ("Safety Act") Mark Gilbert , Tom Finan , Dismas Locaria N/A
Cat & Mouse: The Battle for Information Superiority in Cyber Security Jason Lamar , Senior Director , Product Management , Sourcefire N/A
General Session: Privacy vs. Protection Jeffrey Wells , Eric Chapman , Michael Greenberger , Lydia Kay Griggsby , Greg Nojeim , Kathleen Rice N/A
General Session: Check Your Assumptions at the Door: Risk Management in the Era of Cyber Warfare James C. Foster , Marcus Ranum N/A
Financing a Cyber Start-Up Robert Jr. N/A
The Changing Role of the CISO Hart Rossman , Claudia Natanson N/A
International Cooperation in Combating Cybercrime: Theory and Practice Ira E. Hoffman , Gerald Caponera , Raviv Raz , Robert Tomes N/A
Overiew: 2013 State of Cyber Crime Survey Keith Moulsdale N/A
Cybersecurity Innovation - Where the Investment Dollars Flow Robert Rodriguez , Robert Jr. , Tom Dann , Jason P. Sydow N/A
The "Cyber Six" Panel Robert Rodriguez , Chris Foster , Joseph Greaney , John Sutton , Edward Jr. , L. William Varner , Samuel Visner N/A
5 Ways to Exploit the Real Time Web: A Live Demonstration Jonathan Quigg , David Roberts N/A
Two Years After the Fall of LulzSec: What's Next? Richard Howard N/A
Colleges & Universities as Strategic Partners to the Cybersecurity Industry Michel Cukier , Ellen Hemmerly , Steve Barkanic , Kelly Koermer N/A
Introduction of America's Cyber Mentors Rick Geritz N/A
Creating the Cyber Generation Freeman Hrabowski N/A
Cyber Challenge Winners Announcement Lou Von Thaer , Richard Forno N/A
Proactive Cyber Threat Intelligence Rick Holland , Chris Camacho , Brian Foster , Jason Lewis N/A
Cyber Chats: Cyber Policy & Competency Management Kevin F. Kelly N/A
Using Competency Management to Address Cybersecurity Weaknesses Thomas Grobicki N/A
Cyber Crime & the Banking Industry Chris Ensey , Andrew Bartels , Tiffany Ernest , Chuck Ferraro , John Walp N/A
Top Five Emerging Companies James C. Foster , Jack Huffard , Mike Binko , Guy Filippelli , Karl Gumtow , Gregg Smith N/A
Building Communities of Interest and Trust in The Cybersecurity Domain Robert Rodriguez , Brian Engle , Rick Geritz , Darin Andersen , Greg Kaple N/A
Opening Remarks: Cybersecurity in Maryland Leonard Moodispaw , Dominick Murray , John P. Sarbanes N/A
Keynote: Cybersecurity - Past, Present & Future John Inglis N/A
Introduction Gina Stewart , Rick Geritz , Ursula Powidzki , Mark A. Vulcan N/A
InfraGard's Role in Defending the Nation from Cyber Threats Frederick Ferrer , John Reginaldi , Lauren Schuler , Steve Shepherd , Tom Malatesta N/A
Defining Technologies for U.S. Cyber Strategies Travis Rosiek , Ermis Sfakiyanudis , Richard Struse , Lou Von Thaer , Brian White N/A
Solving the Cyber Workforce Dilemma Tom Sadowski , Andrew Coy , Nicole Funk , William "brit" Kirwan , Homer Minnick Iii , Scott W. Tousley N/A
Preparing State & Local Governments for Emerging Cyber Threats Mike Powell , Elliott Schlanger , Ken Ulman , Keith Young N/A