SafeConfig 2013 Oct. 14, 2013 to Oct. 14, 2013, Washington, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Aggregated Representations and Metrics for Scalable Flow Analysis (Short Paper) Radu State , Jérôme François , Thomas Engel N/A
Specification Method for Analyzing Fine Grained Network Security Mechanism Configurations (Short Paper) Francois Barrere , Romain Laborde , Abdelmalek Benzekri , Hicham El Khoury , Maroun Chamoun N/A
Metrics and Specification Method Nathaniel Soule N/A
Objective Metrics for Firewall Security: A Holistic View Ehab Al-shaer , Mohammed Noraden Alsaleh , Saeed Al-haj N/A
Keynote Speech II Roy H. Campbell , Sohaib , Sara Abbasi N/A
A Framework for Risk-Aware Role Based Access Control (Invited Paper) Ravi Sandhu , Khalid Zaman Bijon , Ram Krishnany N/A
Avoiding Inconsistencies in the Security Content Automation Protocol Simon Foley , William Michael Fitzgerald N/A
Challenge Tracing and Mitigation under Partial Information and Uncertainty Christian Doerr N/A
Discovering Emergent Norms in Security logs Simon Foley , Olgierd Pieczul N/A
Wireless Spreading of WiFi APs Infections using WPS Flaws: an Epidemiological and Experimental Study Amirali Sanatinia , Sashank Narain , Guevara Noubir N/A
Security Analytics and Risk and Mitigation Ehab Al-shaer N/A
A Secure Architecture Design Based on Application Isolation, Code Minimization and Randomization (Invited Paper) Elisa Bertino , Aditi Gupta , Michael S. Kirkpatrick N/A
Safe Configuration of TLS Connections Michael Atighetchi , Nathaniel Soule , Partha Pal , Joseph P. Loyall , Asher Sinclair , Robert Grant N/A
Session 1:Secure Configuration & Architecture James Joshi N/A
Keynote Speech I: A Path to Coordinated Network Defense Michael K. Reiter , Lawrence M. Slifkin N/A