CartesSecureConnections 2013 Nov. 19, 2013 to Nov. 21, 2013, Paris,France

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Your Future is Mobile, Trust it! Sirpa Nordlund N/A
Cloud Security & Data Protection Jean-marc Gremy N/A
Innovation and Dematerialization in Prepaid David Parker N/A
EMV 2.0, the Breakout year! Gérard De Moura N/A
Commerce Convergence, going Mobile! Jean-noel Georges N/A
Electronic Government Megatrends Jean-claude Perrin N/A
Best Practices for mPOS Acceptance Liisa Kanniainen N/A
NFC out of Payment Pierre Metivier N/A
Digital Wallets & eMoney: what’s new? Daniel Chatelain N/A
Biometrics: Privacy and Security Concerns Max Snijder N/A
Brazil: Building Trust in Mobile Life Edgar Betts N/A
New Means of Payments for Financial Inclusion Bwaki Kwassi N/A
Panel Discussion: Securing Enterprise Mobility Nicko van Someren , Gil , Torsten , Christof Roduner N/A
Universal Strong Authentication -- Fast IDentity Online (FIDO) Sebastien Taveau N/A
Going Mobile: The Challenges and Opportunities vs. Security Jack Pan N/A
Smartphone: the new Way to Pay! Loic Dequay N/A
Safe NFC m-payments circumventing the Secure Element at Bankinter Bank Miguel Angel Braojos , Alberto Perez Lafuente , Imanol Garcia N/A
How to implement End-User Centric Online Banking Security? Danilo Ochoa , Maribel Samudio N/A
Identity & Security Derivation to Mobile ID in eHealth Cedric Huet , Benjamin Sarda N/A
Panel Discussion: Opportunities and Solutions for Mobile Devices Security Mike Bond , Benjamin Cho , Stephanie El Rhomri , Douglas Kinloch , Heiko Kruse , Stefan Rueping N/A
Strong Cloud based Authentication for Legal mail Danilo Cattaneo N/A
How Mobile Identity, SIM based Applications, Strong Authentication can address Cloud Security? Anne-marie Hartmann N/A
AWL Vision for Future of Authentication Guillaume Regnault N/A
Can Visual Cryptography deliver Strong Authentication? Howard Yates N/A
The future of Cloud Security is about Trust Frameworks Frédéric Trojani N/A
Personal Data Privacy in the Cloud: using the Contract as a Management Tool Bénédicte Deleporte N/A
Cloud Security: Rules and Best Practices Patrick Duboys N/A
Cloud Security in the Context of Cyber and Insider Threats Michael Osborne N/A
Secure Cloud Messaging Johannes Luyken N/A
A Personal Token for Secure Access to Cloud Services in an Information Centric Network Carsten Rust N/A
NFC IC Vendor Market Shares to Face Shake-up in 2013 John Devlin N/A
NFC Adoption, the Foundation for Mobile Payments Prasan Pai N/A
Energizing the High Street with NFC Loyalty and Marketing Vindhya Saravane N/A
NFC is a Game Changer in Retail, if you put Customer Experience First Tim Baker N/A
The Evolution of Retail with NFC Neil Garner N/A
Using NFC to Authenticate Documents, Processes, and High-Value Assets Daniel Bailin N/A
Lessons learned from one of the first NFC Mobile Ticketing Commercial Deployments in the World Alain Meunier N/A
University Access Pilot using NFC Gabor Avar , Gergely Fordos N/A
Necessary Factors for further spread of NFC Applications Masayuki Takezawa N/A
Is it too Complex to join the NFC Ecosystem? Pirjo Ojala N/A
Bitcoin: a Global Standard for Interoperable Mobile Wallets and Faster Online Payments Pierre Noizat N/A
From Wallets to Mobile Payment : Effervescence vs Reality! Angelo Caci N/A
mCommerce – Paving the Path to Success Charlie Craven N/A
