CCSW 2013 Nov. 4, 2013 to Nov. 8, 2013, Berlin,Germany

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
A Versatile Code Execution Isolation Framework with Security First Johannes Krude , Ulrike Meyer N/A
An Architecture for Concurrent Execution of Secure Environments in Clouds Srdjan Capkun , Ramya Jayaram Masti , Claudio Marforio N/A
Generalized External Interaction with Tamper-Resistant Hardware with Bounded Information Marten van Dijk , Christopher Fletcher , Srini Devadas , Xiangyao Yu , Ling Ren N/A
Challenges of Transforming Swamps Into Clouds Slava Kavsan N/A
Authenticated Storage Using Small Trusted Hardware Nickolai Zeldovich , Srini Devadas , Hsin-jung Yang , Victor Costan N/A
Cloudsweeper: Enabling Data-Centric Document Management for Secure Cloud Archives Chris Kanich , Peter Snyder N/A
Keynote II Dr. Marni Dekker N/A
On the (Im)possibility of Privately Outsourcing Linear Programming Alisa Pankova , Peeter Laud N/A
Secure Pattern Matching using Somewhat Homomorphic Encryption Takeshi Shimoyama , Masaya Yasuda , Jun Kogure , Kazuhiro Koshiba N/A
Supporting Complex Queries and Access Policies for Multi-user Encrypted Databases Giovanni Russello , Muhammad Rizwan Asghar , Bruno Crispo N/A
Beyond the Ideal Object: Towards Disclosure-Resilient Order-Preserving Encryption Schemes Sander Wozniak , Michael Rossberg , Sascha Grau , Ali Alshawish , Guenter Schaefer N/A
Structural Cloud Audits that Protect Private Information Bryan Ford , Hongda Xiao , Joan Feigenbaum N/A