IEEECNS 2013 Oct. 14, 2013 to Oct. 16, 2013, Washington, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Limitations to Threshold Random Walk Scan Detection and Mitigating Enhancements Peter Mell , Richard Harang N/A
Harvesting Unique Characteristics in Packet Sequences for Effective Application Classification Yingfei Dong , Zhenlong Yuan , Yibo Xue N/A
Using Instruction Sequence Abstraction for Shellcode Detection and Attribution Gail-joon Ahn , Ziming Zhao N/A
Scalable Hardware Monitors to Protect Network Processors from Data Plane Attacks Kekai Hu , Harikrishnan Chandrikakutty , Russell Tessier , Tilman Wolf N/A
A Passive Technique for Fingerprinting Wireless Devices with Wired-side Observations Selcuk Uluagac , Sakthi Vignesh Radhakrishnan , Cherita L Corbett , Antony Baca , Raheem Beyah N/A
LISA: Location Information ScrAmbler for Privacy Protection on Smartphones Zhigang Chen , Kang G. Shin , Xin Hu , Xiaoen Ju N/A
Identifying High-Cardinality Hosts from Network-wide Traffic Measurements Yang Liu , Yong Guan , Wenji Chen N/A
A Moving Target Defense Mechanism for MANETs Based on Identity Virtualization Sushil Jajodia , Kun Sun , Massimiliano Albanese , Alessandra De Benedictis N/A
EasyScale: Easy Mapping for Large-Scale Network Security Experiments Sonia Fahmy , Wei-min Yao , Jiahong Zhu N/A
Efficient Random Route Mutation Considering Flow and Network Constraints Ehab Al-shaer , Qi Duan , Jafar haadi Jafarian N/A
A Viewable E-voting Scheme for Environments with Conflict of Interest Wei Peng , Huian Li , Feng Li , Xukai Zou , Yan Sui N/A
Byzantine Robustness, Hierarchy, and Scalability Radia Perlman , Charlie Kaufman N/A
Secure Hierarchical Virtual Private LAN Services for Provider Provisioned Networks Madhusanka Liyanage , Mika Ylianttila , Andrei Gurtov N/A
Fragmentation Considered Poisonous, or: One-Domain-to-Rule-them-All.ORG Amir Herzberg , Haya Shulman N/A
Efficient Codes for Limited View Adversarial Channels Reihaneh Safavi-naini , Pengwei Wang N/A
On the Secrecy Capacity of the Space-Division Multiplexed Fiber Optical Communication Systems Kyle C Guan , Peter Winzer , Emina Soljanin , Antonia Tulino N/A
Exponential Secrecy Against Unbounded Adversary using Joint Encryption and Privacy Amplification Shuangqing Wei , Yahya Khiabani N/A
Privacy-Preserving Item-Based Collaborative Filtering Using Semi-Distributed Belief Propagation Jun Zou , Arash Einolghozati , Faramarz Fekri N/A
Energy-Efficient, Secure Group Key Agreement for Ad Hoc Networks Thomas R Halford , Thomas Courtade , Keith M Chugg N/A
"Secure and Resilient Network Architectures", Vipin Swarup N/A
CloudSafe: Securing Data Processing within Vulnerable Virtualization Environment in Cloud Danfeng Yao , Qingji Zheng , Xinwen Zhang , Huijun Xiong N/A
A Lightweight Argument System with Efficient Verifier Gang Xu , George T Amariucai , Yong Guan N/A
A Cooperative Botnet Profiling and Detection in Virtualized Environment Shun-wen Hsiao , Yi-ning Chen , Yeali S. Sun , Meng Chang Chen N/A
Secure and Constant Cost Public Cloud Storage Auditing with Deduplication Jiawei Yuan , Shucheng Yu N/A
Certificateless Public Auditing for Data Integrity in the Cloud Boyang Wang , Baochun Li , Hui Li , Fenghua Li N/A
Towards Self-Healing Smart Grid via Intelligent Local Controller Switching under Jamming Hongbo Liu , Yingying Chen , Mooi Choo Chuah , Jie Yang N/A
Privacy-preserving Revocable Content Sharing in Geosocial Networks Linke Guo , Chi Zhang , Yuguang Fang N/A
A Vulnerability Study of Geographic Routing in Underwater Acoustic Networks Michael Zuba , Michael Fagan , Jun-hong Cui , Zhijie Shi N/A
Secure Pervasive Social Networking based on Multi-Dimensional Trust Levels Zheng Yan , Mingjun Wang , Valtteri Niemi , Raimo Kantola N/A
Low-Complexity Secure Protocols to Defend Cyber-Physical Systems Against Network Isolation Attacks Dong-hoon Shin , Jinkyu Koo , Lei Yang , Xiaojun Lin , Saurabh Bagchi , Junshan Zhang N/A
Panel I : "Security for Clean Slate and Future Internet Architecture" Wade Trappe N/A
Leveraging the Crowds to Disrupt Phishing Jason Gustafson , Jun Li N/A
A Game-Theoretic Approach for Defending Remote Operating System Fingerprinting Mohammad hossein Manshaei , Ehab Al-shaer , Mohammad Ashiqur Rahman N/A
Gangs of the Internet: Towards Automatic Discovery of Peer-to-Peer Communities Liyun Li , Suhas Mathur , Baris Coskun N/A
NOMAD: Towards Non-Intrusive Moving-Target Defense against Web Bots Guofei Gu , Shardul Vikram , Chao Yang N/A
On the Impact of Social Botnets for Spam Distribution and Digital-influence Manipulation Guanhua Yan , Rui Zhang , Jinxue Zhang , Yanchao Zhang N/A
T -dominance: Prioritized Defense Deployment for BYOD Security Wei Peng , Feng Li , Keesook J Han , Xukai Zou , Jie Wu N/A
Competing Mobile Network Game: Embracing Antijamming and Jamming Strategies Youngjune L Gwon , Siamak Dastangoo , Carl E. Fossa , Ht Kung N/A
Secure Cooperative Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Networks Using Interference Signatures Seunghyun Choi , Kang G. Shin N/A
PHY-Layer Authentication by Introducing Controlled Inter Symbol Interference Vireshwar Kumar , Jung-min Park , T. Charles Clancy , Kaigui Bian N/A
"Secure Fragmentation for Content-Centric Networks", Gene Tsudik N/A
Dynamic Adaptive Anti-Jamming via Controlled Mobility Peng Ning , Xiaofan He , Huaiyu Dai N/A