Panel Discussion: Mobile Shopping Experience Jerome Cle , Christophe Pecquerie , Alexandre Rochegude , John Heyden , Kevin Zhu N/A
Panel Discussion: Physical Cards and Virtual Cards in a Mobile World André Delaforge , Deepak Jain , Jayden Khakurel , Jeff Mullen , Wolfgang Stockner N/A
Panel Discussion: Mobile POS and TSM Laurent Renard , Gilbert Leung , Marc Christ , Mitchell Cobrin N/A
Smart City Solution with NFC based Smartphones & Smart Cards in Maebashi City, Japan Masayuki Ito N/A
NFC Successfully deployed inside the City (Monaco) Christian Bardon N/A
Energy Management with embedded Security Modules Markus Bartsch N/A
Standardizing the Internet Protocol Landscape Sebastian Hans N/A
Securing the Internet of Things: Three Essential Pillars Jean-charles Lesage N/A
Connected Objects Challenges: Quality and Continuity of Services Theresa Rosales N/A
Solutions to the Challenges of Smart Cities Denis Scheller N/A
M2M in Automotive: The Connected Car of the Future Axel Hansmann N/A
Automatic Vehicle Recognition Laurent Houitte , Claus Vorbeck N/A
Transit Solutions for the Future Stephan Rasch N/A
How Citibank uses Biometrics to secure its Instant Issuance Solution Edwin Espejo , Marcelo Bellini N/A
The True End-To-End Chain of Trust Miguel Leitmann N/A
Tackle New Opportunities adding ID Services to Payment Cards Jacques Doucerain , Sylvestre Denis N/A
The Time is now for Biometrics in Financial Services Lorenzo Gaston N/A
Making Biometrics a Successful Part of your Infrastructure Richard Agostinelli N/A
Is biometry on Smartphones Mature enough to manage Privacy and Security for all? Cedric Huet N/A
Opportunites for Biometric Credentials in Emerging Markets Michiel Veen N/A
End-user Experience of Biometric access to Medical Files Henk Gijzen N/A
Chip Implants - Useful Concept or Horror Technology? Klaus Schmeh N/A
Case Study of the SIM Cards Dynamic Activation Solution Marcela Bataglia N/A
Convenience vs. Security: A Case Study of the Internet Banking Alfredo Maia , Filipe Mello N/A
Fully Mobile: Mobile phones as a payer and a payee Filipe Mello , Carlos Ogata N/A
Talking Trees in Brazil's Amazon Rainforest and How this applies to Smart Cities of Tomorrow Axel Hansmann N/A
Bridging ID, Transit and Banking Applications using Mobile Technology Stefan Barbu N/A
Migrating Voucher Products to Chip, using EMV Technology Danilo Rodrigues , Sucari Pablo N/A
Stakes and Opportunities for the South André Grissonnanche N/A
New Ways of Payments, Financial Inclusion Factors in WAEMU Blaise Ahouantchede N/A
Ferlo, a West African Initiative for non Bankable People Bruno Moreau , Tidiane Sarr , Vijay S. Madan N/A
Transfer Mexico: Going Mobile in a Cash-Based Economy Carlos Romero N/A
Using Technology to Build Financial Inclusion in the Global Economy Stephan Happ N/A
P2P Payment - Get your Money back with your ATM Imanol Garcia , Georges Langeais N/A
The Mobile Purse Balazs Benyo N/A
Financial Inclusion with a Multi-Purpose Pre-Paid Card in Sri Lanka Patrick Henzen N/A
Prepaid : a World of Cooperation François Chaffard N/A
CAPI: the Interactive Card Julien Jimenez , Maria Ramirez N/A
Innovation and Loyalty in Prepaid Alan King N/A
Virtual Card Supplier Payments: Reducing Costs and Increasing Profits Alex Mifsud N/A
Opportunities for Innovation in Prepaid for Latin America Chris Ellis N/A
Case Study: Qantas Frequent Flyer Loyalty & Prepaid Payments Converge Marc Airo-farulla , Ryan De Boer N/A
