SIRAcon 2013 Oct. 21, 2013 to Oct. 21, 2013, Seattle,Washington

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening Keynote: "Operating * by the Numbers" Allison Miller N/A
Speaking the CEO’s Language:The Role of Infosec Metrics in Business Discussions Dwayne Melançon N/A
Big ‘R’ Risk Management (the “Modern Approach”) — From Concept to Pilot Implementation Russ Thomas N/A
Risk is Great, But What about the Controls? Jack Jones N/A
Herd Immunity – Does this concept from Immunology have relevance for Information Security? Patrick Florer N/A
Using Bayesian Networks to Streamline Risk Management for Small- to Mid-Size Organizations Jeff Lowder N/A
Toward Measurement Driven Third-Party Information Security Risk Management Stephen Boyer N/A
An Afternoon with Nate Silver Alex Hutton N/A
The ABCs of Risk Assessment Evan Wheeler N/A
The Information Risk Analysis Methodology Mark Chaplin N/A
“Where the $*&% did these numbers come from?” – Building a Quantitative Enterprise Risk Management Framework David Musselwhite N/A
Vulnerability & Exploit Trends: A Deep Look Inside The Data Mike Roytman N/A