Case Study: Qantas Frequent Flyer Loyalty & Pre-Paid Payments Converge Marc Airo-farulla , Ryan De Boer , Jim Thomas N/A
Transforming the Moment of Payment into a Moment of Interaction Philippe David N/A
Panel Discussion: EMV in the USA - Why Now, Why this Way? Karen Czack , Oliver Manahan , Randy Vanderhoff N/A
EMV's Global Evolution Stephanie Ericksen N/A
The new Frontiers of Payment Yves Perrachon , Piotr Gizinski N/A
Moving towards a Universal Payment Application built on SEPA Standards Arnaud Crouzet N/A
Beyond EMV – Security Strategies being adopted by a Pioneer in Chip Migration to defeat Fraud Jorge Krug , Daniel Oliveira N/A
EMV Best Practices – Using Technology to shape Customer Experience Chris Fletcher N/A
Leveraging EMV to build Global Partnerships Beth Horowitz N/A
Smart Cards Fraud Fight Michel Quille N/A
The Multichannel Issues and Opportunities of EMV 2.0 Andreas Strobel N/A
Payments at the Heart of Multichannel Pascal Burg N/A
On the Way to New Urban Commerce Ulrich Kipper N/A
In-store and online shopping convergence Pirjo Ojala N/A
Payment Market Mutation (or revolution?) Arnaud Crouzet N/A
Multi-Channel Payments…Unlocking the Potential Alan Moss N/A
NFC: Coming to a Screen near you soon Tim Baker N/A
Keys to Commerce Convergence: Improve Trust to Increase Mobile Payment Adoption Mario Shiliashki N/A
Bringing the Point of Sales to the Mobile Gimena Diaz N/A
How mPOS will redesign retail Ken Paull N/A
Enabling Easy Commerce for a Mobile Connected World Hugh Kingdon N/A
Cross Channel & Convergence - The New Payment Paradigm Peter De Caluwe N/A
Mobile Marketing: an Innovative Direct Relationship Channel between Retailers and Customers in Brazil Aline Queirantes , Damien Bullot N/A
The Digital Identity: Return of Experience and New Usage towards eServices Philippe Jung N/A
Global Trends in Security Infrastructure Solutions for e-Health Systems Laurent Maitre N/A
Security Documents - New Identification Techniques Dariusz Nowakowski N/A
Using Federated ID's for Safe and Secure On line Transactions Richard Taylor N/A
ePassports : New Applications to come Youzec Kurp N/A
From Civil Registers to e-Identity and e-Government Alexander Ristic N/A
The Emergence of Multi-functional PIV Cards for Today and Tomorrow Julian Lovelock N/A
Panel Discussion: eGovernment Challenges Hadi Nahari , Marc Sel , Tom Worm , Ali Mohamed Al-khouri , Wayne Fletcher , Ji Zheng N/A
Mobility and Secure ID with reference to National ID Programs Prof. Al-khouri N/A
Overview and update on the German eHealth care system Andreas Grode N/A
How Financial Institutions can support Government Digital Agenda via Online Payments or ID Validation. Cyril Dougier N/A
eGovernment in Public Service Delivery in Malaysia Zulkhornain Ranee , Siti Yusup N/A
mPOS: 4 Pillars paving the Way for Success Rémi Gitzinger N/A
mPOS Benchmarking Survey - the Ideal Payment Solution for Retailers? Achim Himmelreich N/A
Panel Discussion: Global Perspectives Tom Conlon , Nigel Dean , Caroline Drolet , Nigel Motyer , Jean-marc Thienpont , Peter Turner N/A
MicroNFC for Mobile POS Deepak Jain N/A
Accepting Secure EMV & PIN-Based Transactions via Cell Phones and Tablets Oscar Muñoz , Luis Rodriguez N/A
MPOS at Anytime, Anywhere!! Loic Dequay N/A
mPOS eco-systems for banks and retailers – revolution or transformation? Laurent Houitte , Reinhard Rabenstein , Hermann Salmen N/A